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Could we take this drama somewhere else away from our peaceful animal/nature loving thread?

What the heck are you talking about?

Diamond is a long standing and trusted member of the 32nd.

He is talking about getting payback so I dont know. Perhaps he was provoked.
Either way any problems you have with Diamond are best solved with him in a 1 on 1 conversation.


The 32nd Regiment of Foot sets out to accurately represent the soldiers of the British army during the closing days of the Peninsula war
 and the Waterloo campaign. Our main goal is to closely reenact the formations, command structure and discipline of the British army.
While other clans may focus on, and therefore for best us, in combat skills alone none will stand more disciplined nor better trained in the
ranks than a soldier of the 32nd Regiment. For our goal is not only to fight and win, it is to fight with the full respect for the drills and
tactics of the period. If you are looking for a realistic line regiment that is reknown for its structure, organisation, discipline and gallantry
then the 32nd might be the place for you. Bearing the tags of the 32nd means that you are part of a well known and respected community
with over 6 years experience. Members of this regiment can proudly say :"I am a soldier in the 32nd!"

Over the past 6 years we have expanded to include a light company and an artillery detachment in addition to our line company. We are
proud to be able to operate as one cohesive unit on the battlefield, displaying skill and coordination as a regiment.

Our training and events always run through the weekend. The times can always be looked up and changes will be announced in advance.
If this does not suffice you can always ask your NCO or CO who will make sure you are up to date with the event times.
these are the Normal Scheduled event times:

Friday Training: 20:00GMT/BST   /   21:00CET/CEST   /   15:00EST

Saturday Training: 19:00GMT/BST   /   20:00CET/CEST   /   14:00EST

Sunday Training: 18:30GMT/BST   /   19:30CET/CEST   /   13:30EST

Sunday Linebattle: 19:30GMT/BST   /   20:30CET/CEST   /   14:30EST



We are currently recruiting for the 'Mount and Blade: Warband, Napoleonic Wars DLC'.
We are eagerly awaiting the release of 'Holdfast Nations at War' and hope that it is the
spiritual successor to 'Napoleonic Wars'. If you wish to enlist in the 32nd regiment of foot
please follow the recruitment link and follow the instructions provided.


The 32nd began its existence in 1702 when Colonel Fox raised a regiment of Marines to participate in the war of Spanish succession.
 It served under various names as it changed Colonels until it was officially designated the 32nd Regiment of Foot in 1751 (It being the 32nd
most senior line regiment). In 1782 the regiment was affiliated with the county of Cornwall, becoming the 32nd (Cornwall) Regiment of Foot.
 This did not mean, however, that the regiment recruited exclusively recruited from Cornwall, like many regiments it recruited from across the
 Isles and particularly heavily from Ireland.

The 32nd was stationed in the West Indies in 1796 to assist in the crushing of the French slave revolt and protect British interests in the region.
 The regiment suffered heavily from the climate losing almost all of its officers and men in  the years it was stationed there. It returned to Ireland
in 1800 and was brought back to full strength of 1000 rank and file by 1802. A second battalion was formed in 1804. The regiment was almost
sent on a South American expedition in 1805 but instead spent the next two years garrisoning Ireland.

The death of Sir Thomas Picton at Waterloo

The regiment was deployed overseas in 1807 in the British invasion of Denmark. It would then see service in the garrison in Gibraltar before
 redeploying to Lisbon. They fought and Rolica, Vimiero and Corunna. The 32nd was then brought back up to strength and deployed on the
Walcheren expedition in 1809 where they suffered heavily from disease. After, again, returning home and being brought back up to strength
it was redeployed to the peninsula in 1811, receiving a draft from the 2nd Battalion whilst in Lisbon.

The 32nd would go on to participate in in the battles of the peninsula and served with distinction at Salamanca and the many battles in the
 Pyrenees, including Orthes, Nivelle and Nive. The 2nd Battalion was disbanded in 1814. The regiment was one of the many deployed in the
Waterloo campaign. Fighting at Quatre Bras and suffering considerable casualties. The regiment then fought the next day at Waterloo as part
 of the Anglo-Allied forces deployed next to La Haye Sainte. The 32nd would suffer considerable casualties. With only 131 men left fit for duty
 at the end of the 18th June. The body of Lieutenant General Picton was also carried from the field by two men from the 32nd Grenadier
Company. The regiment would continue to serve until it was amalgamated with the 46th foot, forming the first Battalion of 'The Duke of
Cornwall's Light Infantry', in 1881.

"One and All!"
Motto of the 32nd Foot and the County of Cornwall 

The 32nd Regiment of Foot 4 Year Anniversary:
The 32nd Regiment of Foot 5 Year Anniversary:



Regiments / Re: * 32nd Regiment of Foot * 5 Years of Linebattle gaming *
« on: January 20, 2016, 06:50:00 pm »
Today 5 years ago we formed this glorious regiment!

Regiments / Re: * 32nd Regiment of Foot * 4 Years of Linebattle gaming *
« on: January 12, 2016, 12:46:27 pm »
The 32nd are in serious debt, Painmace can confirm ;)

Our new flag:

Regiments (Game Clans) / Re: 32nd Massachusetts *Reserved*
« on: January 01, 2016, 08:50:00 pm »

Regiments (Game Clans) / 32nd Massachusetts *Reserved*
« on: January 01, 2016, 08:49:52 pm »

Regiment Name?: 32nd Continental Regiment of Foot
Regiment type?: Line, Light and Artillery
EU,NA or Aus?: EU/NA
Leader steam contact(link):

Union / Re: Union Army (Updated Event Rules for 1.0 ; Page 64)
« on: April 27, 2015, 03:47:46 pm »
I should visit this thread more often smh

Union / Re: Union Army (Official Thread)
« on: March 08, 2015, 01:28:56 pm »
I loved the last 2 pictures Swissy <3

Community / Re: A Napoleonic Wars Survey - RESULTS POSTED
« on: February 23, 2015, 04:06:45 pm »
Yeah thats right we did join a couple of times :D

And as for the melee topic.
Obviously we value good melee fighters in our regiment but it isnt exactly our prime objective or concern, hence why we dont participate in tournaments.

In the 32nd we value drill and discipline over all else.
We do have melee trainings but we spend most of our time practising drills.

And for the 42nd's opinion of crushing us in melee. I believe this topic is up for debate then because I disagree based on my memory. However I dont deny that its possible that in some occasions we were beaten but I personally believe that it wasnt the majority of the times we fought against each other.

However I respect everyones opinion and everyone is free to declare us "bad melee fighers" ;)

Community / Re: A Napoleonic Wars Survey - RESULTS POSTED
« on: February 22, 2015, 08:47:09 pm »
It is ;)

Regiments / Re: * 32nd Regiment of Foot * 4 Years of Linebattle gaming *
« on: January 24, 2015, 03:01:59 pm »
Today we celebrate the founding of the greatest regiment to set foot in NW!  8)

Regiments / Re: * 32nd Regiment of Foot * 3 Years of Linebattle gaming *
« on: November 18, 2014, 02:41:12 pm »
Congratulations to our new Colour Serjeant  8)

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