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8-0 The crew won good match.

north* joined our team apparently. as a sub.

Rules are important, and this is why we have them.

"6. Teams consist of 5 members, and 2-3 substitutes. If team fails to bring the requirements, they will play as is or forfeit."

Alexander agreed to the time, and therefore committed his team. The 5th team failed to bring the required amount of people, and as the rule says, they may play as is, but according to the VV and ref, the VV offered to play 4v4, which the 5th denied. Therefore, the 5th team has no option but to forfeit, and take the 8-0 loss to the VV.

Decision is final.

Windflower + Theodin
We had our 5 and told them its ok we had an extension wth woulda been nice for someone to msg us and say you didnt get the extension.
Then why did you want a extension. Makes zero sense.
cuz we didn't get the 5 until after he said ok you get extension when we still had time, either way take me off the 5th GF team roster.

The match was scheduled for 4:30, It was around 4:45 when windflower decided to extend. 6 minutes had already passed.

btw the crew needs a ref for our match tonight at 7est, please contact me on steam! [31e] Thanks!

7-1 Chicken Masta's won.

So is Lemon

Bondage or Lemon.

Here to ref for any match... contact me on steam [31e] Lemon o.o

There is not enough Refs lol. Everyone is either doing there own event, or busy reffing a different one. Kinda getting retarded.

People have applied but been denied because of trust and so on.

NWL is fun but sadly im not a in reg to play this season :(

Also update contact info

Also change the name on the roster to just Thar. His name isn't 27th_Thar

Thar is a person with feelings too

thar is love thar is life.

puppytron sub north in

Looks like a good linebattle organized by a well respect regiment. Will look in to sign up tomorrow!

I prefer lemons

Windflower told me to reapply for this so yeah.
Community Name: Lemon
Steam Profile (link): Lemon!
Why do you want to be a referee? I would like to be a referee because melee is a passion for me on this game and I really enjoy the competitive side of mount and blade.
Why do you think you would be a good referee? I feel that I would be a good referee because I will enforce the rules and make sure everyone will follow them. I will try hard to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves during each event that I referee. I have admin experience and I and very willing to help with anything added on to being a referee.
Admin Experience: 22nd_Official_TDM 50th_Groupfighting 60thRifles_Official 60th_Duel 31e_Official_TDM
Did you read all the rules thoroughly? Yes
Will you admin fairly and unbiased? Yes

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