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The 9th Louisiana Cavalry Regiment

Ogden Boys

Who are the 9thLAC?

The 9th Louisana is a newly formed, currently independent regiment created out of a love for cavalry and the civil war. We are a cavalry and mounted skirmishing unit, NA based, with focus on efficient strategies and training. We are accepting from any region, NA or EU, and plan on attending events soon! We are honor bound boys who will fight till the last man, taking our opportunities wisely and seeking the glory of battle!

Its leader, Robert Ransom, was once apart of Native communities and is an experienced fighter (albeit still learning the mod!). We are also proud to say that we are one of the only actively recruiting cavalry regiments for the NA!

The 9th Louisana is a place where we want everyone to feel welcome, even if you are new to cavalry, and as such, we plan on doubling up as a skirmishing rifle unit even without the need for mounts. Although we are hard working boys, we are a relaxed regiment when it comes to historical accuracy. We are looking for new members to fill in as new members of the 9thLAC!


Ogden's Cavalry, a.k.a. 9th Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, was a Confederate unit in the American Civil War. The unit was commanded by Colonel Frederick Nash Ogden. Although the unit was called a cavalry regiment, it was more properly classified as a mounted infantry unit.

The regiment was organized in January 1865 in Mississippi, under the command of Colonel Ogden. Colonel Ogden was a veteran of the siege of Vicksburg. During that battle, the then Major Ogden was with the Louisiana 8th Battalion Heavy Artillery from March 29-July 3, 1863.

When this new cavalry unit was formed, Colonel Ogden received under his command three or four companies from Gober's Regiment Mounted Infantry, three companies formerly with the 14th Confederate Cavalry Regiment, one company from his own temporary battalion, and two recently organized companies. These two new companies, G and H, and possibly one or more of the others, because of their familiarity with the countryside, operated along the lower Amite River and near the Mississippi River south of Baton Rouge, Louisiana until about April 1865. The other companies participated in the marches and engagements of Colonel John Scott's cavalry brigade in northern and central Mississippi. In April 1865, the companies all united near Meridian, Mississippi.

The unit surrendered on May 4, 1865, at Citronelle, Alabama. Most of its troops were paroled on May 12, 1865, at Gainesville, Alabama.


1.) Be respectful to officers and your peers!
2.) Always follow orders from your commanding officer!
3.) Refrain from shouting inappropriate messages, such as racist or homophobic comments!
4.) Never teamkill another member on purpose!
5.) Respect the 9th Louisiana name!
6.) Be somewhat decent at cav!
7.) Wear tags in events ([CSA]9thLAC_Rank_Name), join our steam group when joining, and attend events often!
8.) Make peace not war! (Meaning be nice to other regiments!)
9.) Have fun!


How do I Join?

Joining the 9thLAC is as simple as adding Col Robert on steam from our steam page!

 I look forward to meeting the future of NA cavalry!

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