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Thanks for all the help with getting a server, Prices and Support are second to none so far a great experience.

Thanks Again, Quinlan

Servers / Re: 54th_Groupfighting | Taking Applications for Admins
« on: April 08, 2014, 09:40:48 pm »
Community Name: Quinlan
Steam Name (Links preferred):
Age: 17(Likely 18 by the time you read this)
Regiment (Leave blank if you do not apply): USMC
Admin History: BBG Iron Europe Events
Why would you be a good admin: I am a regular on the server and have been in the community since Mount & Musket.

❤¸.•*""*•. ¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•. ¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•. ¸❤
Post this on the walls of the 12 prettiest Girls you know...
If you get back 5 you're beautiful. ..
❤¸.•*""*•. ¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•. ¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•. ¸❤

To Jdf

Dammit Bakon.

Sit down Quinlan! ;D
Bakon just received orders from Batman aka Pabs you must join infantry or be assassinated

Bakon and Pabs are just jealous

Fun time mercing with the 24e! GG 54th and 29th! Quinlan for ftw!

Call me... TempBanned..

Skins & OSP Resources / Re: Commissar Jdf's Simple Skins
« on: November 13, 2013, 02:24:29 am »
Awesome Skins, Downloading the new ones!


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