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Hey there, I have recently been thinking about a difference between uniforms in this modification and uniforms in pictures and reenactements. Uniform in N&S are lying very tighly on a soldier, while those in pictures and reenactements are much more loose. I put a screenshot from the mod as well as a drwaing found on the Internet so that you can see what I mean:

N&S screenshot, where the clothing is lying very tighly on character's body

Picture, where the clothing is much looser

So I wanted to ask you which one is more historically accurate? Did the Civil War soldiers wear tight or loose clothes?
Thank you in advance  :)


This mini mod was born from my hate towards 33rdVA's yankeeness. In other words, not only are 33rdVA ugly, they also look like Yanks despite being Confederate! I took some models that are already in game and mixed them, creating this skin. The new unit doesn't look very original but I enjoyed it, so I decided to share it to the community.

What will this mod do?

The mod will change 33rdVA's pants as well as jackets of 33rdVA private, skirmisher and sergant. It will also change the name of the regiment to 5th Virginia Infantry in unit selection pannel.




Click here to download the mod. After downloading it, unpack the file into your N&S module folder.

North & South: First Manassas / How to switch a NW server to N&S
« on: February 02, 2016, 05:21:56 pm »
I'd like to have a small server in N&S. I'll rent it from a company as an NW server, and after that I'd like to "move" it from NW to N&S. Can anyone here could explain me how to do that? I only know some very basic information about servers. I'd be grateful :)

Servers / I've got a few server setup questions
« on: February 02, 2016, 01:01:47 am »
Hello guys,
So I really enjoy the concept of EU_Commander battle and I'm probably going to rent a server in N&S. I'd really like to import the idea on my server. There are some server settings that are not accesible via admin panel though, and I'd like to ask you how to set them up. These are:

-fixing/unfixing randomization of factions;
-adding custom scenes;
-adding a scene queue / a system that randomizes a scene from a certain set of scenes;
-customizing a number of soldiers a unit type can get (i.e. make light inf get less men than line inf);
-making a squad size drop or rise according to number of players on the server.

So if you know how to set any of these, please reply! Thank you  :)

North & South: First Manassas / I've made a civil war plasticine figure
« on: January 15, 2016, 06:40:33 pm »
Thanks to this mod I became interested in the Civil War and I decided to find my old plasticine box and I made a Yankee :D
It's not very good as I'm not any kind of an artist, I just wanted to share it, maybe someone likes it .
Sorry for the bad quality but it was made with my old Nokia 3310 or so, also the figure is less than 4 cm tall.


Regiments / Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 3 [DISBANDED]
« on: December 13, 2015, 10:16:40 pm »
Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 3

Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 3 (abbreviated to GGnr3) was an English speaking Iron Europe regiment dedicated to Germany. It was established on 14th November 2015, by a small group of friends from the Jomsborg clan, but we decided to open up the reg to everyone. The regiment was disbanded on 24th June 2016, due to loss of interest in the mod.
Achievements of Historical GGnr3

Old information
How and why to join:
GGnr3 is a perfect regiment for those who simply want to have fun while playing IE. We don't have any strict rules, the only rule is to behave nicely both in-game and on the Teampeak. We don't have trainings and it's not necessary to attend every event. The regiment is also open to welcome you not only as a ranker but also as an NCO. Anyone who thinks he could make a good leader will be given a chance to command sometimes, as we would like to find best leaders among our members.

We are an active regiment and we want to participate in every event that takes place in IE. There are currently 3 weekly IE events and we attend all of them. These are:
GR Nr9 event - Friday, 8:15 p.m. GMT
75BL event - Saturday, 8:15 p.m. GMT
BW event - Sunday, 8:15 p.m. GMT
We'll sign up for any new event!

Please contact either vtz (Snorri) or Håkon Huskarl Jomsborg in this Steamgroup

Roster and ranks:
Hauptmann (Hptm) - leader of the reg
Leutnant (Lt) - 2nd in command
Feldwebel (Fw) - most active korporal
Korporal (Kpl) - leader of a squad
Gefreiter (Gefr) - veteran ranker, but not commanding
Grenadier (Gren) - ranker
Rekrut (Rek) - a rank used by those who join us for only 1 event
Some of us who belong to Jomsborg still use Jomsborg names, which are from Old Norse.
The roster might be slightly outdated.

Hauptmann Snorri
Leutnant Håkon
Korporal Murphster

Gefreiter Valerius
Grenadier T3mpest
Grenadier Benjamin
Grenadier Randolph
Grenadier Valdemar
Grenadier Olafr
Grenadier Pesko
Grenadier Vasilli
Grenadier Kacper
Grenadier Walrus
Grenadier Maximilian
Grenadier Sebastian
Grenadier Edmont Bart
Grenadier Aswin


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