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April 17, 2014, 09:54:24 pm
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January 21, 2019, 05:27:15 am
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I'm only doing this to flex on Godfried.
3rd place TNWL (3eVolt) | 3rd place EU 8v8 GF | 1st Place Part 3: The Wall 2v2 w/ Ritz | 1st Place NWL 3eVolt (2016) | 1st Place Golds 5v5 (FKMYASS) | 1st Place Maccle 2v2 w/ Tammo | 1st Place premier league (30th) | 1x 1st place 2v2 EU w/ Alatriste | 1x 3rd place 2v2 w/ Godfried | 1x 2nd place 4v4 w/Chev, Fancypants, Pinoy | 1x 1st place 3v3 w/ Pinoy, Ritz | 1x 2nd place 5v5 w/ Pinoy, Ritz, Professor, Maple | 1x 1st place RGL (3eVolt) | 1x 2nd place 7v7 w/ Marksman, Pinoy, Knight, Cade, Havoc, Maple | 1x 1st place 2v2 w/ Pinoy | 1x 1st place 4v4 w/ DJ, Pinoy, Knight | 1x 3rd place 2v2 w/ Pinoy | 1x Canada MVP (2015) | 3x Canada Captain (2016, 2017, 2017 native) | 2x NA vs EU | 1x 2nd 2v2 w/ Ritz | 1x 2nd place (Lit) | 1x 3rd place UNAC 6 | OVERALL: 11x 1st place. 7x 2nd place. 7x 3rd place. I cant add my EU linebattle and most of the groupfighting medals because I don't have enough characters but they are in the totals