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"I honestly wasn't going to complain about his admining but after that sly remark I kind of thought he warranted it."
- Just a side note before you keep going on about how I'm assblasted when yall are the ones blowing up this chat.

I also find it ironic that some people are throwing shit at my regiment, and me, but yet they arent taking in the fact that we had two EU's today, and for about 2 or 3 of those rounds in the second match today we were -2. In my opinion our guys played fuckin fantastic today, especially considering we are supposed to be the worst regiment in this tournament AND we played two matches on the same night. The reason why I complain about this shit is because not only I, but SEVERAL people in my regiment take note of the verdicts that the administrators make. I am not saying the FOC was the reason we lost, because it wasn't, I'm trying to show proof that there were some adminisrative mistakes made and that there should have been more than one fucking admin. I can take the fucking loss, I'm just going to fucking put my 2 cents in when the odds were stacked against us.

Whatever happened to the old days of NA NW where you'd take your win/loss and move on? A win is a win, an L is an L. Jesus Christ

that's the thing, I'm willing to take an L when the admins do their fucking job.


41st 7 - 3 1erEtr

Referee: Midnight/Harper (Never showed).

Overall it was a rather clean match. A few bits of FoL and FoC from both sides but very little and minimal. Had to change from the first map on the server but found an acceptable map not long afterward. It was a pleasure reffing for the 41st but I can't say the same for the 1erEtr.
I wanted to compliment Glenn and Nappy on their admining that first match, it was pretty great save for that retarded Reset after I "ramboed". Comeback Season

"It was a pleasure reffing for the 41st but I can't say the same for the 1erEtr." probably because you sucked ass. You didn't change the map, never made them drop, never slayed fire and charge, and once again you were the ONLY admin managing that match. There is supposed to be 2 admins per match. I honestly wasn't going to complain about his admining but after that sly remark I kind of thought he warranted it. also here is some proof: (At least two incidences).

1erEtr 5 - 5 51st

Which referee/s failed his/their duty?: Jakester
What match was this in?: 1erEtr vs 51st
What was the score?: 5-5
What did the referee/s do wrong?:
1) let Blazing play for 51st who was literally on our roster for a week --- If he was on their roster, he was literally put on 15 MINUTES before the event, not even exaggerating.
2) I saw Jakester slay about three of their guys for FOC. There were about 10 or 12 instances of FOC on their part.
3) He didn't slay people who killed our guys with FOC when he should have reset or called the round void.
4) For most of the match there was only one referee admining the match.
5) Why is a rival League 2 Leader adminning this match?
What would you like done about this?: DO NOT LET REGIMENT LEADERS BE FUCKING ADMINS.
Show us some proof (screenshots, video):
Don't have proof because I was busy trying to lead my guys. If one of your 41st Specs (who was according to one of my guys rooting for the 51st, a little sus) got a video, try looking at the tapes

-1 for that harper guy. Doesn't know NWL rules, and frankly has too big of an ego. that's coming from me. Learn something then apply kthxbye.

wtf timeline is this me agreeing with scottish

All chat is allowed of course in every match. However, a regiment can request no all chat or if the chat is getting out of hand (excessive trolling, personal attacks, etc.) then a referee can intervene and implement no all chat, if needed. Same thing as spectators, a regiment can request no specs as well.

Which is why in all the Private 1v1's I've Ref'd it's only been the 1er that I enforce the rule due to Toxicity, the rest of the 1v1's RSL or RR has had (including a few others) I've always asked both sides if they agree to the rules set and any additional such as no global etc..

first of all, who are you, second of all, our guys dont fuck around in chat, in events we are the guys getting shit thrown at us

General Discussion / Re: MAKE NW MELEE 2012 AGAIN
« on: May 01, 2019, 04:11:34 am »
Fuck yes

Matt did nothing wrong

LG vs 6te... the match of the century... how could anyone predict those two underdogs would rise to the top?

Regiment Name: 1er Régiment Étranger "Le Régiment de la Tour d'Auvergne"
Leader's Steam:
Other Contact's Steam:
Estimated Attendance: 6-12
Do you accept the rules?: Yes

Regiment Name: 1er Régiment Étranger "Le Régiment de la Tour d'Auvergne"
Regiment Leaders (Links are required): (Bluenose), (Grampus) , (Based)
Regiment Steam Group:
Regiment Attendance: 6-12

Community / Re: Neptune Designs - Headers & Signatures
« on: March 22, 2019, 11:22:53 pm »
Custom Thread Title/Text: 1er Régiment Étranger
Images Used (Preferably put links): Here is a selection that I provided to Knightmare who I asked to make us a Header and Signature. If you are willing to make those too  while you're at it, be my guest, or just use the ones he makes when he is done.
Colour Scheme (Bright/Dark): Dark, preferably red and green
Any Effects (Smoke/Blood/Other): Blood , and maybe some smoke if you can fit it.
Type of Thread (Regiment/Clan): Regimental.

Also, in terms of inspiration, here is what my last forum page looked like if you want to make it like this. But otherwise feel free to do it how you like!

Community / Re: A PK's Work
« on: March 19, 2019, 04:04:54 am »
Signature/Header: Header please, but I would also like a personal signature as well, same style, but with the name Col. Bluenose
Text included: 1er Régiment Etranger - with 1er being the central feature, and maybe with Regiment and Etranger placed either side, left to right (Like in your 74th Header). For the Header, feature "Régiment de La Tour d'Auvergne" as the sub-text, while in the Signature I would like "Col. Bluenose" at the bottom.
Images to be used: Any of these, in "top to bottom" order of which I personally like. but use any of them if it makes it any easier.
Things to add: (maybe on the left or right)?
Color Scheme(Elegant,Rough,etc):Elegant
Blood or Smoke: Blood. (it matches the uniforms!)
Regimental or Personal: Regimental and a personal.

Regiment Name: NR. FITTY FIVE
Specialty Desired: Skirms or arty.
Date Applying For Specialty (MM/DD): 03/18/19

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