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The Mess Hall / If you were an outlaw, what would be your name?
« on: August 29, 2015, 03:27:17 am »
As the title says, what would your outlaw name be.

Just make one (or more) up and post it :)

They can be as weird as you want.

My two are Tom Tom James and Jojo Mobojo (It just came to me)

The Mess Hall / Are you NA, EU or AU?
« on: April 12, 2015, 05:54:32 pm »
Simple, just vote which you come from. Just wanna see if there are more from one place than another :)

Off Topic / Crufts 2015, sad tragedy
« on: March 11, 2015, 12:21:25 am »
I'm sure people in the UK may know about Jagger, a dog that had his food poisoned during the Crufts competition. I just wanna say, that whoever that f**king bitch-ass drugged up psycho that did it, will be punished for what he's done.. Because a dog is part of a family, and it seems this murderers intention was to poison as many dogs as possible, and for what? Think about the families of the dogs. Six other dogs were poisoned too, but, thankfully, survived. Being a dog lover myself, this really hurts me, emotionally.

Let me know your thoughts.

R.I.P Jagger

Regiments / [EU/NA] Indiana Rangers
« on: March 09, 2015, 10:50:48 am »
Information to be added.

Major Carter

Released Modifications / Baktech's Minor-Modifications Area:
« on: November 14, 2014, 07:23:21 pm »
Hello, I'm BSM 'Shut Up'Williams, AKA Baktech. I will be making skins and other mini modifications by request of inspiration or out of utter boredom, so feel free to send me private messages for skins or likewise provide me with reources to get the best out of your skin request.


My previous work:

Mount and Musket Running Animation,

Visla Light Infantry Skin OLD,

Sailor Tunics,

44th East Essex OLD,

Musket Animation Holding, affects first person too,

My latest work:

British Grenadier 3rd Foot Guards Scot's Fusiliers,


Hanoverian Feld-Bataillon,



95th sergeant and sapper fixed sergeant stripes. No more stretched chevrons!


Suggestions & Bug Reports / Can't change character names
« on: November 08, 2014, 05:04:36 pm »
This happened recently.

I changed my character's name in-game, and when I exit and come back into the game it goes back to what it was before or it doesn't delete when I want it to.

Anyone have any ideas?


War of 1812 / Congratulations! Show your appreciation!
« on: October 14, 2014, 09:59:15 pm »
As said in the title, congratulations!

Show your appreciation!

Regiments / Dąbrowski Battalion of the International Brigades
« on: September 19, 2014, 08:25:49 pm »

Dąbrowski Battalion of the International Brigades


About 5,000 Poles fought in that unit. The Brigade was named after the 19th century Polish general Jarosław Dąbrowski. The unit was formed as Dąbrowski's battalion in October 1936; in June 1937 it was reorganised into the 150th Brigade, which in addition to two Polish battalions (Dąbrowski's and Palefox's) included also a Hungarian (Rakosy's) and a Belgian-French (Marty's) one. In August it was renamed again to the 13th Dąbrowski's International Brigade. The brigade was demobilized in 1938 but volunteered back to service in 1939. On 9 January it crossed the French border and was finally dissolved; most of its soldiers were interned.

Most of Dąbrowszczacy were Polish communists. For their communist orientation they were condemned by the Second Polish Republic, which cancelled the citizenship of many of them (in spite of the fact, that Poland was second biggest arms supplier to the Republic, just after USSR). On the other hand, they were portrayed as heroes in the People's Republic of Poland; many of them served in the Berling Army, Armia Ludowa and Gwardia Ludowa during the Second World War.

This battalion was originally part of XI Brigada Movil ("11th Mobile Brigade") which was formed 14–17 October 1936. The volunteers were grouped by language into four battalions to make communication easier. On 22 October 1936, the IX Brigada Movil was renamed the XI International Brigade (also known as the 13th Hans Beimler Brigade), with General "Kléber" (Manfred Stern) commanding. The four component battalions were renamed as follows:

1st Bn Franco-Belge became Commune de Paris Battalion.
2nd Bn Austro-German became Edgar André Battalion
3rd Bn Italo-Espanol became Garibaldi Battalion
4th Bn Polish-Balkan became Jaroslaw Dabrowski Battalion, commanded by Major Tadeusz Oppman.
An entirely Spanish volunteer unit - the Asturias-Heredia Battalion - was added after the Battle of Madrid to bring the brigade up to strength.

Battle History:

Siege of Madrid

By early November, the Siege of Madrid was underway and the need for men was great. The 600-man strong Dabrowski Battalion, along with the rest of XI International Brigade were the first units of the International Brigades to go into action.

 The first intervention of the International Brigades, in the siege of Madrid on 8 November 1936, would become legendary. The first Brigade to arrive was the XI with 1,700 men, mainly Germans, French, Belgians and Poles, followed by the XII four days later with another 1,550. The CNT press in the capital reported their arrival in the early hours of the morning 'in silent and damp streets: Marching firmly, their footsteps echoing on the cobblestones... singing revolutionary songs in French, German, Italian... The people ran out to cheer them,' convinced these strangely uniformed men had been sent by Russia and 'if their powerful ally Russia...intervened on their side anything was possible...the cry rang out from many a balcony--Long live the Russians !' After two days of combat half the XI were dead.

The Dabrowski Battalion was in the thick of the action - at University City and Casa de Campo - losing two thirds of its men. It was subsequently reinforced by new volunteers arriving from Albacete and by Spanish volunteers, and regorganised into three Polish/Balkan companies and one Spanish company.

Battle of Jarama

The Dabrowski Battalion, as part of the XII brigade, was sent to Jarama, a few kilometres from Madrid, to block a Nationalist attack. The Nationalist aim was to take the main Madrid to Valencia highway and thus cut Madrid off from Andalusia, where the Republican government was based. The fighting was ferocious with all five International Brigades engaged along a continuous front.

At Jarama, the battalion was commanded by Józef Strzelczyk. During the course of the battle, the Battalion lost a third of their effectives. (6–27 February 1937)

The Dabrowski Battalion served in several brigades. As its numbers were reduced by casualties, it absorbed various other reduced international battalions, supplemented by Spanish conscript companies, but it never again reached full strength. It was demobilised in September 1938.

Date Joined:    Date Left:        Brigade:                                                                       Comment:
26 Oct 1936    28 Nov 1936    XI International Brigade      11th Hans Beimler Brigade
28 Nov 1936   30 Apr 1937     XII International Brigade     12th Garibaldi Brigade
1 May 1937     4 Aug 1937      150th International Brigade
1 May 1937     23 Sep 1938    XIII International Brigade    13th Dabrowski Brigade             Dissolved

Ranks and Roster:

To be added.

Red and Blue 1936 / Congratulations on the board!
« on: September 11, 2014, 08:07:45 pm »

Historical Discussion / Your Favorite March Song
« on: June 15, 2014, 09:41:41 am »
Post your favorite marching songs!

Le Boudin

Regiments / Hallera Błękitna Armia
« on: February 15, 2014, 09:41:58 am »

Hallera Błękitna Armia

The founder:
General Józef Haller de Hallenburg

Józef Haller de Hallenburg (August 13, 1873 – June 4, 1960) was a Lieutenant General of the Polish Army, legionary in Polish Legions, harcmistrz (the highest Scouting instructor rank in Poland), the President of The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP), political and social activist, Stanisław Haller de Hallenburg's cousin.
Haller was born in Jurczyce. He studied at Vienna's Technical Military Academy and subsequently (1895–1906) served with the Austrian Army, resigning after reaching the rank of captain. He supported the paramilitary pro-independence Polish organization Sokół. In 1916, during the First World War, he became commander of the Second Brigade of the Polish Legion, in particular the units which fought against Russia on the Eastern Front.
In 1918, in the aftermath of the "Charge at Rarańcza", as commander of the 2nd Polish Auxiliary Corps with the Austrian Army, Haller broke through the Austro-Russian front line to Ukraine, where he united his troops with Polish detachments which had left the Tsarist army. He protested the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and continued to fight the Russians with his II Brigade of the Polish Legions (later, the 4th and 5th Rifle Divisions of the Polish II Corps). Under the pressure of the Germans, who after the Peace of Brest-Litovsk regarded the presence of Polish troops in Ukraine as illegal, and a fierce battle between Poles and Germans at Kaniów (May 10, 1918, 2500 casualties) his corps was interned, while the Brigadier himself managed to escape to Moscow. Subsequently, by the way of Murmansk, he arrived in France in July 1918, where on behalf of the Polish National Committee he created what was known as the Blue Army (from the color of its French uniforms, also known as Haller's Army). For the next few months his army, allied to the Entente, would fight against Germany. In 1919, at the new army's head, he arrived in Poland and was dispatched to the Ukrainian front. In 1920 Haller seized Pomerania and entered Danzig (Gdańsk) in the name of Poland, and during the Polish-Soviet War he commanded an army of volunteers. He was also Inspector General of the Army and a member of the War Council.
In 1920-1927 Haller was a deputy to the Sejm. After the election of Gabriel Narutowicz as President of the Republic in December 1922, Haller fell into disfavor.[1] After the 1926 May Coup, he was ordered into retirement. He co-organized an opposition party, the "Front Morges." At the time of the Invasion of Poland (1939), Haller was living abroad. In 1940-1943 he served as Minister of Education in Władysław Sikorski's government. After 1945 he settled down in London and did not participate in any émigré Polish political activities.

When the Great War broke out it was a sign to mobilize Polish patriotic paramilitary organizations. On 27 August 1914 Józef Piłsudski issued an order in which he declared formation of the Polish Legions. On the strength of the order the Eastern Legion was formed in Lviv under the command of the General Adam Pietraszkiewicz. Haller was one of the founders of this formation which is a combination of Falcon's Drużyny Polowe (Fields Brigades), Drużyny Bartoszowe (Bartosz Brigades) and the Polskie Drużyny Strzeleckie (Polish Rifle Squads). At that time Austrian failures in Galicia led to occupation of Lviv and the whole territory of the eastern Galicia by the Russian army. The Legion had to withdraw into the surroundings of Mszana Dolna. Although the unit had been completely formed it did not participate in the battle. Due to a collapse of morale among soldiers and resistance against swearing loyalty to the Austrian emperor, the legion was disbanded.

In July 1918, after a long journey through Karelia and Murmansk, General Haller arrived in France. On 4 October 1918 he was designated to be in charge of the forming Polish Army. Those units were organised by volunteers. They consisted of Polish men who firstly served in the French army, former POWs of Austrian-Hungarian and German armies (nearly 35000) and Polish emigrants from the United States and Canada (about 23000 people) and Brazil (300 people). Political surveillance over the army was initially a domain of Polish National Committee. But according to an agreement of 28 September 1918, the Blue Army was recognised by the Triple Entente member countries and the independent Polish army.
In 1918 Polish troops commanded by Joseph Haller struggled with German soldiers on the western front line in the Vosges mountain region and Champagne.

The Blue Army:

The end of war did not interrupt the enlargement of the Polish army in France, also known as the Blue Army due to their uniforms. The number of soldiers was eventually over 100,000. Due to weapons supplied from France, the Polish Army finally became a significant military force. Beginning in April 1919, men and equipment were conveyed to Poland. Modern arms of the Blue Army, especially airplanes and Renault FT-17 tanks enhanced the Polish Armed Forces yet to be founded. General Haller arrived in Warsaw on 21 April 1919, where he was welcomed as a national hero. He was granted honorary citizenship of Warsaw.


Szeregowy [Szer] (Private) -

Starszy Szeregowy [St-Szer] (Private 1st Class) -

Kapral [Kpr] (Lance Corporal) -

Starszy Kapral [St-Kpr] (Corporal) -

Plutonowy [Plut] (Master Corporal) -

Sierżant [Sierż] (Sergeant) -

Starszy Sierżant [St-Sierż] (Staff Sergeant) -

Młodszy Chorąży [Mł-Chor] (Junior Warrant Officer) -

Chorąży [Chor] (Warrant Officer)

Starszy chorąży [St-Chor] (Senior Warrant Officer) -

Starszy Chorąży Sztabowy [St-Chor-Szt] (Senior Staff Warrant Officer) - Erik an mac tíre eagla na Aengus | James Ewwel brown stuart                                  (HBAPL_St-Chor-Szt_Aengus) (HBAPL_St-Chor-Szt_James)

Podporucznik [Ppor] (Second Lieutenant) - weaverwarrior12 (HBAPL_HCS_Ppor_weaverwarrior12)

Porucznik [Por] (First Lieutenant) - Kevin (HBAPL_HCS_Por_Kevin)

Kapitan [Kpt] (Captain) - BSM 'Shut Up' Williams (HBAPL_HCS_Kpt_Kowalski)

Major [Mjr] (Major) -

Podpułkownik [Ppłk] (Lieutenant Colonel) -

Pułkownik [Płk] (Colonel) -

Generał Brygady [Gen-Bryg] (Brigadier General) -

Recruitment Form
[b]In Game Name:[/b]
[b]Steam Name:[/b]
[b]Past Experience:[/b]
[b]Why would you like to join:[/b]

In Development / [NW][M]War of the French Intervention
« on: January 21, 2014, 08:46:03 pm »

Hello, I'm BSM 'Shut Up' Williams, also known as baktech, I am creating a mod about the French Campaign of Mexico on 8 December 1861 – 21 June 1867.

Development Notes

Musicians will be taken away from the regiment "Choose your Rank" section to be put into the "Music Detachment" class and replaced with ranks such as the main ones like Corporal, Sergeant then Junior Officer and Senior Officer. This will allow regiments to identify their men's ranks much easier instead of having to go up to them to read their tags.


Kepi Blanc


1er Régiment Étranger Légion










Junior Officer:


Senior Officer:


French Unit List
1er Régiment Étranger Légion
62e régiments d'infanterie de ligne
99e régiments d'infanterie de ligne
Imperial Volontaires Autrichiens
2e bataillon d'infanterie légère d'Afrique
3e zouaves
Chasseurs D'Afrique
12e régiment de chasseurs à cheval
11e régiment d'artillerie
Music Detatchment
2e régiment de génie
Lieutenant Colonel
Général de Brigade

Mexican Unit List



Willhelm - For letting me use Blood and Iron's uniforms etc.

Regiments / 1. Brygada Księstwa Warszawskiego [EU/NA Recruiting]
« on: December 29, 2013, 10:25:10 pm »
1. Brygada Księstwa Warszawskiego


High Command Staff:




Brigadier General - Szkoda [Me]
Colonel - weaverwarrior12
Adjutant - MrScotland

Central Company:


Peterov a'ka Zaremba

1st Lieutenant -
2nd Lieutenant -
Staff Sergeant -
Sergeant -
Lance Sergeant -
Corporal -
Private 1st Class -
Private -

Cavalry Squadron:



1st Lieutenant -
2nd Lieutenant -
Aspirant - Asp
Staff Sergeant -
Sergeant of Horse -
Cornet - 
Brygadier -
Lancer -    Dragoon -

Artillery Battery:


Kapitan -
1st Lieutenant - 
2nd Lieutenant -
Staff Sergeant -
Artillery Sergeant -
Sergeant -
Bombardier -
Kannoneer -



Name: 1. Brygada Księstwa Warszawskiego
Regiment Tag: 1BKW_Detachment_Rank_Name
TeamSpeak 3:
Forum: None
Recrutation: OPEN
Server: None



Colonel - Płk [Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery]
Lt.Colonel - PPłk [Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery]
Major - Mjr [Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery]
Adjutant - Adj [Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery]
Captain - Kpt [Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery]   |   Captain of Horse - Rtm [Cavalry]
1st Lieutenant - Por [Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery]
2nd Lieutenant - PPor [Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery]
Aspirant - Asp [Cavalry]


Staff Sergeant - St-Sierż [Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery]
Artillery Sergeant - Ognm [Artillery]
Sergeant - Sierż [Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery]   |   Sergeant of Horse - Wachm [Cavalry]
Cornet - Cor [Cavalry]
Lance Sergeant - Plut [Infantry]
Corporal - St-Kpr [Infantry]
Brygadier - Bryg [Cavalry]
Bombardier - Bdr [Artillery]


Lance Corporal - Kpr [Infantry]
Private 1st Class - St-Szer [Infantry]
Private - Szer [Infantry]
Lancer - Ul [Cavalry]   |   Dragoon - Drag[Cavalry]
Kannoneer - Kan [Artillery]

Foreign Battalion of 1BKW

This is our Foreign Battalion for now we have only 2 men in this battalion but we want to make it bigger. So if anyone want to join us write to me on steam.

Squad of Foreign Battalion:
Commander: NEED ONE

Our Battles
25th October
This day we fought in training battle with 85e against 84e.
Score of Battle has no matter :D but we have won :P We were larger in numbers by 15 men but 84e was outstanding :D 85e was only standing for the most of time and 1BKW was fighting in the first line with good resoults I think :D
Of Course Thanks for Battle to 84e and 85e

Regiments / Her Majesty's National Brigade (Accepting Regiments)
« on: December 28, 2013, 09:27:38 pm »

Her Majesty's National Brigade


Hello Officers of Her Majesty's Army, this is a Brigade I have created to bring all the British regiments together to form a perfect army for Her Majesty's reign as Queen of the British Empire.

High Command Staff:

Brigadier General - Solomons

Adjutant - Fitz

Regiments Involved:

Regiment Application:

[b]Regiment Name:[/b]
[b]Regiment Thread:[/b]
[b]Regiment Leader:[/b]

Add [HMB Brig-Gen] Solomons on steam.

Modifications / Have a problem with modding? Ask here!
« on: December 09, 2013, 08:39:05 pm »
I have created this thread because, I'm sure like many people, I am annoyed to see all these threads asking questions about help with modding when I'm browsing the forums and seeing Released Modifications

FSE Administrators delete this if you think it's not needed.

So ask your questions here and hopefully an experienced modder will help you as much as possible.

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