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Media / 84th (York and Lancaster) Brigade Media
« on: November 09, 2015, 03:17:06 pm »

Hello everyone, welcome to the 84th (York and Lancaster) Brigade video thread.

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Event Playlist:

Dismissals & More Playlist:

Recent Video:

Regiments / 84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment of Foot [Recruiting][EU/NA]
« on: November 08, 2015, 10:07:59 pm »

The 84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment of Foot was a regiment in the British Army. In 1881 it was amalgamated with the 65th Regiment of Foot to create the York and Lancaster Regiment, with the 84th becoming the 2nd Battalion.

The regiment was raised at York on 2 November 1793 by Lt.Col. George Bernard, and was the third regiment to be ranked as the 84th Regiment of Foot. A short-lived 2nd Battalion was raised in March 1794. In September 1794, the 1st Battalion 84th Foot was sent to join the Duke of York's army in the unsuccessful defence of the Netherlands against the Republican French. Returning to Britain in the spring of 1795, both battalions of the 84th were posted to the Cape of Good Hope in 1795 where they were amalgamated. From South Africa, the regiment was sent to India in 1798.

In 1808, a further 2nd Battalion was raised and in 1809 took part in the disastrous Walcheren Campaign. The battalion then served in the Peninsular War from 1812 to 1814 during which the regiment gained its first medals. The Army Gold Medals were awarded to Lt.Col.R.Lloyd and Maj.J.Tonson. The 2nd Bn, 84th Foot fought its first action of the war in late 1813 at the Battle of Bidassoa (or Vera). They then went on to fight at Nivelle in November and Bayonne (or Nive) in December where Wellington’s force, despite being outnumbered by Marshal Soult's army, defeated Soult. The 2nd Battalion returned to Britain where it was absorbed by the 1st Battalion in 1819.

By 1807, the 1st Battalion in India was stationed in Bombay and in 1809 the regiment was given the secondary title of York and Lancaster (the 1st Battalion was raised in Yorkshire and the 2nd Battalion was raised in Lancashire which would remain the regimental name when the 84th merged with the 65th Regiment of Foot in 1881. In 1810 the 1st Bn, 84th Foot was sent to the French held island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean where they participated in the capture of the island. It was also the first time the 65th Foot and the 84th Foot were to come into contact with each other.

After this the battalion served in Bangalore for the next four years. From there they were involved in the recapturing of Kurnool in 1815 and against the Mahratta princes in the last stages of the Pindari Campaign or 3rd Mahratta War . The 84th Foot was returned toEngland in 1819 for seven years home service where it absorbed its 2nd Battalion. In 1820 apparently a detachment travelled on HMS Coromandel as escorts for convicts bound for Van Diemen's Land and New South Wales.

In 1827 the 84th Foot was sent to Jamaica where it helped quell the slave riots there. The regiment remained in the West Indies until 1839.

The regiment travelled around the various garrisons of the British Empire for the next few years, mainly in India and Burma. It was not until 1857 that it would see action again in the Sepoy Rebellion in India. The 84th Foot had been in Burma when the rebellion of 1857-1858 broke out. The 84th Regiment were moved from Rangoon to India and detachments scattered throughout the various forts that were soon besieged and the Regiment received great acclaim for their actions during this period. General Outram wrote of the 84th:

A private letter is hardly a proper medium for giving expression to the strong feelings I bear to the glorious old 84th, but the feelings I do bear it are very strong, and every officer, non-commissioned officer and private of the Corps is and ever shall be, my comrade and my friend!

The 84th Regiment is the only regiment ever to receive a salute from the battery at Fort William, Calcutta when they left India in 1859. The regiment was involved in the Relief of Lucknow and a detachment was in the Siege of Cawnpore while most of the regiment was part of the relief force sent to Cawnpore. After Cawnpore and Lucknow were recaptured the 84th Regiment was involved in the large scale protection of the country side under a Brigadier Douglas who, whilst surrounded wrote:

I did not think of the smallness of my force opposed to three separate bodies, each doubling it, when I remembered it was the 84th I had with me!

Commanding Officers (COs)
Col Smollett
LtCol DeathNine
Maj Mebphis
Ens Penis Paladin

Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
SjtMaj Thomaser
QMS Edward Hay
CSjt William Jones (IEC)
Sjt Sakonen
Cpl Bloody
Cpl Napololon
Cpl Sandman

LCpl Laughing
Kgm Assmaggot
Kgm PepsiWonder
Kgm Ztree
Rgl Daviduvel
Rgl Enzym
Rgl George
Rgl Kamishirov
Rgl Yavanna
Pte Dankbourgh
Pte Duke Of Wellington
Pte Eey_Tuupe
Pte Hackerman
Pte James Andrew
Pte Klaxin
Pte Klingz
Pte Kronos
Pte Samboucaa
Pte Sander
Pte Soopy
Pte ValleyPikey
Rec Aereus
Rec Alex
Rec CaptianBlack
Rec Comrade_Bogdan
Rec Dawos
Rec Devan Marshall (N30-X)
Rec Frittentime
Rec Gannicus
Rec GrimReaper
Rec Jan
Rec Jared
Rec MadeOfLife
Rec Marksman
Rec Myles
Rec Salad (Tomshark8)
Rec Scout
Rec Swag
Rec TheWarlord

Commanding Officers (COs)
Col Irish
Maj Hesse
Cpt Haz

Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
Cpl Caveman Hannibal
Cpl Faulitygaia
Cpl Lucious
Cpl Patriot

Gren Cake
Gren Jesus
Kgm BladeHawkX
Kgm Colby
Kgm Nuke Nick
Kgm Totenkopf
Kgm Zweidax
Rgl Appleblue
Rgl DireWolfe
Rgl Duplicity
Rgl LordZell
Rgl Sharpe
Rgl Sir Steven
Rgl TheKawaiiPanda
Pte Elwyn
Pte Gummy_Bear_Labs
Pte Fantem
Pte FearBaron
Pte Hartman (lordofwar)
Pte JarJar
Pte Squiders

Rec Arthur Wellesly
Rec BlissfulOktober
Rec Cannon
Rec Copycat
Rec CometGamer
Rec DangerRanger
Rec DrDobby
Rec Doomsday
Rec Grey
Rec Homie
Rec INoscopedJFK
Rec Intel Inside
Rec J Orr
Rec Justin
Rec Knik
Rec Knives
Rec KT_Flippo
Rec Lawrence
Rec Logan
Rec Lordmiles
Rec Mackenzie
Rec Myles
Rec Myrup
Rec NooQid
Rec Palladius
Rec Personality
Rec RazuWolf
Rec RG08
Rec TravisCsa
Rec Trey
Rec Warrotter
Rec 1234gothem
Rec Zach
Rec ZombieSniper900

Res Arhen07
Res Bind
Res Malachi

Tags: 84th_Rank_Name

For example, 84th_Rec_John_Smith

Banner: 3rd page, 3rd row down and in the centre

Monday: Boot Camp

Tuesday: 15thYR Linebattle

Wednesday: Off Day/1v1/Groupfighting

Thursday: Regimental Training

Friday: Off Day/1v1/Groupfighting

Saturday: Off Day/1v1/Groupfighting

Sunday: 25th Linebattle & Weekly Dismissal

All regular events starts at 6:30pm GMT and ends around 8:00pm. 1v1 events and Groupfighting can be on other times.

Monday: 22BI Linebattle

Tuesday: 101e Linebattle

Wednesday: Off Day

Thursday: Off Day

Friday: 84th Linebattle

Saturday: RL Campaign & Weekly Dismissal

Sunday: 63e Event

All regular events starts at 7:00pm EST and ends around 9:00pm. 1v1 events and Groupfighting can be on other times.

Colonel - Col
Lieutenant Colonel - LtCol
Major - Maj
Captain - Cpt
1st Lieutenant - 1stLt
Ensign - Ens

Serjeant Major - Sjt Maj
Quarter Master Serjeant - QMS
Colour Serjeant - CSjt
Serjeant - Sjt
Corporal - Cpl

Lance Corporal - LCpl
Grenadier - Gren
Regular - Rgl
Private - Pte
Recruit - Rec


Steam Contacts:

Colonel Smollett
Lieutenant Colonel DeathNine

Colonel Irish
Maj Hesse

Both (EU/NA):
Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Grey (Bjarzii)
Quarter Master Serjeant Edward

Steam Group:






Battery Commander
1stLt Telarox

Bdr Psycho

Kgm Limith
Rgl Cameron
Pte William Allen

Rgl Ludde
Pte mg400267

Battery Commander
LtCol Samuel Grey (Bjarzii)

QMS Ramsey
CSjt Crushita

Cpl Artyom

Rgl Hellraiser
Rgl Templar

Cpt Haz

Guard's / Reserve's:
Pte Voodoo

North & South: First Manassas / IEC's / 1stMI Videos [UA]
« on: March 23, 2015, 12:23:43 pm »

Hello everyone, welcome to the 1st Michigan Volunteer Cavalry video thread.

YouTube Channel:

Forum Thread:


Latest Video:

Union / 1st Michigan Volunteer Cavalry [Disbanded]
« on: March 06, 2015, 11:28:19 am »

The 1st Michigan was organized at Detroit and mustered into the U.S. service Sept. 13, 1861, with an enrollment of
1,144 officers and men. It left the state Sept. 9 for Washington, D. C, and went into camp at Frederick, Md.,
where it remained several months.

It comprised a part of Gen. Banks' forces, which in Feb., 1862, moved to Harper's Ferry and later entered the
Shenandoah Valley, advancing as far as Winchester, pushing the Confederates before them. The regiment
distinguished itself in many skirmishes while advancing up the valley and companies and detachments made a number
of brilliant charges which attracted the attention of Gen. Banks and received from him complimentary mention in

The regiment remained at Williamsport until June 12, when it took part in Gen. Pope's Virginia campaign. It was in
Gen. Banks' command when he fought the battle of Cedar mountain, was engaged at Manassas, suffering severely in
that battle, and during the early months of 1863 it had several skirmishes with the enemy, losing a number in
killed and wounded.

It was then assigned to the famous Michigan cavalry brigade, consisting of the 1st, 5th, 6th and 7th regiments,
and served with the brigade until the close of the war. The Michigan Brigade fought in every major campaign of the
Army of the Potomac from the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863 to the Confederate surrender at Appomattox Court
House in April 1865.

Col - Colonel
Maj - Major
Cpt - Captain
Lt - Lieutenant, 1st and 2nd (1Lt, 2Lt)

SgtMaj - Sergeant Major
1stSgt- 1st Sergeant
Sgt - Sergeant
Cpl - Corporal

Pfc - Private First Class
Rgl - Regular
Pvt - Private
Rct - Recruit

Commanding Officers (COs)
Maj William Jones (IEC)
Cpt Ichabod Crane (Judge)
1Lt Bart Doyle (BD)

Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
Cpl Edward Nowell (Edward)
Cpl PepsiWonder
Pfc Sean O’Keffe (Centurion)

Pvt Abe Abraham (Psycho)
Pvt Barrack O’Pringle (Pringle)
Pvt Cameron (The.Goodies)
Pvt George Custer (Shabazzled)
Pvt Irish
Pvt Limith
Pvt Mason Harrison (Menon)
Pvt Rashed Ramdan (Tom)
Pvt Thebandit
Pvt Thomas Longtree (FrisDrim)
Pvt Yoshi

Tags: 1stMI_Rank_Name

For example, 1stMI_Rct_James_Phillips

Banner: 3rd page, 1st top row and 2nd on the left

Friday: Trainings / NaS Linebattle (Maybe)

Saturday: 9:00 - 10pm: NaS Linebattle


Steam Contacts:

Major William Jones (IEC)
Cpt Ichabod Crane (Judge)
1Lt Bart Doyle (BD)

Steam Group:





Media / 78th Ross Shire Highlanders
« on: July 22, 2014, 12:17:34 pm »

Hello everyone, welcome to the 78th 'Ross Shire' Highlanders video thread.

YouTube Channel:

Forum Thread:

78th Website:

Playlist (New):

Promotions, Dismissals, Medals, Special & Fun Events etc Playlist (New):

Playlists (Old):

Promotions, Executions and Fun Events etc:

Latest Videos:


Media / 17e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne Videos
« on: December 23, 2013, 08:26:58 pm »

Hello everyone, welcome to the 17e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne video thread.

17e are Disbanded

YouTube Channel:

Forum Thread:


NWL Playlist:

Final Match NWL:

Media / 91st Argyllshire Highlanders & Invite Videos
« on: February 04, 2013, 07:03:16 pm »

Hello everyone, welcome to the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders video thread. I will be posting invite videos from other regiments on here as well.

YouTube Channel


NWL Playlist:

Fun Events & Promotions:

Final Match:

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