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Title: 2nd East Kent Regiment RECRUITING
Post by: timmyrules56 on March 23, 2014, 08:34:40 pm

The 2nd East Kent Regiment of the Anglo-Zulu war mod has began Recruiting! The regiment is EU based and accepts all players as long as they meet requirements and come to sessions!
To enlist for the Regiment, add timmyrules56 on steam.
Who are we?
The 2nd East Kent Regiment is a new regiment for the Anglo-Zulu mod for Mount and Blade: Napoleonic wars. The regiment focuses on the British faction but every now and then we play a little bit of Zulu so players understand and experience all aspects of the game. The 2nd also focuses on historically accurate formations, tactics, language etc to simulate an Angle-Zulu Battle environment. We aim to give all players a fun time by re-enacting events from the past in an accurate fashion.
If you do not meet these requirements you will not be recruited, terms can be negotiated in some cases.
#1 Mount and blade: Napoleonic wars
#2 Anglo-Zulu war mod
#3 Maturity
#4 Commitment
#5 Teamspeak 3
#6 a mic is highly recommended, however not having one is alright in most cases. (having amic is very useful for quick communication in a battle)

You are required to attend at least 1 session a week, we understand that you have a life, just tell us if you won't come to an event.
Wednesday @ 18:00 GMT
Saturday @ 19:00 GMT
Sunday @ 18:00 GMT
Sessions typically last up to 2 hours long.

We hope to see you on the battlefield soon!
-Captain Timmyrules56
2nd East kent regiment