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Other Games / Hearts of Iron IV Community
« on: July 21, 2017, 04:05:14 am »

Hearts of Iron IV Coordinator

I've started a community of people who play Hearts of Iron IV, we have a steam group that is invite only, but allows anyone to make posts to coordinate games. I figured some people on here might be interested in some multiplayer HOI4 action. We also have a Discord for events that I personally coordinate, or if you want to hop on with some random players who are online.

The group itself is:
We have a game starting on the 24th that you can see here:

If you have HOI4 and you want an invite to the group add me on steam and i'll send it your way. To join next weeks game, apply in the group discussions.

Saga -

EU Players add Piktons for timezone convenience.
Piktons -

I know the thread looks like shit, I haven't done this since 2014  :(

Media / ThePalsCrew [Saga's] Mount and Blade Videos
« on: March 10, 2014, 09:30:12 pm »
Welcome to my thread on videos I record with the 3rd or Mount and Blade in general. [Text WIP]

Napoleonic Wars

If you would like to join the 3rd watch our best recruitment video!



Regiments / Sir Thomas Burke's: 98th Regiment of Foot [Recruiting NA/EU]
« on: November 12, 2012, 01:30:28 am »

History of the "Fighting 98th."

      The Fighting 98th was first conceived in Chichester, Great Britain in 1761. It then disbanded in 1763. It was was reformed once again in Chichester, Great Britain in 1780, and fought in the American War of Independence and after was once again disbanded in 1789 for the second time. In 1794, the regiment was reformed in Shropshire, Scotland and became known as the Fighting 98th Argyllshire Regiment of Foot. However, as leadership of the regiment waned, it ultimately disbanded for the third time in 1799. In 1803, a Sir Thomas Burke reformed the regiment with over 400 Scots and Englishmen and became the Fighting 98th once again. However, in 1804 the regiment was assigned a new numerical designation. It became the 99th Regiment of Light Foot (Prince of Wales's Tipperary Regiment). The 98th, now called the 99th, served from 1804 to 1816 where it was once again disbanded two years later in 1818. It reformed in 1824 as the 97th Regiment of Foot with the numerical designation it had used previously. The regiment served as the 97th until 1876 where it was renamed back to it's former name, the 98th Prince of Wales's Regiment of Foot. In 1881, the regiment merged with the 64th Regiment of and became the 2nd Battallion, North Staffordshire Regiment of Foot. It served as such until 2007 where it amalgamated with the 22nd Cheshire Regiment and the Worchester/Sherwood Foresters Regiment to form the the 3rd Staffordshire Battallion, Mercian Regiment. It serves as such to this day.

The 98th is recorded as being the most reformed regiment in British History.

Ranks of the 98th

Senior Commissioned Officers

Colonel - Col.

Lieutenant Colonel - LtCol.

Major - Maj.
Junior Commissioned Officers
Captain - Capt.

Lieutenant - Lt.

Ensign - Ens.

Officer Cadet - OCdt.
Non-Commissioned Officers
Regimental Sergeant Major - RSM.

Company Serjeant Major - CSM.

Colour Serjeant - CSjt.

Serjeant - Sjt.

Corporal - Cpl.

Lance Corporal - LCpl.

Guard- Grd.

Regular- Rgl.

Private - Pte.

Recruit - Rec.

Roster of the 98th

All newcomers will start as a Recruit, this way everyone has the possibility to achieve promotions. Recruits are not put on the roster.

Senior Commissioned Officers

Colonel - Saga [NA]
Junior Commissioned Officers

Ensign Kraus [NA]
Officer Cadet Dave [NA]
Non-Commissioned Officers

Serjeant NikolaiS [NA]

Corporal - Mark [NA]

Regular - Worldrular [NA]
Regular - Us3rNaMe15 [NA]
Regular - Dorkweed [NA]

Private - Dorkweed [NA]
Private - Ripa [NA]
Private - EveryShotCounts [NA]
Private - Jack [NA]
Private - Baron [NA]
Private - Marko [NA]
Private - Meganight007 [NA]
Private - Radicalgaming [NA]
Private - Streylock [NA]
Private - NightC [NA]
Private - Fargo [NA]
Private - John Micnilly [NA]
Private - RyanLow [NA]
Private - Codeyday [EU]

Total Strength 22

The 98th Regiment of Foot is open to both EU and NA players who are looking for a great regiment experience! To apply for a spot on the NA company or EU company, please go to and apply. Click on "Recruitment" and answer the questions. When you're done, just click submit! It's that easy. If you get accepted, you'll be contacted through Steam by Colonel Saga and invited to our Steam group

All trainings are hosted together. Tactics include that of Line Infantry. If a company leader wants to have a separate training from our official trainings, he will contact his company.

We also have a TeamSpeak @







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