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Competitive NA Events/Tournaments / 2v2 tournament - $100
« on: June 01, 2018, 04:37:49 am »
the usual rules

ft5 up until semis

ft7 in semis and final

1 sub

happening saturday june 9th at 8pm est

$100, $50 for each player who wins

team name:

Moraine's gay and Jolly BigGay (Moraine & Jolly)
FruitBois (Unitater & Shinto)
The Greatest Of All Time (RussianFury & Fireboy)
2tism (Dodge & Toucan)
The Subs (Killershark & Krastinov)
Flying Eagles (ToxicFormat & Jorge)
BlyaBudu (Captain Black, Lvov)
General Matthew and Private Oatmeal (MATT & Oatmeal)
Saints Of Faint (Vetro & Anthony (Sub: Nickcole))
NA's top 2 mid players (Theodin & Fartknocker)
Carried by an EU (BabyJ & Gi)
The Doxx Kings (Pinoy & Purplish)
gang gang (Havoc & Yoshie)
The KW connection (Maccle & Hellomoto)
Quokka Corps (Wastee & Cwater)
FKT (Fat-Kid-Team) (Newind & Knives)
.exe (Maple & Emo Celestia)
only one of us likes anime (its rune btw, NOT risk) (Runepkyz & Risk)
mopheadmuslims (SK & Bagins & Tuts)
Only1Key (HerculesTP & Voluble)
northerlands (Zappy & Rikkert)
we're here to get 7-0'd (Selic & Gandalf)
kaztors (FireNuke & Nick)

Competitive NA Events/Tournaments / 5v5 tournament - $250
« on: May 12, 2018, 06:16:02 pm »
here we go friends

i would like for this to happen next weekend, on saturday the 19th

$250 prize pool - split $50 for each person on the winning team

2nd place gets nothing

sign ups:

Team Name:
Steam of Leader:

Happening today (Sunday) at 9pm est


NA All-Stars (Jackie, Fireboy, Nick, Bill, Sanders, Jaax, Kovy)
63e Logic (Fartknocker, Zappy, DJ, DrunkenSpartan, Curtis  Sub: Purplish)
HighSchoolDxD (BabyJ, Unitater, Rune, Maniac, Yolo, Moraine, Horse)
Team GG (Risk, AsianP, Zach, Puppytron, Shinto)
The 5 stages of Grief (Maccle, Pinoy, Hellomoto, Rafael, Professor, Marksman)
Avengers (Godfreid, Maple, Ap0c, Anthony, Matt)
Thanos and his Children (RussianFury, Yoshie, Theodin, Krastinov(?), jorge)
Scuderia NA 1 (Xethos, Ikumi, Jetch, NickyJ, TBA)
3 and a Half black men (Hawkince, Oatmeal, Dan the Chef, tbd ,tbd)
60e (PancakesJr, Cytiuz, NOTABUSHPIRATE, Bradley Boudreau, God, BACKUPs: Allah, Trigo)

Regiments / Kievskii Grenadierskie Polk
« on: April 03, 2018, 12:24:36 am »
this is a regiment

ive done more than asian in the op

1v1 tournament


info soon

$60 1st
$30 2nd
$10 3rd

friday 23rd at 8pm est

sign up


common sense rules: no trolling (shittalking is fine), no swords

semis and finals ft7



Taking place in February 10th at 7pm EST


- Infantry only
- No fists
- No shooting
- No swords
- Speed is on fastest
- Normal infantry only (no footguards, sailors, etc. even though they were fixed)
- Banter is fine, intentionally trolling someones match is not
- 1 substitute is allowed

- Fights up until Semifinals: FT5
- Fights of Semifinals and up will be FT7

- Money is split up $50 for each player

Sign up:

Team Name:

Player Names:

Steam of one of two players

Admin Sign Up:


Regiments / 91st NA
« on: December 22, 2017, 04:04:25 am »

garbage to be updated

Forum & Website / Scroll Wheel Doesn't Work on FSE
« on: April 16, 2017, 02:31:08 am »
Seems to work sometimes and sometimes not. FIX POR FAVOR VINCENZO

Forum & Website / Colors of Names
« on: February 25, 2016, 01:55:43 am »
What is this, I'm scared

Off Topic / March Madness (College Basketball)
« on: March 16, 2015, 06:04:39 pm »
It's time! :-*

Post your brackets and opinions on whatever

Official Servers Bans & Unbans / Ban Request: Colt
« on: March 05, 2015, 06:32:31 am »
Name of the server you were on: NA1
Name of the person causing trouble: Colt
Nature of their offense: Teamkilling then autokicked
Time and date of their offense: 12:30 est 3/5/2015
If needed, what your relationship was to the offense in question. : Admin
Any proof if you have it, For instance screenshots. (use spoilers!) Logs

Calling all non-suck NA players who do good on EU servers, check out this thread so we can make a team and represent the USA in the tournament. Whoever believes they can lead as a co-captain, submit your application on that thread; if you want to just be part of the team, that's okay as well, just fill out the player application.

We participated in the tournament last year, we didn't do well, but that is because we didn't practice nearly enough as we should have. This is not one of those events where you can just show up to the fight and not groupfight on Groupfighting_Server on your own time in order to improve your skills.

I submitted my name as a co-captain in order to put the USA on the roster, if you believe you should be a co-captain, once again submit your application. This group of people should not be biased (e.g. not all 18th, 3eVolt, Nr21, 58e, 5th, etc.) so everyone should apply. Also remember to +1 any co-captain that applies that you think you would lead the team well.

The thread is here

Co-Captain Sign-up
[b]Player's Name:[/b]
[b]Player's Steam:[/b]

Player Sign-up
[b]Player's Name:[/b]
[b]Player's Steam:[/b]
[b]Why you should be a Co-Captain:[/b]

Media / Sleek's Media Thread
« on: October 06, 2014, 06:33:12 pm »
This thread will be used for uploads and live streams of line battles, groupfighting, etc.

First video of Napoleonic LineBattle Cup against the 78th

Events: EU / someone make a duel tournament
« on: October 04, 2014, 08:31:26 am »
do it

Media / 17e RĂ©giment d'Infanterie de Ligne Videos
« on: October 05, 2013, 10:37:31 pm »
This thread will be used to post various videos that is focused around the 17e RĂ©giment d'Infanterie de Ligne. The videos will mostly consist of linebattles (including 1v1's). If you would like to join the regiment, please add [17e]Posh on Steam.

Youtube Account:
Forum Thread:
Regimental Website:

Last recorded video:


Previous Videos:

In spoilers to prevent "lag" for computers.

Linebattle 1 :
Linebattle 2 :
NWL Linebattle 1 :
Linebattle 3 :


    No Social Lives Saturday Night Line Battle
    9:00 P.M. EST

    Information and Introduction

    Welcome to the "No Social Lives Saturday Night Linebattle"! The event will take place at 9:00 P.M. EST and will consist of Line Infantry, Cavalry, Skirmishers, and Artillery (depending on who signs up for what). The event is hosted by The Seven Nation Army which boasts a pristine server that hosts both the Grimsight's Tuesday Classical Linebattle and The Seven Nation Army Conquest Event on Thursday's. The organizer/co-admins will provide the password to all regimental leaders involved over a Steam Group, and ask that regimental leaders be in the 7NA teamspeak to discuss specialist roles, depending on who signed up for what according to the thread. There will be 3 maps, both of which will be best 2 out of 3.

    One last thing for this event that makes us different, there is fire in the charge for this event.

    Be in the teamspeak around 8:45 PM EST

    Rule Set

    Infantry Rules
    • Preferably, you should have a line consisting of 10 or more people. If you have more than 30, split into two separate lines.
    • There is fire in the charge for this event!
    • This does not mean that you will be able to reload on the charge.
    • Do not rambo, either from spawn or from your line.
    • There is to be no crouching during firing.
    • No musketoons allowed.
    • Lines less than 3 soldiers must join another line. If there is no other line nearby, they may charge. (Do not do across the map charges unless you are the last 3 alive.)
    • Address gaps after people have been killed, make your line look good.
    • No sappers.

    Cavalry Rules
    • Minimum amount of horsemen is 7, maximum amount of 12 (1 officer, 1 flag, 1 musician are not included in this).
    • Dragoons are not allowed in the event.
    • Cavalry regiments must attack one group of enemies at a time, not splitting off to go attack other enemy regiments across the map.
    • When there is less than 3 cavalrymen, they must dismount and join a friendly line. If no allied line is nearby, or they are the last ones left, they are permitted to charge (dismounted). (Not across the map though, unless last alive).

    Artillery Rules
    • Artillery must have at least 4 members, and not go over 8 men (includes 2 arty guards).
    • There is only 2 arty guards allowed. Just because you have artillery with 8 men, and a line of 4(for example) does not mean you are allowed to sit by arty. Leave the minimum of 4 arty personnel, and move out with your line.
    • You are permitted to use whatever combination of artillery you like, as long as it does not exceed 2 pieces. (Howie/Howie, Cannon/Howie, Cannon/Cannon).
    • Just because your artillery is overrun, this does not give you the permission to run across the map, rambo, and try to kill the enemy arty just so you can have it.
    • If you are the last ones alive, you will be asked to charge.
    • Artillery crew as well as guards are allowed to fire out of line when holding muskets, but can fire only near their artillery.
    • No sappers.


    • Skirmishers require a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 (This doesn't include 1 musician, 1 flagmen, and 1 officer).
    • Skirmishers are allowed 5 man spacing, nothing more.
    • May fire out of line, but not reload in a charge.
    • If you are the last regiment alive, charge, do not delay. You may still fire out of line, but remember to not reload in a charge.
    • No sappers.

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