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Other Games / Pokemon Sword and Shield
« on: November 19, 2019, 09:49:01 pm »

"Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. They are the first installments in the eighth generation of the Pokémon video game series and the second in the series to be released on a home game console, after Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!. Officially debuting in February 2019, Pokémon Sword and Shield were released worldwide on November 15, 2019."

Off Topic / Disney+
« on: November 12, 2019, 08:15:14 pm »

"Disney Plus will include all of Disney's family-friendly content and much of its mass-audience fare -- basically, anything made for audiences up to a PG-13 rating. It'll have content from Disney proper, Marvel, Lucasfilm (so, Star Wars), Pixar and National Geographic."

Just released this morning and wow... The library is actually amazing. So many awesome shows and movies from my childhood etc. I expected it to be great but this is even better then I imagined.

Currently binge watching all of the Xmen animated series. Then plan to watch the MightyDucks animated series. ;D

What do you guys think about it? Any titles in particular you are happy about?


The 1stLA or Tiger Zouaves are a unit made up of veteran players from NW. We seek to bring a (nearly) historically accurate feel to the regiment and its players. We will use proper commands at all times. All men enlisted with this regiment will be sorted into companies etc. We will provide all members new and old with constant training and drilling in efficient tactics. As Zouaves we will focus on being shock infantry, and an elite unit on every battlefield. Discipline will be a major part of this unit as it is a core value in maintaining a successful environment for a military based setting. Officers will always set examples for their men and do their best in all situations to come out victorious. We will also have many recruiting events as we hope to field 50 men per battle eventually. More coming soon.

Battle of Somerville Heights
Battle of Front Royal
Battle of Middletown
First Battle of Winchester
Battle of Mount Carmel
Battle of Cross Keys
Battle of Port Republic
Battle of Cold Harbor
Battle of Marven Hill
Battle of Cedar Mountain
Battle of Bristoe Station
First Battle of Manassas
Battle of Chartilly
Battle of Harper's Ferry
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Fredericksburg
Battle of Chancellorsville
Battle of Maryes Heights
Battle of Salem Church
Second Battle of Winchester
Battle of Gettysburg
Battle of Raccoon Ford
Battle of Mine Run
Battle of Rappahannock
Battle of The Wilderness
Battle of Spotsylvania
Battle of Hanover Junction


The Louisiana Tigers was the common nickname for certain infantry troops from the state of Louisiana in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. Originally applied to a specific company, the nickname expanded to a battalion, then to a brigade, and eventually to all Louisiana troops within the Army of Northern Virginia. Although the exact composition of the Louisiana Tigers changed as the war progressed, they developed a reputation as fearless, hard-fighting shock troops.

A large number of the men were foreign-born, particularly Irish Americans, many from the city's wharves and docks. Many men had previous military experience in local militia units or as filibusters. They (and the regiments that later became known as the Tigers) were organized and trained at Camp Moore.

Within months of arriving in Northern Virginia, Wheat's entire five-company battalion began to be called the Louisiana Tigers. The battalion first saw combat during the First Battle of Manassas, where it anchored the left flank on Matthews Hill for several hours until reinforcements arrived.

In early 1862, Wheat's Tigers were assigned Brig. Gen. Richard Taylor's First Louisiana Brigade in the army of Stonewall Jackson. They participated in his 1862 Valley Campaign, proving instrumental in Confederate victories at the battles of Front Royal, Winchester, and Port Republic.

In late spring, Jackson's force was sent eastward to participate in the Peninsula Campaign. Following Wheat's death at the Battle of Gaines' Mill, his battalion was merged with Coppens' Zouaves within the Army of Northern Virginia. The combined unit was heavily depleted during the Northern Virginia Campaign and the subsequent Maryland Campaign, where its leader, Colonel Auguste Gaston Coppens, was killed. The amalgamated battalion was disbanded shortly after the Battle of Antietam and the men dispersed among other units.

By then, the nickname "Louisiana Tigers" had expanded to encompass the entire brigade, which was commanded by Brig. Gen. Harry T. Hays following Taylor's promotion and transfer to the Western Theater. By the Battle of Fredericksburg in late 1862, Hays' Brigade was composed of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Louisiana, and was a part of the division of Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early.

During the 1863 Gettysburg Campaign, Hays' Brigade played a crucial role in the Confederate victory at the Second Battle of Winchester, seizing a key fort and forcing the withdrawal of Union troops under Maj. Gen. Robert H. Milroy. During the subsequent invasion of southern Pennsylvania, much of the populace feared the thievery and drunkenness often associated with the colorful Louisianans. At the Battle of Gettysburg, Hays' Brigade stormed East Cemetery Hill on the second day and seized several Union artillery pieces before withdrawing when supporting units were not advanced.

In the autumn of 1863, more than half the brigade was captured at the Battle of Rappahannock Station, and 600 men were shipped to Northern prisoner-of-war camps, many to Fort Delaware. Most would be paroled and would later rejoin the Tigers. The replenished brigade fought in the Overland Campaign at the Battle of the Wilderness and the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, where General Hays was severely wounded.

During the subsequent reorganization of Robert E. Lee's army in late May, the much depleted brigade of Tigers was consolidated with the "Pelican Brigade," formally known as the Second Louisiana Brigade, which had also lost its commander, Leroy A. Stafford, a long-time Tiger. Zebulon York became the new commander.

The nickname Tigers came to encompass all Louisiana infantry troops that fought under Lee. Nearly 12,000 men served at one time or another in various regiments that were destined to be part of the Louisiana Tigers. The name was at times also used for other Louisiana troops, including Levi's Light Artillery Battery and Maurin's Battery, but it was the infantry that is most often associated with the term.

York's consolidated brigade of Tigers fought in Early's army during the Battle of Monocacy and several subsequent battles in the Shenandoah Valley. In late 1864, the Tigers returned to the Army of Northern Virginia in the trenches around Petersburg, Virginia. By the Appomattox Campaign, many regiments were reduced to less than 100 men apiece, and Brig. Gen. William R. Peck had become the Tigers' final commander.

Following the Civil War, many former Tigers joined the Hays Brigade Relief Association, a prominent New Orleans social and political organization. Harry T. Hays, by then the local sheriff, mobilized the association during the 1866 New Orleans Race Riot. A company of former Louisiana Tigers joined the Fenian Invasion of Upper Canada on June 1, 1866 and fought the Canadian militia the next day at the Battle of Ridgeway.

The nickname Louisiana "Tigers" lives on with the athletic teams of the Louisiana State University.


Tigers wore distinctive uniforms similar to the French zouave, with straw hats or red cloth fezzes, blue-striped chasseur-style pantaloons, and short dark blue jackets with red lacing. The Tiger Zouaves apparently wore the fezzes in camp and straw hats while in the field. As time went on, this garb was replaced by Confederate uniforms and what clothing the men could purchase or otherwise obtain from civilians.

Thread credit goes to the great Marks


Off Topic / Antifa
« on: July 02, 2019, 12:02:36 am »
Am i the only one that wants to personally order a firing squad to mow these sons of bitches down?

Other Games / Apex Legends
« on: February 11, 2019, 09:03:45 am »

New BR that seems to have actually passed Fornite in terms or popularity.

Other Games / Fortnite Battle Royale
« on: December 08, 2017, 07:34:18 pm »
Pretty damn fun battle royale game featuring building and resource gathering. (More coming soon)

« on: June 25, 2017, 04:18:23 pm »

This thread is for the discussion of basketball relating mainly to the NBA and everything associated with it.

Events: NA / Thursday High Class Line Infantry Only Event [8pmEST]
« on: June 04, 2017, 02:51:10 am »


    Event Overview

    Events goal is to provide regiments with a high quality line battle that focuses on infantry combat. Cavalry and artillery will NEVER be allowed. FoL and FoC will NOT be tolerated. Officer aim will be highly looked down upon and warnings/slays will be given if necessary. The solid rule set is why we consider this a high class event. The event will be hosted on a 200 slot server hosted in Chicago with great pings for most. We also have a back-up 200 slot server hosted in Texas that we will use in case of any server issues. If you sign up for this event i can assure you will enjoy your experience and be treated with respect by a great team of admins. I also guarantee that info will never be given out any later than 8 pm est on the dot. Also bonuses will be enabled, so we encourage regiments to bring flag's and music.

    General event info

    -Event will be held every Thursday at 8:00 PM EST time.

    -Event meeting will be held 15 mins prior to start at 7:45 pm est in the TS.

    -TS IP for meeting and info is:

    -2 Maps will be played, each map will be 1st to 3 wins. If the first two maps go quickly a 3rd map will be played. (The event will end after 1 hour of play)

    Rules for Line Infantry


    -Lines Must always fire in line and in formation.

    -Line infantry is not allowed spacing.

    -Gaps from deaths in line do not have to be fixed, unless moving out.

    -FoC and FoL will not be tolerated.

    -Officer aim will not be tolerated.

    -Line infantry may only crouch in a double ranked line.

    -If only 2 men remain in a line, they must immediately seek out and join a friendly line OR charge directly toward their enemy into melee.

    Application To Sign Up!
      [b]Regiment Name:[/b]
      [b]Regiment FSE Thread(URL):[/b]
      [b]Leaders Steam(URL):[/b]
      [b]Estimated Attendance:[/b]
      [b]Do you agree to follow the rules?:[/b]


      The 21ème Regiment d'Infanterie is one of the oldest regiments in the world. It was raised in Lorraine in 1598 by Henri de Vaubecourt at the time when Henri of Navarre became King Henry IV of France. The regiment was destined the 21ème Regiment d' Infanterie de Ligne in 1803. In 1804 it formed part of the Armée d' Angleterre when the concept of the Grande Armée was first created by Napoleon. In 1805 the regiment marched under  Marshal Louis Nicoholas Davout as part of the 3ème Corp d' Armee to fight the combined might of Austria and Russia at Austerlitz. In 1806 Davout's Corps found itself facing the main Prussian army under the Duke of Brunswick at Auerstadt, whilst Napoleon was defeating what he believed to be the main army at Jena. The 21ème defended the village of Hassenhausen in the centre of the French line. Corporal Boutloup of the Voltigeur company, along with six men, took a Prussian gun and caisson and turned it on the Prussians. These men, having killed the gun crew, manned the cannon for over half an hour until ammunition was exhausted. Losses were heavy but the three divisions of the 3ème Corp became famous through the Armée as "Les Trois Immortelles".The 21ème saw further action at Custrun, Pultusk and Eylau and later still at Eckmul and Wargram. It was at Custrin, a single company bluffed the fortress into surrendering and took 4,000 Prussian prisoners. In 1812 the regiment was once again with Davout as part of the crack 1er Corp. The 21ème now comprised 6 battalions (4 veteran battalions, the depot battalion and the new 6th battalion led by graduates from St. Cyr and volunteers from the Garde.) It fought at Smolensk, Valoutina Gora and Borodino in the bitter Russian campaign. The regiment then faced the winter retreat from Moscow. From a strength of over 4,200, only 92 remained in arms by the 1st of February 1813.

      In 1814 the regiment was reformed from the depots in France and fought the British army for the very first time at Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands. It was here that the Colour of the Foot Guards was taken (Now on display at the Invalides in Paris). Now following the Emperor's abdication the 21e Regiment de Ligne continued as a reluctant regiment of the monarchy. Napoleons return from exile in 1815 marked the start of a campaign that was to become known as the 100 Days. He re-instated himself as Emperor of France, banished the Bourbons and brought back the tricolour flag. As the storm clouds gathered over Europe his imperial army formed up below the eagles once again.

      During this period the 21eme formed part of the 3eme Division in the 1er Corp commanded by the Compte Drouet d' Erlon. The regiment missed both actions at Ligny and Quartre Bras to the confusion of orders between Napoleon and Marshal Ney. Two days later they formed part of the French right wing on the field of Waterloo. Here the 21eme took part in the early stages of the baffle during the advance on the Allied centre. With shouts of "Vive L' Empereuer!" they descended into the valley under the fiery vault of French and English shells which arched over their heads. With drums beating the advance in massed formation up the slopes of Mont Saint Jean to meet Wellington's army. The regiment was later involved in the capture of the farmhouse of La Haye Saint but never fully recovered from this onslaught. Following the arrival of the Prussians and defeat of the Old Guard the day was lost. The remnants of the regiment regrouped at Laon but Waterloo was the last battle in the Napoleonic Wars and spelt the end of the era in Europe.

      21ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne is, as the name says, an NA line infantry regiment. Just like most regiments our aim is gather mature players in order to create an extremely friendly environment/community in which our members can enjoy playing together no matter the game although our focus is on Holdfast: NaW and Napoleonic Wars, of course. Our main goal is to become a respected regiment, a force to be reckoned with so to speak, within the Holdfast: NaW and Napoleonic Wars community. While sharpening our [personal] melee skills we look to improve our teamwork – to us, teamwork and harmony are above all else. We are also always ready to apply new tactics and ideas of our members, regardless of their rank, in order to help us improve as a regiment. We are here to enjoy the game and with that in mind, where others enforce “discipline” we offer good organization, realising that this is just a game not an army boot camp. When it comes to rules, every member is expected to possess common politeness meaning no racism, chauvinism or any other “Ism”. We strongly discourage political discussions since it can only lead to pretty much pointless arguments from which our team unity will suffer, though it is not forbidden. If you share our ideas (mentioned above) on what regiment should be like, if you enjoy the French uniforms and would like a taste of what it was like to be part of Napoleon’s grand army, then 21ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne is a perfect regiment for you. Whether you are a grizzled veteran of NW/NaW or a beginner, no matter the age, you are most welcome to join us.

      The 21e will mainly partake in 1v1's against other regiments. We will however participate in big linebattles.
      For that we will build up a strong core of disciplined and mature persons. The regiment will focus on melee and shooting,
      training's will be arranged to get the best out of the members.

      The members of this regiment are always happy to welcome a new member to its ranks. We will always gladly welcome
      everyone who shows interest by joining our cause. Cadets are expected to be motivated and having the will
      to become better. If there is something wrong, or you don't feel yourself well within the regiment or any other
      problem, don't hesitate to contact an officer or non-commissioned officer as they really want to help.
      Private training's will be given to cadets who are not really familiar with the commands and standards.
      Melee training will be given to those who ask for it outside of standard training.

      The regimental tag is 21e_Rank_Name.
      See you on the battlefield!

      Colonel - Col
      Chef de Bataillon - CdB
      Capitaine - Cpt
      Lieutenant - Lt
      Sous Lieutenant - SLt

      Adjudant-Chef - AdjChef
      Adjudant - Adj
      Sergent-Chef - SgtChef
      Sergent - Sgt

      Homme de troupe
      Caporal-Fourrier de Première - CplFoP
      Caporal-Fourrier - CplFo
      Caporal - Cpl
      Soldat de Première - SoP
      Soldat de Deuxième - SoD
      Cadet - Cad


      Colonel Marceaux
      Lieutenant Jonas

      Adjudant-Chef Kojo
      Adjudant Sylvestro
      Sergent-Chef RisenMadness

      Officiers: 2
      Sous-Officiers: 3
      Homme de troupe: 9
      Cadets: 16
      Total Strength: 31

      Compagnie de Fusiliers

      Corporal Pugglesworth
      Garde Deamonius
      Soldat de Première UniformTurkey
      Soldat de Deuxième Jonathon
      Soldat de Deuxième Canadian Patriot
      Soldat de Deuxième Hess
      Soldat McLOVIN
      Soldat Edward
      Soldat Thick McRunsFast

      Compagnie des Cadets

      Cadet Peacekeeper
      Cadet DavyGam
      Cadet Fruit
      Cadet Sllacker
      Cadet Axpro
      Cadet Woody_D_Natural
      Cadet English Pleb
      Cadet JLB28
      Cadet Bee
      Cadet Warlord
      Cadet Purplishdragon
      Cadet Ethan
      Cadet Slicin Lunix
      Cadet Beglish
      Cadet Selic
      Cadet Benis




      Thread optimized for 1920x1080 monitors.
      Thread layout and image credit goes to NiPhix!
      Rank Icon credit goes to Bravescot!

      The Mess Hall / SIGNATURE / HEADER REQUEST!!!!
      « on: January 31, 2017, 08:29:22 am »
      So the 4e Grenadiers need some new forum signatures and a new thread header. I am looking for a variety of themes and styles! The higher quality the better of course!

      Imperial France / imperial eagle / (tri color or gold/silver) / old guard grenadiers, should be the primary ideas behind them.

      This would be much appreciated!!!


      The Mess Hall / NA Competitive All-Stars
      « on: January 13, 2017, 12:00:34 am »

      This is a list (imo) of the best of the best of the best players and regiments in the NA competitive scene of ALL-TIME! Players/Regiments are in no particular order or ranking.

      The overall basis and requirement for these players or regiments is that they stood out at some point in time for a series of excellent performances. Or had impact on the game for a period of time or a streak of dominance in their respective era of the NA competitive scene. Other things are taken into account like general consistency and ability to perform on various levels etc.

      Lists are WIP!




      71st Highland Regiment of Foot
      9y Leib Gvardii
      63ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne
      3ème Voltigeurs de la Garde Imperiale
      12th (East Suffolk) Regiment of Foot
      1 Lützowsches Freikorps Infanterie


      Other Games / Paladins
      « on: December 22, 2016, 05:07:32 am »

      Enter a fantasy world of ancient technology in Paladins, a team-based shooter with strategy elements and deep character customization. Through a unique collectible card system, players can amplify and augment a character’s core set of abilities to play exactly how they want to play.

      Off Topic / The Generals Club
      « on: January 25, 2016, 02:47:20 am »
      Where all my FSE general fam at? (Forum rank brigadier general+)

      Other Games / Scourge of War: Waterloo
      « on: November 19, 2015, 07:31:22 pm »
      The older game Scourge of War: Gettysburg was pretty great back in the day, and i think this addition looks pretty damn epic! I honestly forgot about this series until i saw this new one on steam! Needless to say i am pretty hyped!

      Anyone played it or heard anything about it?


      Competitive NA Events/Tournaments / NTW Tournament
      « on: October 25, 2015, 10:19:11 am »

      Napoleon total war tournament, names will be put in brackets by random seeds. Then all players will face off in single elimination 1v1's until the tournament is completed. Army/Game rules will be :

      Players MUST choose a country when signing up and MUST use that country throughout the entire tournament.

      No Artillery
      5 Lights / Skirms MAX
      5 Cav MAX

      Map will be grassy flatland's for tournament fairness. Large funds will be available for every battle. Game must be played on vanilla/default with no mods. ALL DLC IS ALLOWED!

      Sign Up

      Steam profile link:
      Country you will be using during the tournament:

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