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Regiments / Re: Making the 14th Great Again (Reforming) (Again)
« on: February 04, 2019, 05:14:51 pm »
Hurrah for the 14th <3

Confederates / Re: Army of Alabama
« on: January 18, 2017, 01:37:38 am »
Same with my 11th Alabama which you cant use here..  ;)

Yes m8

In Development / Re: [NW][M]The Cost of Liberty
« on: October 25, 2016, 12:59:22 pm »
I seem to be very interested for this.

Yeah - this mod is dead mate. I suggest you go check out Whigs & Tories.

You don't know that, and if this does ever come out this will be twice the mod Whigs and Tories is. Isn't Whigs and Tories kinda dead too?

hope so it's taken them more than 3 years to do anything and we cranked out whigs in 6 months before the community died

*cough* jacked our mod idea when we approached you for help *cough* I'm still salty about it *cough*

Seriously though, just play Whigs, if anything is to come out of Cost of Liberty it will either be a SP mod (which I honestly would love to do) or maybe a game of its own (which is another thing I would love to do) <3


Full 5th Indiana roster.

That is the flag from the 4th Indiana, either they had similar flags or you missed something lol

Pretty sure the flags and uniforms of all the Indiana volunteer regiments are the same. Though apparently the 1st has a fancier uniform.

Nah, uniforms maybe, flags definitely not. Each US regiment carried a flag of their own into battle. That one specifically belonged to the 4th <3

*Edit* even says here:


Full 5th Indiana roster.

That is the flag from the 4th Indiana, either they had similar flags or you missed something lol

Confederates / Re: 11th Alabama Infantry Regiment *Important Update*
« on: October 04, 2016, 02:04:34 pm »
*Recruiting for both North & South and War of Rights*

Optimates / Re: Legio XXIV "High Lord's Own"
« on: June 29, 2016, 01:46:45 pm »

Optimates / Re: Legio XXIV "High Lord's Own"
« on: June 29, 2016, 01:46:26 pm »

Optimates / Legio XXIV "High Lord's Own"
« on: June 29, 2016, 01:45:57 pm »

A Legion Based within the 1st Galactic Beard Empire

History of the 1stGBE

T0 truly understand the origin of the 1st Galactic Beard Empire (1stGBE) you must go back before the great Anglo-Dutch Crisis, back to the time of the Scriptures

Back long ago before the brave men of the yolo spanned the cosmos they lived on a rural planet. These men formed an alliance together solely based on their facial hair. It is believed by many historians that these were the Forefathers of the modern day 1stGBE and that every major figure of the 1stGBE can trace their roots back to these men. These men were surrounded by enemies, jealous and evil beings who loathed the Forefathers due to their incredibly righteous beards. These men were dubbed "Eye Patch Nubs" by the Forefathers but in modern times we reference them simply as "Dirty Peasants".

As the Holy scriptures proclaim, the planet in which our Forefathers inhabited was crawling with these Dirty Peasants and god was displeased. He sent forth a great wave to wash away these heathens but sadly this wave would exterminate all life. But our Forefathers were fierce in the eyes of this new found danger, so they wove their glorious beards together to form the most holiest of icons in GBE history. The Arc of the Beard.

Upon this Arc our Forefathers mounted and rode the furious waves to the Promised Land.. a land cleansed of all Eye Patch Nubs, a land of freedom and glory. Or at least so our brave heroes had thought. Once arriving on this enchanted land of milk and honey their old foe was discovered.. The Peasants too were resourceful and it seemed like cockroaches these peasants had swum from the sea to once again infest the Holy Bearded ones' homes. And so it was these men known now simply as "The Great Beards", had organized a military force strong enough to exterminate these Heretics.. That force was and is the 1stGBE.

History of House Beats

House Beats was founded in the year 634AF by Aleksandr Beats the first at the age of 26. Known on his home planet as: "The Great Uniter"

 In the early years of recorded history and before the formation of House Beats, Zuthien was heavily divided between warring clans. Beards and Non-Beards engaged in wars that had been waging on for years over various disputes ranging from political reasons as well as territorial.

Then began a period in which the clan Aleksandr had been a part of entered war with the other opposing clans.. The ancient legend tells of a man who's beard was said to be longer than 9 meters. It is said this man was Aleksandr himself and his moment of glory occurred during the battle of what the natives call: "Dubith Alumtay" meaning "Beards versus the Clean Faces" or simply known to historians as the "Zuthien Civil War". It was a bloody series of wars, one after the other. The Warlord of the clan: Potus Jiev was a reckless leader who cared little about the lives of the men. After Aleksandr's Warlord continued to lead his men to the slaughter Aleksandr raised his pike during the battle of Dubith Alumtay and killed his Warlord before the eyes of every legionnaire on the battlefield. With all the men in total shock Aleksandr screamed out the famous words.. "UT IN BARBUM!!" and proceeded to lift up his pike and charge forth into the battle alone with no man to follow him. His comrades watched in horror and amazement as Aleksandr decimated the enemies lines and seized victory single handed. It was that day Aleksandr I founded House Beats. He died in 680 AF the age of 72 from old age.

House Beats has had 10 other heirs since its formation: Current High Lord is Polar Beats.

History of Legion XXIV "High Lord's Own"

The History of the Twenty-Fourth Legion begins at the event of "The Great Schism"

Before "The Great Schism" [1172AF] the Galactic Senate had ran smoothly for nearly 120 years with a wide arrange of political as well as ethical and military actions being voted on and decided without incident. This was mostly due to the rise of House Kayce, which had now had nearly 20 votes due to their influence of the Wastelands. When High Lord Hered Kayce unexpectedly passed away.. so did his influence which sent the Senate into a downward spiral of chaos which resulted in the once united Senate being split down the center. Those who would give the Emperor totalitarian power and those who would depose him and turn the Empire into a democracy. These actions soon resulted in a war that lasted 13 years and was fought across the entire Galaxy.

For 13 long years, the war waged it's devastation abroad till the rise of a new House. Once a minor house, Dukus Duke had spent the years raising a force great enough to end the war once and for all. On his he chose the support of new High Lord of House Kayce: John Kayce, the Legions of House De Geek led by its Legatus Zacharia De Geek.. and the Legions of House Beats lead by Legatus Polar Beats. Among House Beats' Legions was the newly formed and highly green Legio XXIV.

Legion Twenty-Four was formed as a Light Infantry Legion under House Beats, lead by High Lord and Legatus Polar Beats directly. When it was time for the battle of House Duke and the Senate, Legio XXIV served as the honorable Vanguard. Once deployed the XXIV Legion decimated the battle field and served with outstanding performance only losing 6% of their total forces. This earned the legion high honors within the Empire and granted the legion the nickname of "High Lord's Own" to show its distinction among the other House Beatsian Legions.

Due to its high praise the Legion bares the symbol of the Bearded Stag, the sigil of House Beats.


We are recruiting for NA/EU with events Wednesdays and Saturdays.. All willing to join add me on steam

North & South: First Manassas / Re: Character creation bugs...
« on: March 18, 2016, 07:44:40 am »
The sliders all work, its just that they might not be changing what they are suppose to change, such as the cheeks change the eye to eye distance (i think) , but anyway it is bugy, and hopefully in the next patch there will be a darker skin color so regiments can be like the one in the film Glory XD

The sliders arent the issue (at least that I am noticing) issue I have seen is that when you scroll through the facial hair section you get all the way to nice full beards.. then hit accept and gives you a mustache or a goatee

Confederates / Re: Alabama Muscogee "Creek" Indians
« on: March 12, 2016, 01:04:45 pm »

Confederates / Re: Alabama Muscogee "Creek" Indians
« on: March 12, 2016, 01:04:36 pm »

Confederates / Alabama Muscogee "Creek" Indians
« on: March 12, 2016, 12:39:07 pm »

The Muscogee "Creek" Indians were native to North/South Eastern Alabama and later Oklahoma in the early 1800's. On 10 July 1861, Principal Chief Motey Kinnard and Daniel N. and Chilly McIntosh (sons of William McIntosh – former principal chief of the Lower Creeks) met with Special Commissioner Albert Pike of the Confederate Bureau of Indian Affairs and together signed a treaty of alliance with the Confederacy. The McIntoshes also promised to raise a regiment of Creeks, provided they would only have to fight within the borders of Indian Territory. However, in the fall of 1861 thousands of loyal and neutral Upper Creeks refused to recognize the treaty of alliance with the Confederacy signed by the Lower Creeks, and prepared to march with their leader, Opothleyahola, to Kansas and safety. A force of Lower Creeks under the McIntosh brothers opposed them. In November, sporadic violence between the two factions began and quickly intensified. Pike ordered Colonel Douglas H. Cooper to take charge of the situation and restore tranquility among the Creeks while the special commissioner departed for the Confederate capital. Cooper called on other Indian home guard units to aid in his efforts to end the hostilities and prevent the Upper Creeks from leaving Indian Territory. In doing so, Cooper began what amounted to a civil war within the borders of the territory.

Care to Join? Click Below!


Reserving the Regiment name of the Alabama Muscogee "Creek" Indians/Alabama Muscogee Indians

Still active here Hairywarhero

Modifications / Re: Revolver asset I made if anyone wants it
« on: January 14, 2016, 05:09:50 am »
Its pretty amazing, I dont know about a historic Civil War mod but I can definitely see maybe an Alt-Reality mod or even a modern/futuristic mod perhaps. Hell I may download it just see if I can put into a mod for myself lol

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