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  Regimental History
  The regiment was raised by General Edmund Fielding in March 1719 out of independent companies of invalids and Chelsea out-
  pensioners - soldiers incapable of normal service through disease, age or injury. They were renamed the Royal Invalids in 1741,
  and in 1751, they were numbered the 41st Regiment of Foot. In 1782, when other regiments took county titles, they were denoted
  as the 41st (Royal Invalids) Regiment of Foot. The 41st Regiment served with distinction in Canada during the War of 1812 where it
  gained more battle honours than any other British unit during that period. It participated in the capture of Detroit under Major General
  Isaac Brock (for which he was knighted). They were involved with the siege of Fort Meigs, the battle of the River Raisin and took part
  on board British ships during the Battle of Lake Erie. After the defeat, the 41st retired from Fort Amherstburg (Malden) under the
  command of Major-General Henry Procter and were defeated at the Battle of Moraviantown, or the Thames.

Contact Information
Commanding Officer


Teaser Screenshot


This tourney will utilize lancers charging at one another in the Napoleonic Wars DLC. Kings, Lords, and Knights (and even peasantry should they prove worthy) shall be allowed to prove their honor and claim glory and fame on the field.

The event will be hosted on the KOB server on Saturday, 7/15/17 at 9:30 PM EST. Yes kids, if you want to participate tell your parents you must defend your honor and claim great glory on the field of jousting, and they should extend your bedtime.

*IMPORTANT - All participants, lordly or peasant, must be on the 41st teamspeak by 9:45pm EST to obtain a tournament slot, otherwise your honor will be forfeit and maidens you will have not. Everybody is allowed to come, there are no restrictions. If you are currently banned from the KOB server, send inquiry to Jakester and he will have you unbanned.

If you have any questions you can post here, hop on the 41st's teamspeak (, or alternatively you can add 41st Jakester in order to gain entry to the steam group.

The victor will be awarded not only with the self-gratification of being the best jouster NA, but also with a mysterious reward to be delivered via steam.

Rules & Conduct

General Rules

You must use a light horse and a lance of any sort.
You must be a mounted unit
Jousting Duel wins will be determined by the following jurisdiction:
One kill of the enemy jouster will result in a win. Two killings of the enemy jouster's horse will result in a win. Four runs of cowardice will result in a forfeit.
Do not interrupt matches or interfere in any way
Betting is allowed on all matches
The horse's ass must line up with the end of the fence, and the whole horse must be adjacent to the fence
The horse must line up for the start on the right side of the fence, not the left
Adhere to the referees word - Your honor requires you to be chivalrous

Application for Entry and for Refereeing in the Grand Tournament

Quote from: Application for Entry
Community Name:
Anonymous name for the tournament?
*If not anonymous, what will your tournament name be?:
Do you agree to follow all the rules?
Quote from: Application to be a Referee
Will you be able to use an 'epic' narrator voice for the duration of the tourney? (You will be allowed water):
A maiden is stuck in a far away tower, guarded by a dragon at it's entrance. What is your course of action?:

Credit to Conway for the map

Regiments / The King's Own Brigade - ♕KOB♕ (NA/EU)
« on: May 15, 2017, 04:39:41 am »


The Brigade

The Kings Own Brigade - or "KOB" - is a brigade composed of multiple regiments working together in unison. It is composed of three regiments - The 41st, the 85th, the 2ndSAO. Together, these regiments play in every specialist field within the game from cavalry to line to skirmishers, and even artillery! Each regiment offers a unique experience to its players. The brigade works together constantly in line battles and is known for it's superb coordination and execution of combined tactics. On occasion inter-brigade tournaments will be held, such as "His Majesty's Finest" melee tournament, which any member of any regiment can partake in. The brigade shares public and private in game servers together as well as a teamspeak server. The cooperation goes well beyond Napoleonic Wars. The KOB also takes part in a variety of other games such as Arma III, Verdun, Hearts of Iron, and more, just to name a few. The KOB is constantly looking for new ways to expand itself in order to improve itself from within and abroad.

Contact Links


41st "Invalids" Regiment of Foot
The 41st Regiment of Foot is a large regiment that has several detachments, including artillery, cavalry, skirmishers, a guards company, and a line company. These detachments are to ensure that we offer opportunities for everyone regardless of their interest, and we have events every day of the week for one specialty or another.
2nd Sword Art Online
The 2nd Sword Art Online is a smaller regiment that only has events on Fridays and Saturdays, so if you don't have a lot of time or are looking for a smaller and less commitment regiment this is the place for you!
85th "Bucks Volunteers" Regiment
The 85th Regiment of Foot is a medium sized regiment that participates in numerous events throughout the week. The average age for the 85th is above 18, so if you're looking for an older group to play NW with that enjoys talking about history, guns, and really anything this might be the place for you! The 85th also runs an ArmA 3 unit within the brigade, open to anyone! *REQUESTED TO BE SAID* They're led by a side dish.

If you're interested in having your regiment join the brigade, contact Jakester on steam!

Media / 41st (Invalids) Media & Videos
« on: March 04, 2017, 09:53:19 pm »

Welcome to the 41st's Thread for Videos!

This thread is for all the videos the players in the 41st make. This includes both 1v1 footage and casual events. Like and subscribe to our regiment's youtubers, as they put work into making their videos!

To join the 41st, add Jakester on steam, or inquire to one of the admins in our steam group

Our OG Video, Made by KingAoE!

Some videos of our regiment can be found on these youtube channels: - Floatednewt - Akima - SteveUrkle - KingAoE - Maxlink

God Save the King!

Off Topic / Superbowl LI
« on: January 23, 2017, 06:00:48 pm »
The American Football season is coming to an end, with one big game left!

Where do you stand?

Who will win?

Will the EU's give a fuck?


fireboy I summon you to this thread

Events: NA / "Ode to the IV Korps" Saturday Linebattle - KOB Hosted
« on: January 13, 2017, 12:23:38 am »

Spiritual Successor to the IV Korps Weekly Linebattle on Saturdays!

  • All rules in this thread are subject to change
  • All times on this thread are in Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time
  • Event will start on Saturday January 14th, 2017
  • Event starts at 8:00pm
  • Server and pass will be given in the 41st teamspeak at 7:45pm
  • 41st Teamspeak (for Reg Reps):
  • Signups for specialist roles are every Wednesday before the event at 7pm

  • Anyone who breaks any of the Event Rules is subject to being slain
  • Everyone except Artillery/Cavalry must join another line when their number is 2 or less
  • Any formation can occupy a building and fire out of formation once inside
  • Pistols are considered as melee weapons, so they can be fired out of formation
  • No team killing, trolling, ramboing, spamming, delaying, trash talking or musketoons
  • Less than 3 in a line must charge or join friendly line
  • Regiments must move in a line/formation
  • When 3 or less players remain on a team, all rules are void
  • All regiment must have at least 1 officer
  • In the interest of time, If an All charge is called both teams should cease all firing and charge
  • Line Infantry Can use Half man spacing
  • No firing out of line or on the charge
  • Line Infantry can only take Line Infantry and Footguard Units. (Not Arty Guard Unit or Light Infantry)

  • Maximum of 14 Players.
  • Must use one howitzer and one cannon.
  • Each artillery pieces can be switched for 2 rocket launchers.
  • When there is 4 or more Arty Guards, they may act as Light Infantry within 15 man spacing of the cannons.
  • Below 4, Arty Guards, can only fire if they have the distance of 5 men spacing of an active cannon.
  • An active cannon is a gun being reloaded, fired or if the gunner is manning the gun and aiming.
  • Build points will be limited to 50
Light infantry/Skirmishers

  • Maximum of 16 Players.
  • Must have one officer
  • May use 3 man spacings in their line.
  • May crouch.
  • May only move out in a column.
  • Must maintain cohesion.
  • No sappers allowed.
  • Once engaged in melee, must stop firing until melee is clearly over.



  • Maximum of 16 Players.
  • Must have one officer
  • May use 5 man spacings.
  • May crouch.
  • Must maintain cohesion.
  • Must equip only cavalry muskets or rifles at the start of the round but may scavenge freely for weapons during the battle. They can still use the 5 man spacing.
  • No sappers allowed.

  • Maximum of 16 Players.
  • Must have at least one officer
  • Must maintain cohesion.
  • When below 3, Cavalry, must only charge units that are engaged in a melee combat
  • Dragoons may fire weapons off horseback but only when halted and in a line formation with 3 men spacing.
  • No weapons may be fired during the charge.
  • Dismounted cavalry are classed as Light infantry in terms of rules.
  • Chance to fall off of your horse will be 0%

Contact Information

Regiment name:
Regiment leaders steam:
Estimated attendance:

I had permission to copy the thread from IB, many thanks to him!

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