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Regiment Name: Oprichniki
Specialty Desired: Cavalry
Date Applying For Specialty (MM/DD): 05/21

It was nice of MLB to juice the balls this year so that it'd be easier to keep this thread bumped

16 May 2019

If you both want to pick fights with each other, do it in the off topic board or somewhere (that isn't here) ... and don't use a regiment/brigade account.

Don't worry, Scottish, I have full "jurisdiction" here to keep the thread on topic.

9 May 2019

Regiment Name: Oprichnik
Specialty Desired: Cavalry
Date Applying For Specialty (MM/DD): 04/30

It's talking about the rare scenario when a line troop has nowhere else to go nearby other than skirm. I'm in favor of changing the rules to 'You are what you join.' It's how it originally was, new geners probably fucked it up, and it makes more sense than having one skirm 5 man away from a line firing on his own which just seems like FoL straight up.

When I think of new gen players, I also think of 5arge, yes.

Regiment Name: Oprichnik
Specialty Desired: Cavalry
Date Applying For Specialty (MM/DD): 04/23

Rules apply to units right? When your unit dies, they essentially fold into another unit, whichever unit is nearest. Your rules literally say "must join a friendly unit." That night one of you described viper as being a "one man line" which is not what "join" means. Join as in you are now a part of that unit, and therefore play by that unit's rules. Skirms are totally valid, as is arty guard. If you are line and join arty guard, you play by arty guard rules.

Allowing either of those defeats the purpose of limiting skirmishers and artillery guard. Join, in this case, means, and has at this event always meant, move with the new unit instead of running around alone. Nicky can try to explain what he meant with that message if he chooses, but if you have that much experience running events, you know that purple text is a poor avenue for explaining rules to impassioned regiment leaders.

"When there is one skirmisher left, that skirmisher has to find a friendly unit. However, that skirmisher does not become line infantry, so that skirmisher could take his spacing." This is ridiculous... one guy just shooting on his own, lovely... I believe we call that Rambo.

Come on, now. Skirmishers do not get unlimited spacing. They get five man spacing. You know that. Rambo tends to mean something else entirely.

I seriously think there is some new gen conspiracy going on here or something because I've never heard this before after 1500+ hours on this game. I've been here since 2012. I've been to a couple of getty's events and it never ran like that as I remember.

I don't know where ya'll came up with this hot mess but I suggest you change it. Literally, the point of being in a reg is to play a part of a unit, not as an individual. When a skirm joins a line, he isn't a skirm with line, he is LINE. When a line joined skirm, he isn't a line with skirm, he is SKIRM. When cav joins line, he is LINE. You play by the rules of the unit you are in, not the reg you came with.

On Getty's request

I don't know what to tell you. Hando went and asked Gunny, and Gunny said he remembered skirms always having to line up to shoot. I asked IB, and IB said line infantry had to form lines at the events he ran. These were not small, backwaters events, either. I suppose I could ask Les (if he doesn't see the thread) how his rules were, or ask somebody from the 63e how their rules were. So when you derisively ask where we came up with it . . . well, we came up with it from the best events that we went to (excepting Thundersnow's events, which didn't have skirms at all). I honestly don't remember going to an event that allowed infantry to turn into skirms.

in KPR events and my Sunday event as I run it as a KPR event just without attached skirms.

 If you are say a line infantry person and your unit dies and the cloest thing near you is a skirm unit you act as that skirm unit until you find a new line unit. And that's how we ran things in KPR events. that was in 2014.

That may be, and I never went to KPR events. There were three or four mostly separate communities at that point; I know more about the IXe events, the PA events, and Thundersnow's from that time, but I know there were other groups running their own things with different rules. I guess this demonstrates that elements of those communities were totally unaware of the 400 or 600 of us going to other events thrice a week.

Okay, to continue the salt fest from yesterday, I have been admining casual events since 2015, and never once have I heard of a rule where if you are line and join a skirms unit that you still play by line rules. No, you're no longer in a line, you are now a part of that skirms unit. If you find arty, you are now arty guard. That's how it's always been. If a skirm's unit dies and he joins a line, does that mean he can still play by skirm rules? You're literally telling people to FoL and it's retarded. Seriously think about the rule you're enforcing and make changes accordingly. You said that this only happens in EU, no the fuck it doesn't. I have literally never heard this before. It is so obvious to anybody whose played in this community for that long that I honestly cringe that you dip shits don't know this. This is basic event rules. If you want to be autistic and add it to your rules then by all means, but it currently isnt in your rules or at least not specified.

We did not include a handbook in the rules for what the last one or two players alive in a line are supposed to do, no. The applicable rules are under the line infantry section. Line infantry can only fire when they are in a line of three, and if they do not have a line of three, they have to either charge or join a friendly unit. They can join a skirmisher unit, but they do not turn into skirmishers. They are line infantry with skirmishers.

No, we are not "literally telling people to FoL." We are telling line infantry that they have to be in a line. Conceivably, a line infantry could join a skirm unit and line up with a couple of skirms. Conceivably, a line infantry could also not least until they found another line. An inventive sort of infantry might use his presence to keep skirms out of melee or protect them from cavalry.

When there is one skirmisher left, that skirmisher has to find a friendly unit. However, that skirmisher does not become line infantry, so that skirmisher could take his spacing.

I can't speak to your experiences, but it's pretty bold of you to call us dipshits for having had our own. These have been the rules here for years, and the rules are based largely off of other, successful events. Getty's event ran these rules. The oldest event of them all in NA, the old Hardcore linebattle, ran these rules (even went and asked Getty and Hando before posting if they remembered differently). Cringe if you must, but it's not something we invented specifically to make you mad.

Regiment name: Oprichniki
Regiment leaders steam: Xethos
Estimated attendance: ?-??
Requested Role: Cavalry

If you want to level accusations about such things, fine. If you want to defend yourself, fine. It's relevant to the league. When the people running the league tell you that they've heard your complaint and will hold a meeting, it's time to wait for the meeting. Whether or not anybody is guilty of anything is not contingent on who posted last.

If you want to continue discussing business models, take it to the Mess Hall. Or, better yet, given the topic, take it off the forums.

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