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News & Announcements / Re: Developer Blog 26 - Alpha Announcement!
« on: August 09, 2017, 05:52:05 am »
Is this game coming out?

now i can play whos ready for some shanking  :D
u havin a giggle m8

Moskov Gren


watch out


Well, I have only been back like 2 weeks, but thus far I dont see an issue with the number of competitive regiments, they are still around, just different rosters as usual.  I would say in order to drive the competitive scene forward a notch, maybe partner with a famous twitch streamer or youtuber to commentate competitive matches, create an overall competitive ladder (its easy to custom create a page like that, I am sure one of you guys has a coding nerd in your reg), and have a committee oversee that ladder weekly, to ensure up to date statistics, which can include regiment wins/losses, and maybe even player data (if regiment leaders can submit player data most of this would be seamless, also if any way to track k/d during linebattles using a script).  And yes, prize money should be involved at some point if you really want to turn it up a notch, you can get some sponsors to offer a reward, maybe steam gifts or actual $, but this is what I was going to do a while back. 

Clean up the shit. (pardon my language)  but the amount of shitposting and trolls since I was gone increased 10 fold, its pretty amazing.  People also need to stop reg hopping every few months, I think the new league rule will be quite effective with stopping that on the competitive side. 

Also for those calling 63e biggest NA and stealing all members, that is not the case.  In the beginning, a lot of them watched either diplex's or speirstheamazing's 63e videos and were instantly attracted to us, regardless if they used to play on our siege server or not, they knew what type of community we had prior to that.  And on our siege server, it was strict but we tried to make it as fun as possible (unfortunately it died since I was gone), but again we were not the first regiment to use that monopoly strategy.  I also was already acquainted with several youtubers who wanted to play with us, thats not my fault or the regiment's, in fact it probably did even more to get those audiences into NW, probably hundreds of new players. 

Retention rate in this game is one thing that will always be a struggle, and to fix that you need to have a community united and structured in a way that makes it immediately more enjoyable and immersive for a new player. 

Just my thoughts, bash away if you like, but just from what I am seeing since back (and personally I dont have time to do whatever I said anymore which is why its all out there in the open)
+1 on trolling and reg hopping! Probably one of the dirtiest things to occur in the community since the community is founded upon groups with rank structures and a lot of leadership. Also plaigirism of people's FSE work and ideas is another thing I've noticed that has been bothering me as someone who tries to make his own Photoshop works and regimental ideas. People should be more creative when creating their own regiment. Also whosoever work is used should be asked for permission and cited.

As for interest in game is just dependent on the experiences we create in line battles to be honest, the only reason I was ever hooked to this game was because my first regiment was a big regiment lead by fantastic leaders that honestly opened the game up for me. In all honesty, not many features could be added to a game like this to be make it more popular only a true update of the game itself or some sort of expansion pack.

3) The salt/shitposting and its leakage into other section of the forums.

There is a potential for concrete action here, but we have to preserve the fine line between being overly heavy-handed with moderation and allowing regiments/players to work out their own problems.

The leakage problem can potentially be mitigated via the reform of forum rules (a project that is also currently being undertaken). Specifically, perhaps we could pursue stricter and more clearly defined penalties for dragging reg drama into other boards. Maybe an immediate snip and watch for taking any sort of drama (especially in a way that violates rule 2 or 4) to another regiment's thread (and warning off others thinking of doing the same thing). Subsequently, anyone violating the rule again on the thread after this initial warning would receive an escalated penalty (larger watch or perhaps even a mute). Of course, this would also involve a re-affirmation to regiments that they are to deal with regimental disputes through the appropriate channels (PM or on the actual event thread). Basically, regiments are left free to sort out their own drama via appropriate channels while mods act to contain the fire when it spreads out of control. We can't stop the drama cold turkey, but perhaps we can get it under control at least to some extent (and prevent it from alienating players, especially newer ones).

I'm interested to see what you think of this actually.

Over policing is not the answer here, that is a slippery slope leading to the same problems we had to deal with in past years. It's all well and good saying salt/drama/trolling has to be stopped, but almost everyone on the forums are guilty of contributing to the problem at some point in time(myself included). When a policy like this gets in place, it will come to bite some in the ass after they are watched for some harmless 'bant'. Not to mention we have quite a few people in the community who view disagreement/discussion as shitposting and drama. Thus danger of this system being abused.

There ARE legitimate instances of trolling, if you want to improve the atmosphere on the forums then those specific people should be watched over. I very rarely see actual instances of trolling being addressed. A blanket policy of NO DRAMA will require a huge amount of moderation. It's not sustainable, it's not healthy for discussion, it's ambiguous, and it's abusable.
I completely agree with Grimsight on this one too, trolling must be eliminated but drama and saltiness is just a mere factor of all competitive games. It must just be understood by all correctly and solved in the correct fashion. If someone actually does something wrong i.e breaking server rules or game rules then it should be discussed but if its a matter of opinion then that should be held back from forum content.

Wasn't able to make it to the match, but how do you guys plan on being referees when you already are starting unnecessary fights and mocking individuals with memes. Just food for thought. I'll watch the match, but really good stuff IV, and people always told me you weren't league 1 material.  ::)


You already know Lawbringer

where has limey been  :-\

10 - 0 victory against 8th Kings

How has my best internet friend Lime been?

Sorry guys, I've just been too busy chopping trees and drinking alot of maple syrup as of late, but dw next week is gunna be lit

MoskovGren Best NA confirmed?

we should make a moskovgren version and have the red army do it
lets film it ourselves
sounds good, I'm down 4 a porno

for real, there should be a quiz to become a referee and the questions should revolve around controversial settings like OA while O is in mid of line or sitting on a hill for 3 minutes and remembering this sort of shit or have 2 refs per every LB and both ref are tasked to do two different jobs at once to maximize efficiency.
Not a bad idea
I approve +1

where has limey been  :-\

10 - 0 victory against 8th Kings

How has my best internet friend Lime been?

Sorry guys, I've just been too busy chopping trees and drinking alot of maple syrup as of late, but dw next week is gunna be lit

MoskovGren Best NA confirmed?


Tick tock make it pop

So much salty roast , I love it! People really wanna see us fail!  ;D ;D ;D

GG, 6-4 loss, short notice sucked, so did the unjustified slay on Rex.
Good game lads!  :)

gg 4th nice memes and dreams tonight

pt2 MoskovGren best Gren confirmed

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