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Regiments / 3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot - The Buffs
« on: November 24, 2014, 07:15:41 pm »
Work in progress.


The Napoleonic Wars Groupfighting Tournament
[4th Tourney|Fall 2014]-(5v5s)-[EU]


The Napoleonic Wars Groupfighting Tournament has been created by experienced veterans of the community to create the big league of groupfighting competitions. With a past of many well hosted events of this sort we wish to break away from the pack and make this a new experience. Our goal is to make this the most professional and skilled groupfighting event every hosted in this community. We will achieve this by well performed organization, excellent servers and exceeding adminship.

This is a 5v5 European Groupfighting Competition. All Tournaments will be held on two Roubaix, France servers for equal EU ping (Both 200 slots). We will  keep it up to about 100 people per server. Two teams per regiment please. Also, EU teams are prioritized over NA teams but if spots are available NA teams will be allowed to participate. NA members are allowed to participate on EU teams at their own risk as this is an EU tournament. These Tournaments will be hosted every season usually on the last Saturday of the month (Summer/July, Fall/October, Winter/January, and Spring/April). The same thread will be used every season for this event! It will be renamed according to each season.

[4th] Napoleonic Wars Groupfighting Tournament event: Saturday October, 25th (7 GMT)
[Details will be messaged to each team leader accordingly]

This event is gratefully hosted by the 3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot "The Buffs" and Company!

Servers provided by Arctic Servers
Mount & Blade Series - Game Server Provider
Contact via a method below regarding renting a server.
• E-Mail: • Steam: Felix9112  • Skype: ArcticServers •


Head Organisers:

Stunned Lime
 [3rd] Stunned Lime



 [3rd] Super

Head Mapper:


Director Of Media:

Saga The King
[3rd] KingSaga




Team Rules

I. Teams are to contain a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 7.

II. Teams are allowed to have 5 persons fighting at any given time.

In-Game Rules

III. No shooting.

IV. Only line infantry models are to be used.

V. Only rankers are to be used.

VI. Only bayonets are to be used

VII. Formations are not required since it's all melee.

VIII. There are 5 rounds to every match (will stop once someone reaches 3 to save time). The Final and the Bronze Match will be in a first to 5 format instead.

IX. The Combatants are not to leave the arena until the fight is over.

Organiser Discretion

X. Common sense will be used by the organizers so anything not specifically mentioned may be enacted at the organizers discretion.

XI. The severity and therefore the course of action following rule breaches will be up to the organizers to judge.

XII. Don't argue with us mid-event, it unfairly slows things down for everyone else, speak to us afterwards if you feel that we have treated you unfairly.

XIV. No trash talking or discrimination will be allowed. This will result in a disqualification.

Sign-Up Format

Team Sign Up Format
Team Name:
Team Captain's Name:
Team Captain's Steam:
Team Members:
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?:

Admin Sign Up Format
Admin's Name:
Admin's Steam:
Why do you think you deserve to be an Admin for The NWGFT?:
Do you agree to admin and enforce all rules stated above?:

Competing Teams|


1.Team Name: The Buffs
Team Captain's Name: 3rd_Sjt_Alex_Deane
Team Captain's Steam: Pootis
Team Members: 3rd_Sjt_Benjamin_Lordian, 3rd_Sjt_Alex_Deane, 3rd_Pte_David_MacAndrews, 3rd_LCpl_Joel_Grant, 3rd_Inv_Andrew_Kent, 3rd_Ens_Alexander_Cameron, 3rd_LCpl_Ian_MacAllen

2.Team Name: 25th Regiment of Foot - "King's Own Borderers"
Team Captain's Name: Eazy-E
Team Captain's Steam: [25th] Eazy-E
Team Members: Eazy-E, Siobs, Spartan, Berkovic, Yestromo, Pumti, Corsica (WIP)
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes

3.Team Name: The Disciples
Team Captain's Name: Tardet
Team Captain's Steam: [92nd] Tardet
Team Members: Tardet, Sinjide, Tibérias, Breizh, Lubukill
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Of course.

4.Team Name: 47th Dream Team
Team Captain's Name: Timlef and Spy
Team Captain's Steam: [47th] Timlef and [47th] Spy
Team Members: Timlef, Spy, Whaleman, Caskie, HughMcToro, Toasti, 1 TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes

5.Team Name: EuroTouch
Team Captain's Name: LeBrave
Team Captain's Steam:
Team Members: LeBrave, FearRipper, TheDeaD, Rizzet, Vaska, Hopsin
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes

6.Team Name: BlokEkipa
Team Captain's Name: Baldwin
Team Captain's Steam:
Team Members: TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: yes

7.Team Name: Advanced.Noobs - Av.N
Team Captain's Name: Jamie
Team Captain's Steam:
Team Members: Jamie, Iuff, Achilles, ArVa12 & Thomas
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes

8.Team Name: PowerRangers
Team Captain's Name: Axiom
Team Captain's Steam:
Team Members: PowerRanger_Silver, PowerRanger_White, PowerRanger_Red, PowerRanger_Blue, PowerRanger_Green, PowerRanger_Yellow, PowerRanger_Pink
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yus

9.Team Name: Juan's Highlanders
Team Captain's Name: Fish
Team Captain's Steam:
Team Members: Fish, Jack, Euan/Juan, Dagon, Finn, Hero, Mr.Narnia
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes

10.Team Name:Kapparino
Team Captain's Name:TBA
Team Captain's Steam:TBA
Team Members:TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?:Yes

11.Team Name: 78th.
Team Captain's Name: Tyrion
Team Captain's Steam: You have me  :-*.
Team Members: TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Of course.

12.Team Name: Remember_61e
Team Captain's Name: KraZ
Team Captain's Steam: [22nd] KraZ
Team Members: KraZ , Astérix ,  huanmpth , Dwarf , Lezalith , Patriotixx , Kilian
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes !

13.Team Name: 12th Rifles
Team Captain's Name: Zebo
Team Captain's Steam: 12th_Rifles | Zebo
Team Members: Zebo, Eejit, Sauraus, Porkins, Gojkov, TBA, TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: We do!

14.Team Name:  ILITA_VEEL
Team Captain's Name: Ankord
Team Captain's Steam:
Team Members: Ankord, Millander, Twist[eR],MrYoda,Adrenalin, Leonid, TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes !

15.Team Name: Mafia Pruszkowska [Mafia_Pruszkowska]
Team Captain's Name: Tomato
Team Captain's Steam: You have me m8
Team Members: TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Of course.

16.Team Name: Better_Melee
Team Captain's Name: Marks
Team Captain's Steam: [44th] Marks
Team Members: Fixjo, Kroglog, Marks, tba, tba, tba
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes !

17.Team Name: 22nd Melee Team
Team Captain's Name: Murphy
Team Captain's Steam: [22nd] Ryan
Team Members: TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes!

18.Team Name: Team75th
Team Captain's Name: Nico
Team Captain's Steam: [75th] Nico / Robert Abercromby
Team Members: Attila, Hybrid, Eldarian, Nico, Robin, Jarlek, Alex
                        Reserve(s): Jimmie, Xairo
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: yes

19.Team Name: Grenadiers du 23e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne
Team Captain's Name: Clikenforce
Team Captain's Steam: [23e] Clikenforce
Team Members: TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: yes

20.Team Name: Doh not teamkill if it gets to melee
Team Captain's Name: John Price
Team Captain's Steam: [91st] Chriseh
Team Members: John Price, Haza, TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: yes

21.Team Name: 15th Yorkshire "The Snappers"
Team Colonel's Name: Falk
Team Colonel's Steam:
Team Members: Falk, Petl, Dusan, NeaxusPrime, Haack, Nifu, Hopsin (There will be an update i think but that will do for now)
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Ofc

22.Team Name: Team Argyll
Team Captain's Name: Alexander Campbell (Deans)
Team Captain's Steam: [91st] Deans
Team Members: Alexander Campbell (Deans), Ben Dover (Phreak), James Munro (Ledger), Edward MacKay (Fatkoala), Stewart Gordon (Axiom), Hector Gordon (Herishey), Edward Leslie (Mem).
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes

23.Team Name: Team Gordon
Captain's Name: TBA
Team Captain's Steam: TBA
Team Members: TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes sir.

24.Team Name: Nr12
Team Captain's Name: Dairus
Team Captain's Steam: [Nr12]Dairus
Team Members: TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: yes

25.Team Name: DyingUnicorns
Captain's Name: Baldwin
Team Captain's Steam: [12pp]#Baldwin# or gotbot10
Team Members: TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: Yes.

26.Team Name: HoyHoy
Team Captain's Name:TheAngrypineapple
Team Captain's Steam:
Team Members:TheAngrypineapple, James Wallace, Lion, Kaasovic, Reznov, TBA
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated above?: yes







Waiting list:
1. N/A
|Brackets & Results


Results; Fall 2014|4th Tournament
1st Place Team:
2nd Place Team:
3rd Place Team:
4th Place Team:

Regiments / The Gordon Highlanders
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:36:55 am »
The Gordon Highlanders

Lance Corporal of The Gordon Highlanders

Lance Corporal James Daun of the 6th Gordon Highlanders

The name Gordon comes from one of the famous Scottish Family/Clans that fought and held counties in Scotland.
History of The Gordon Highlanders
during World War 1

The Gordons raised 21 battalions in the First World War, serving on the Western Front and in Italy and winning 65 battle honours.
The regular force battalions (1st and 2nd Gordons) were immediately assigned to the British Expeditionary Force on the outbreak of war. 3rd (Reserve) Gordons remained in Aberdeen to serve as the depot unit for the duration of the war. The 1st Gordons in Plymouth was assigned to 8 Brigade of the 3rd Division, while 2nd Gordons was assigned to 20 Brigade in the 7th Division following its recall from Cairo. The first line Territorial Force battalions; 1/4th (Aberdeen,) 1/5th (Buchan and Formartine), 1/6th (Banffshire and Donside), 1/7th (Deeside), were assigned to 153 (2nd Highland) Brigade of the 51st (Highland) Division. This brigade was also known as the Gordons Brigade until May 1915 because of its composition solely of Gordon Highlanders battalions. A further eight Territorial Force battalions (2/4th, 2/5th, 2/6th, 2/7th, 3/4th, 3/5th, 3/6th, and 3/7th) were formed as part of the second line Home Service. These units were chronically undermanned and ill-equipped throughout the war and did not serve overseas. Four Service battalions - 8th (Service), 9th (Service), 10th (Service), and 11th (Service) - were formed as part of Lord Kitchener's New Army scheme with 9th Gordons eventually serving as a pioneer battalion. A 1st Garrison battalion was formed in 1916 for service in India.
Unusually, The Gordon Highlanders did not serve on any of the other battle fronts where British soldiers fought during the war. The sole exception was the 2nd Gordons which was sent as part of a joint Anglo-French force to aid the Italians in 1917 after their heavy defeat by Austro-German forces at the Battle of Caporetto.
The regiment lost 1,000 officers and 28,000 men during the war. The legendary folk singer and Scottish Traveller Jimmy MacBeath served with the regiment during this era.

Heroic Highlander's
Supreme Self-Sacrifice

One of the most conspicuous acts of self-sacrifice in the war was the heroic deed of a private in the Highland regiment. This unnamed soldier proved himself a super-hero. His regiment was advancing under a withering machine-gun fire, and one gun in particular was accounting for many lives. Like a flash the Highlander rushed ahead with a bomb, and actually hurled himself on the muzzle of the German quick-firer. He was riddled with bullets, but his body choked the gun, rendering it useless. This act thoroughly demoralised the German gunners, and saved hundreds of Highlanders from death.

Private of the 1st Gordon Highlanders in campaign kit

Ranks of The Gordon Highlanders


Lieutenant Colonel




Second Lieutenant


Company Serjeant Major

Colour Serjeant



Lance Corporal



1/1st Gordon Highlanders 3rd Company Muster Roll

Officers; (2)

Captain Evans, Lachlan (Lime)
Second Lieutenant Cameron, Alexander (Super)

Aide-de-Camp; (1)

Adjutant Evans, Henry (Saga)

NCO's; (3)

Company Serjeant Major Ewart, Charles (ClownUK)
Serjeant Lanoix, Thomas (Grumpy)
Corporal Lordian, Benjamin (BanjoLord)

Enlisted; (16)

Lance Corporal Barcroft, Robert (Flock)
Private Barrett, Colin (Bobmarley)
Private Benson, Jack (Erection)
Private Blackwell, Lee (Light)
Private Crossley, Michael (Fudsine)
Private Dean, Alex (Pootis)
Private Dobbs, Jeremy (Jakeasaur)
Private Drawers, Chester (Cyberlegend)
Private Flashman, Robert (JuicyMangoes)
Private Fraser, Jeremy (Raymond)
Private Holmes, Mycroft (Luppers)
Private Leslie, Archibald (AlCapwn)
Private Redgrave, Christopher (Cristnogel)
Private White, George (OPEN_FIRE)
Private Wright, Walter (Kosh Nose)
Private Younger, Luke (Luker)

Current number of Recruits in Basic Training: 15
Overall Company Size: 37

For all those interested in joining, the Gordon Highlanders is a side
Iron Europe regiment for the Mount and Blade: Napoelonic Wars regiment;
The 3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot "The Buffs"
That is if you are interested in joining this Iron Europe regiment,
you will need to also be in the 3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot.
The 3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot Thread:
If you are interested in joining the
3rd Buffs (NW) and Gordon Highlanders (IE) then...

Regiments / 3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot - The Buffs
« on: December 15, 2013, 10:58:06 pm »
~About the 3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot~

The 3rd East Kent is a European and North American line infantry regiment. We strive to be one of the most elite, disciplined and well trained regiments in this community. Though of course no matter of your skill level, if you have the initiative to be in the 3rd then we want you! No matter whether you are new to the game or a veteran, the 3rd will provide everyone with an equal great experience that will make every player grow in one way or another. The 3rd is a highly disciplined regiment; we believe discipline is the most important thing to keeping a regiment structured and professional. This is why unacceptable behavior is most likely dealt with suspension or discharge from the regiment. Furthermore, in the 3rd you are rewarded for your actions. Show that you're skilled in melee, and you might be promoted to an honourable rank of Guard. Show that you're a leader and perfect example of discipline, and you might become an NCO. The 3rd is the future.

"Veteri Frondescit Honore"
"Its Ancient Honour Flourishes"

If you are interested in joining a serious, disciplined and skilled regiment, enlist for service with "The Buffs" today! Launch date: December 20th, 2013
* * *

Ensign, British 3rd Foot (The Buffs), 1811


In this year it was augmented to two battalions.


"In the summer of this year (1807) Bonaparte demanded that the ports of Portugal should be shut against British shipping, and other measures were adopted injurious to British commerce, and in violation of existing treaties; and soon afterwards a French army commanded by Marshal Junot, marched into Portugal, with the object, ostensibly of enforcing obedience to Bonaparte's mandate, but, in reality, to seize and imprison the royal family of Portugal, that a division of that kingdom might be made among other persons, to suit the interests of Bonaparte. While negotiations were pending between the courts of France and Portugal relating to the measures against British commerce, the first battalion of the BUFFS embarked at Cork, upwards of a thousand strong, for America; but was afterwards placed, with other troops, under the orders of Brigadier-General Beresford. The fleet did not, however, sail until after the royal family of Portugal, being intimidated by the approach of the French army to Lisbon, had embarked in vessels in the river Tagus and sailed, under the protection of a British naval force, for the Brazils; the expedition then proceeded to the Portuguese island of Madeira, which surrendered and Brigadier-General Beresford assumed the powers of governor; but the former governor was subsequently restored; and the island being committed to the protection of the British troops until the conclusion of a general peace, Brigadier-General Beresford remained in command of the troops; the BUFFS were landed on the island on the 25th of December, and they remained there nearly eight months."

"The BUFFS performed a particularly distinguished part in this daring exploit, and their gallantry has been rewarded with the royal permission to have the word "DOURO" inscribed on their colours."

3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot's King Colours


"The New Expedition" - The first division of the Expedition will sail in the beginning or middle of next week; the flat bottomed boats which have been ordered, to the number of one hundred and twenty, will be completed immediately, and put on board the men of war in the Downs. The transports, on board of which the troops are to be embarked, arrived in the Downs on Saturday morning. None of the regiments have yet embarked, but he embarkation is expected to commence on Maundy at latest. The British troops will probably be embarked first. The 52nd Regiment at present at Canterbury, received orders on Thursday to be in readiness to march at a few hours notice to the coast for embarkation. The second battalion of the 78th, now at Canterbury, was ordered to march to Chichester, to make room for the 20th which was expected from Brabourne Lees; but he march of this battalion has been countermanded, and hence it is supposed that it is desired for foreign service. The infantry of the line in the Canterbury district consists at present of about 16,000 men, the major part of whom are to be embarked. The German Legion is on its march from Bexhill, Battle and Hastings, but none of the battalions we believe, have yet reached the coast. The whole will be embarked by the 28th or 29th. The National Register

November - Orders were on Wednesday last received for the 3d and 4th Dragoons stationed at Canterbury to hold themselves in readiness for immediate embarkation for Spain. Eight troops from each of these regiments are made subject to this order, and they are, as we have before stated to form the first heavy cavalry brigade under the command of Major General Payne. The 3d regiment is expected will commence its march to Portsmouth in the course of the ensuing week.

The Buffs In The Battle Of Albuera : 1811

The Buffs Under Attack In The Pyranees: 1813

1814 -1815

Buffs in Lower Canada....The Buffs lost in the several affairs with the enemy, Captain (Brevet Lieut. Colonel) James Willington, Ensign John Chapman, and two rank and file killed; also Lieutenants Kingsbury, West, Benson, and Home, with one sergeant and thirty-four rank and file wounded. The Battalion remained in Lower Canada during the winter of 1814, and the succeeding spring; in which time a treaty of peace was concluded with the Americans; and part of the forces being withdrawn from Canada, the BUFFS embarked from Quebec on the 4th of June, 1815, for Europe."


In this year the second battalion was disbanded. The early commanders of the regiment before 1665 were Thomas Morgan, Sir John Norris, Robert, Earl of Leicester; Sir Francis Vere:Horace Lord Vere, Baron of Tilbury; Sir John Ogle; Sir Charles Morgan; Henry, Earl of Oxford; Robert, Earl of Oxford; Aubrey, Earl of Oxford; John Cromwell. After that date, perhaps the most noted men were Sir Walter Vane, 1668; Charles Churchill, 1688; John, Duke of Argyll, 1707; but amongst such a distinguished list of names as that of the commanders consists of, it is invidious to pick one out before another."


"A great many of the young officers of the cavalry regiment stationed at Canterbury accompanied her majesty* on horseback, from Canterbury to Sittingbourn."

3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot's Regiment Colours
* * *
~Rank Structure~


Lieutenant Colonel     














Serjeant Major

Colour Serjeant     









Lance Corporal






* * *
~Attached Duties~

Adjutant. [Adj]
This duty, usually held by a CO or NCO,
is given to the man who manages
the regimental muster roll, the regimental
website and all regimental paper work.

Mustering Officer. [M.O]
This duty, usually held by an enlisted
or an NCO of each company
who is responsible for the mustering of troops.
Regimental Drill Instructor[R.D.I]
The Regimental Drill Instructor is the right hand man of
the Regiment and is given
command of basic training of all new recruits,
ensuring they are of the expected standard.
Also he holds the duty to keep the whole regiment in check and keep all NCO's in check.

Recruitment Officer[R.O]
Recruitment Officers are CO's or
NCO's who are verified and certified
to accept recruitment applications
and interview new recruits.

Regimental Melee Instructor[R.M.I]
This appointment is given to a man of the
battalion responsible for teaching all the members
on how to properly melee no matter your level.
The regiment melee instructor is usually the best
melee fighter in the regiment.

Clerk. [Clr]
The men given the role of Clerk is responsible for
the paperwork of his company such as member activity,
rosters and member connection/affairs.
* * *
~Schedule and Code of Conduct~

EU Events and Trainings

All events or trainings begin at 7:00 GMT Sharp.

 Monday Off
 Tuesday  Regimental Training
 Wednesday Off
 Thursday 92nd Event
 Friday 1v1 Linebattle
 Saturday Groupfighting Training
 and 15th Linebattle
 (Starts at 6 GMT)
 Sunday 17e Linebattle
NA Events and Trainings

All events begin at 2 EST Sharp.

 Saturday Groupfighting Training
 and 15th Linebattle
 (Starts at 1 EST)
 Sunday 17e Linebattle
 More NA events shall be added
 once NA side grows larger.

Regimental Code Of Conduct

Members of the 3rd Regiment Of Foot are to adhere to the rules written below. The regiment is forced to remove those that disobey the rules for they might damage the reputation of the whole regiment.

♔To become an active part of the community is what every member should strive for. This includes participating in regiment based activities as well as using the forums and visiting our Teamspeak regularly.

♔All members, save for the 'Reserve', are required to vote on scheduled events in the separate sections on the forum.

♔Wear your 3rd Regiment Of Foot tags at all times while playing our official game, Napoleonic Wars.

♔Speak and act like a gentlemen. One should be ashamed if his words do not match his deeds. This includes treating other regiments with the same respect as a fellow comrade.

♔The most important values of the Buffs are Loyalty, Honesty and Respect; earn your team mates respect by respecting your team mates.

♔Every single one represents the whole regiment. Act accordingly.

♔Do not intentionally damage a team members experience by either hurting or killing him or his mount.

♔You are always accountable for your actions. Encourage your fellow regiment members to be the same and inform an officer if necessary.

♔Show the courage to stand up for what is right and stop unacceptable behaviour.

♔Respect your officers' authority and follow commands given without objections.

♔Do not interrupt your commanding officer but wait till word is given to you.

♔Do not disrupt the chain of command unless under order of a higher ranking officer.

♔Protect the Regimental Colours; if the Ensign is killed, pick up the Colours and carry them on.

♔Switch to 'Spectators' when you go away from keyboard as to not disrupt the gameplay for the rest of the regiment.

If you should break one of the rules mentioned in the above statement, a member of staff or a member with equivalent authority will give you a verbal warning. If your actions continue to conflict with the codes of conduct you will be stripped of your rank and dishonourably discharged from the regiment.
Credits to the 92nd and John Cameron for letting us use the 92nd Code Of Conduct template design
Header made by The Muffin King. Big thanks to him for letting us use it!
I have the honour to be, with respect, Sir, your most obedient humble Servant,

Captain Lachlan Ian Mackenzie Evans

3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot "The Buffs"

* * *

Community / Quick Question!
« on: December 07, 2013, 12:57:39 am »
I have lost and forgotten what website you can find uniforms on! I remember it was a french website! Can someone please put a link down below? Thank you!

Servers / 75th_Naval_Battle [W.I.P]
« on: July 25, 2013, 04:29:37 pm »
W.I.P Work in Progress

Media / I am looking for a video!
« on: May 15, 2013, 04:23:14 am »
There was a video of either a Danish,Norwegian or Swedish guy ordering a guy with a funny accent. I don't know if anyone knows of the video I am taking about but it had pink subtitles. It was basically this guy disciplining this american guy who was confused with formations and movements of the line. If anyone knows of this video please tell me :)

I have done some research and have found nothing... I live in Canada , Ontario if someone can help me out please  :-[

Servers / 75th_Eu_Groupfighting
« on: March 26, 2013, 03:16:54 am »
Work in progress ;)

Media / Please don't kill me! 75th Harlem Shake!!!
« on: March 12, 2013, 09:23:37 pm »
Greatest video ever

Community / Looking for Beautiful Bagpiper painting and pictures!
« on: February 21, 2013, 01:58:43 am »
Bagpiper Pictures Needed!

I was looking for bag piper pictures and I couldn't find any  :-\ If you guys can share some good ones with me !

Regiments / {AZW} isAngqu "White Tails" DISBANDED
« on: January 03, 2013, 05:02:18 am »
Work in progress! This is a Zulu Regiment for the upcoming Anglo-Zulu War Mod ;)


The 51st Regiment was originally raised in 1754 as the 51st (American Provincials) and was disbanded in 1755, to be raised as the 53rd Regiment (Napier's) by the Marquis of Rockingham. In 1757 it was renamed the 51st Regiment (Brudenell's).Raised in the West Riding of Yorkshire, it has had the strongest possible association with that area ever since, becoming the 51st (2nd Yorkshire, West Riding) Regiment in 1782.It was in the Seven Years’ War (1756-63) that, at the Battle of Minden (1759), the Regiment gained its first, and perhaps most well known, battle honour. The victory at Minden is celebrated every year on 1st August when white roses are worn in the headdress, symbolising the roses allegedly plucked by soldiers of the Regiment at Minden.

From 1771 to 1782 the 51st Regiment of Foot was in Minorca and it was there in 1777 that the young Ensign John Moore joined them. After service in Ireland, Gibraltar and Corsica the 51st returned to England for a brief stay before embarking for Spain in 1807.The Regiment distinguished itself at Lugo and Corunna and, in tribute to their former commander General Sir John Moore and recognition of their involvement, the 51st was formed into a Light Infantry Corps in 1809 which was officially confirmed in a letter from Horse Guards on 2nd May 1809:"His Majesty had been pleased to approve of the 51st Regiment being immediately formed into a Light Infantry Corps upon the same plan as the 43rd, 52nd, 68th, 71st and 85th regiments".


The 51st fought with distinction in the great battles of the Peninsula War including Fuentes d’Onor, Salamanca, Vittoria and Badajoz and it was at the storming of Badajoz in 1811 that Ensign Joseph Dyas won instant glory for himself and the Regiment by twice leading the storming party on the San Cristobal Fort.'The Stormers' - refers to the gallantry of the 'forlorn hope' led by Ensign Dyas and originally it was the custom to toast 'Ensign Dyas' throughout the Peninsula Army, but in later years the practice has been restricted to the KOYLI to toast 'Ensign Dyas and the Stormers' in silence.In 1815 the Regiment was in Portsmouth and sailed to join the allied army near Brussels. The Commanding Officer, Colonel Mitchell, was appointed to command the 4th Brigade in which the 51st was destined to fight at the Battle of Waterloo.The 51st was on the extreme right of the line and was engaged early in the battle when the French attacked Hougoumont Farm. The 51st were being responsible for preventing 100 French cuirassiers from escaping the field along the Nivelles Road.The 51st returned to England in January 1816 for a period of 5 years home service and in 1821 became the 51st (2nd Yorkshire West Riding) or "The King's Own" Light Infantry.

The 51st was formed in 1755 for service during the Seven Years' War. Originally numbered the 53rd, Napiers, Regiment of Foot, and bearing the name of its colonel, Robert Napier, it was re-numbered in 1757, with the name of its new colonel, as 51st Brudenells Regiment. In 1759 they saw action at the battle of Minden, which later became their first battle honour. Following the war, the 51st had garrison duty in Ireland and Minorca, acquiring their county association in 1783 as the 51st (2nd Yorkshire West Riding) Regiment.
The regiment was at Gibraltar at the start of the French Revolutionary Wars and in 1795 they were in Corsica at the siege of Calvi.
In 1803-05 it took part in the Kandyan Wars in Sri Lanka.
In 1808 the 51st became a Light Infantry regiment and took part in Peninsular War, where they fought in every major action. Following Napoleon's escape from Elba in 1815, they fought in the Battle of Waterloo.
In 1881, as part of the Childers Reforms, the 51st was amalgamated with the 105th Regiment of Foot (Madras Light Infantry) to form the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.
The motto of the regiment was 'Cede Nullis' (Yield to None),and the regimental marches were 'Jockey to the Fair' (traditional,quick) and 'The Keel Row' (Traditional,Slow). The uniform was a dark green jacket and blue trousers with white piping and blue facings,and the nickname assoiciated with The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry was "The Koylis'. Imperial regiments affilated to The King's Own Yorkshire  Light Infantry were the Saskatoon Light Infantry (Canada) and the 51st Battalion , Australian Infantry.

51st Recruitment Application ;)
In-game name:
Previous Regimental Experience:
Melee skill 1-10:
Shooting skill 1-10:
Do you have TS3?:
How active will you be on a scale of 1-10?:
Can you attend all events?:
Steam Porfile link:

Commissioned Officers

Col - Colonel
LtCol - Lieutenant Colonel
Maj - Major
Capt - Captain
Lt - Lieutenant
Ens - Ensign

Non-Commissioned Officers

RSM -  Regimental Serjeant Major
CSjt - Colour Serjeant 
Sjt - Serjeant
Cpl - Corporal

Rankers or Enlisted

LCpl - Lance Corporal
Gdm - Guardsman
Mus - Musician
Rgl - Regular
Pte - Private
Rec - Recruit

Battalion Staff/Senior Officers
Lieutenant Colonel:


Centre Company/Line Infantry

Comissioned Officers



Non-Commissioned Officers

Regimental Serjeant Majors:

Colour Serjeants:


Lance Corporals:





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