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We just had an awesome Cavalry event! Check the video for our cool Charge of the Light Brigade emulation :)


Sweet! I'm so happy that we can attend these fun mid-week events and keep the cav in shape even if we don't always have cav in the Sunday events.

We might need more cav events during the week to make up for Sundays.

Rip Artillery

da ja vu

Great event tonight lads , Will miss my cav bois

It's good to have you back !

Excuse me ... i have shown you this in private now everyone would be jealous and ask for pictures... i cant believe you have done this

can i has picture?

Here's a penis lance made 7 years ago

Damn impressive

Sure, food is food.
Talkin' about food, I'm addicted to fast food and I need help

You and me both

Congratulations on another anniversary :D saw some pics come up on my steam activity but maybe post some on here?

You probably already saw mine, but here they all are:

Daaamn, maybe I should consider using that shaders mod. That is amazing.

I have faith that the Butterlords will come out this year , its that or WW3

Kinda believing in ww3 by now  :-X

New year same memes can't wait for bannerlord
this tbh. get on with it already

Yeah, I liked the part where we just surrounded the 92nd and ate them

This tbh

By far the best 33rd Event I've attended, really enjoyable as always.
problem was regs just gravitated to the most 'defendable' position despite whether it was anywhere near the enemy - I'll have to put up some barriers next time we play that one! ;D

I did see that on some of the last rounds when some regs took to the hill to sit back and defend, but at least there was enough space for us to move up around them. It was still a good fight.

By far the best 33rd Event I've attended, really enjoyable as always.

Serjeant ranks for cavalry :puke:

See you guys Wednesday!! Cuidad Rodrigo and Salamanca ;D ;D

Excited for tonight! You guys always host great events.

Good to see you guys in the Peninsular Event yesterday xoxo

33rd events are always very enjoyable. Thanks for having us there!

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