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Off Topic / The Witcher | Official Teaser
« on: July 20, 2019, 12:34:18 am »

The Mess Hall / Native Community - Update
« on: July 17, 2019, 11:31:21 pm »
In the past, I used to make a post whenever I wanted to inform the NW players about some native events they could have an interest in. I figured out it would be best to make one post with regular updates. Moreover, now that more native people are active on FSE such as Gibby, they can also share stuff if they wish to. Might interest some people here.

Tournament: United Kingdom & Ireland Regional Cup
Schedule: 27th of July (Deadline for signups)
Description: Tournament's name pretty much says it all. The concept was hosted a while back on NW and as there is still a large community coming from the UK and Ireland, some of you might be interested in trying it out. GI and a few Scots have signed-up for instance. It's a good way into Native to test a small format (5v5) and get familiar with the competitive scene and it's very likely many of the 'Regions' happen to be in need of a few extra players so I believe the criteria shouldn't be too selective.
Tournament Thread Link: Here

Tournament: 6v6 bullet's cup
Schedule: 25th of July (Deadline for signups)
Description: EU filler event during the vacations. Perfect to gather a few friends and get familiar with the competitive side of native as a group. Free agents will likely not make it to any teams as the short sign-up period will favour the sign-up of groups of people already knowing each other.
Tournament Thread Link: Here

Tournament: North American Seasonal Series
Schedule: Sign-up just closed, the full schedule should be released anytime soon.
Description: Probably one of the very last attempts at reviving the NA native scene. Sign-ups closed but you can always sign-up as a free agent or find out by yourself which teams could be in need of an extra player.
Tournament Thread Link: Here

Will try to get this updated as often as possible.

It's no secret, I plan on organizing a groupfighting league in the upcoming months. I have several ideas on what I want to bring, also already have several people willing to help me out as admin but because there is still a few weeks before I release the thread, I figured out it would be worth to discuss certain aspects of this league. I don't have everyone on steam, I don't necessarily contact everyone I have there either as it's time confusing, but having as many people as possible voicing an opinion will hopefully help me taking decisions which please a majority of the players.

Here are the aspects of the tournament which I would like to discuss, from the 'less likely' to change, to the 'most likely':

Without agreeing on a proper format, it's hard to plan on how long that league could last. However, I already know that this will 'likely' start in September. I don't favor starting a league early or mid-august because it's usually vacations time for many people and while some obviously have better availabilities, some other are simply not home.

The main argument I had in favor of starting a league in August is that people will be busy with school/work in September. While it's true, competitive leagues/tournament happen every time of the year, not necessarily during vacations. It's mostly about people to learn managing their priorities and not committing to a league of this stature if they are having heavy studies. Moreover, even while starting in August, the league would still need to continue during a September for sometime so in my eyes, it's a false argument. 

At the moment, I'm leaning towards 6v6 or 7v7. If you want to argue about the advantages of 5v5 or 8v8, feel free, but do know I have considered all of them and there is a reason if I feel 6v6/7v7 are more fitting for this sort of competition.

That's probably the aspect of the tournament where I'm the more willing to hear your suggestions. I have pretty much seen all type of viable format, most of them have been tried on warband at one point, and most of them have their pros & cons. You can opt for a league with several divisions (that's really interesting if you plan on having several editions of your league happening, then you have promotion matches each seasons, gives a chance for teams to go up), you can go for the usual group + knockouts or you have the round robin + knockouts, etc ..

Even thought I have some ideas in my head of what I would like to do, I am still not too sure what would be the best with the current state of the community so that's why I am hoping for some feedbacks.

This thread will remain open for a good two weeks. Then the actual tournament thread will be posted and sign-ups will be opened. So give you opinion while you still can.


The European Groupfighting Tournament is intended to be a series of several tournaments hosted to provide the community with both a competitive, qualitative but more importantly impartial environment. We will put a special effort into being as transparent as possible to make sure our players get the best experience possible. The European Groupfighting Tournament is not supported by the Tournament Organisational Group but we will try our best to respect their schedules within the realm of possibility, as we feel it is in the best interest of the community. Because we aim at developing certain standards in the events we will be hosting, we also expect the players partaking in them to show behaviours in line with our perceptions of what a good tournament is. In short, rules might be a tad stricter than usual but it's for your own good.

Event Day: Sunday 7th of July | 20:00 BST |   Sign-up Deadline: Saturday 6th of July | 23:30 BST |   Roster Deadline: Sunday 7th of July | 17:00 BST

Format: The tournament matches will be played out in an 8v8 format, in a single stage, using double elimination rules. The limit of participants is fixed to 12 teams.

Main Hosts: Tardet & Shadey | Consultant: Fwuffy

Roster Rules
- The roster limit is fixed to 11 players, with 8 players from the main line-up and 3 substitutes.
- You don't need to specify who is part of the main line-up and who is a substitute while applying for the tournament as every player can be switched in-between rounds and matches, independently.
- Players have to be signed up with their community names. Roleplay names or others won't be accepted.
- A player can play for one team and one team only and can therefore not be included on two different team rosters for the same tournament.
- Captains are required to sign-up all their players and themselves with a unique GUID. Teams which do not provide a roster with a unique GUID for each of their members won't be accepted for this tournament
- Captains can add players up to one hour before the start of the tournament. After that, the roster will be locked and no more changes will be accepted.

Match Rules
- Round 1 and 2 of the upper and lower brackets will be FT5, with round 3 of both brackets being FT7. Semi-finals are to also be played in an FT7 format. Both the Final and Grand-final (If it comes to it) are to be played in FT7 format.
- Every player has to play with the name they have been signed-up as. Variations can be allowed, as long as we can still identify who you are.
- Every player has to wear the tag of their team.
- Players which are part of the same team may not use identical in game faces.
- You may only spawn in once your team's name is called.
- You may only enter the arena if you are playing.
- Substitutes can spawn in but will be expected to obey by the rules and not disturb the on-going matches.
- Captains are expected to type 'R' or 'Ready' in the chat before every round so that the referee can type 'live'.
- Line infantry is the only class allowed.
- The bayonet is the only weapon allowed.
- Melee speed will be on medium.

Behaviour Rules
- Captains are to ensure their players obey by the rules.
- Players are expected to behave with certain standards and act in a respectful manner.
- No intentional teamkilling outside of the arenas.
- If you are a substitute, don't interrupt the on-going matches by jumping on the fences, running around (with flags or not), punching each other's, etc.

Team Application
Steam (Captain): Link PlaceHolder
Team Name: Name PlaceHolder
Team Tag: Tag PlaceHolder
Players: Player 1 - GUID | Player 2 - GUID | Player 3 - GUID | Player 4 - GUID | Player 5 - GUID | Player 6 - GUID | Player 7 - GUID | Player 8 - GUID | Player 9 - GUID | Player 10 - GUID | Player 11 - GUID
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes/No
Referee Application
Why would you like to become a referee:
Prior experience (If any):
Free Agent Application
Past teams (If any):

Proud Boys
Team Name: Proud Boys
Team Tag: [N]ickname
Team Captain(s): Movement & Fwuffy

Team Name: TheBestEver
Team Tag: TBE_
Team Captain: MightyPaiN

Team Name: Kamikaze
Team Tag: Kamikaze_
Team Captain: Smylie

Team Name: Animals
Team Tag: Animal_
Team Captain: Coco Ayala

Mr_T [WildBoar]651079
Corey [Wunderpus]793311
Erios [Lupus]45
Centurion [Dayboul]417491
Trojans [Pigeons]63683
Ambiguous [Goose]952369
Tenshi [Siberian_Husky]1293363
Alatriste [Albatros]495512
Foxtrot [Renard]1461611
Padawan [Shark]1347805
Witcher [Salmon]1145029
Team Name: Cazadores
Team Tag: Cazadores_
Team Captain: Tigere

Sith Lords
Team Name: Sith Lords
Team Tag: SithLord_
Team Captain: Martin

Giant Killing
Team Name: Giant Killing
Team Tag: GiantKiller_
Team Captain: Strawhead

Team Name: Plebs
Team Tag: Pleb_
Team Captain: Bagins

Team Name: VergeVerte
Team Tag: VV_
Team Captain: Faisan

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Team Name: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Team Tag: CCCP_
Team Captain: Desant & exT_kill

Team Name: KGL
Team Tag: KGL_
Team Captain: Zauberfisch & Deluxe

Jetfire 1593435

Free Agents

Moskito - None - GUID: 67758

Kraz - JediMasters - GUID: 633908

Retamar - None - GUID: 879291


Huge thanks to Zeebad for making that map.

Map overview

Closer angle 1

Closer angle 2

Player's perspective inside the arena

Forum Français / Besoin d'infos vis à vis d'Annecy
« on: April 13, 2019, 05:54:25 am »
Bonjour à tous.

Je recherche quelqu'un qui viverait à Annecy ou connaitrait assez bien la ville pour me donner des informations sur les coins sympa à visiter fin main - début juin. Je me suis déja renseigné sur internet mais éventuellement, l'avis de quelqu'un du coin est potentiellement plus intéressant.

Merci à la ou les personne(s) qui prendront le temps de me répondre.

Cavalry Champions League / [CCL - S1] League Stage - Week 5
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:46:56 pm »

Scheduling: 14.02.19 | Match: 17.02.19

Match Date:17/02/2019 - Time:20h15CET | Referee: Wüstenkrieger
9  1


Match Date:17/02/19 - Time:20H15cet | Referee:DragonKing
5  5



Match Date: - Time: | Referee:


When announcing your match:

[size=11pt][font=trebuchet ms][b]Match:[/b] Regiment A vs Regiment B
[b]Date & Hour:[/b] 19.01.19 - 19:00pm
[b]Referee:[/b] To be defined. [/font][/size]

Match: Regiment A vs Regiment B
Date & Hour: 27.01.19 - 20:00 CET
Referee: To be defined.

Cavalry Champions League / [CCL - S1] League Stage - Week 4
« on: February 04, 2019, 12:39:04 am »

The third week provided both players and viewers with intense match-ups and some rather unexpected results.

The match opposing the 11e to the 16e was expected to be rather one-sided but once again, 16e continue on their good trend and surprised many people as they secured the defensive bonus at the end of the match, despite a strong start from the 11e.
For Lindblom's men, the issues they had against the 5e seem to have translated into that match, to a lesser extent. They managed to gain 4 important points but it was the least expected from them and they certainly missed a good occasion to improve their round-difference. Things are not worrying for the 11e just yet but matches like this one reflect potential deeper issues, which will required quick fixes if the 11e intends to continue being a strong competitor in the CCL.

For the second of last week, the 1erRC didn't shake and went for a large victory against the 2Lr. It was expected that the German regiment would struggle against the powerful heavy line-up, nonetheless, picking-up two rounds against them isn't necessarily a bad result and a slight improvement in regards to their past matches this competition. It definitely is a good operation for the 1eRC, as it will significantly improve their rankings in the league table and serve as a good motivational boost for future encounters.

If the 16e picking-up 4 rounds against the 11e was certainly an unexpected result on its own right, it went rather unnoticed due to a way bigger upsets caused by the Nr4 which had to face their German counterpart from the Nr6. If this match had the potential to be a tense battle with some close rounds, the Nr6 was still coming in as the heavy favourite and not many could have imagined the Nr4 taking-up such a large victory against one of strongest contender for the CCL title, 9-1.
A come-back never appeared like a likely possibility for the Nr6 and after two complicated matches where they had shown lots of potential but couldn't prevent the come-back from their opponents, the Nr4 truly showed what they were capable of. In a similar fashion to the 5e which defeat the 11e in the previous week, this match truly established Felix and his men as true contenders for the title and would they manage to reiterate similar performance later on, they could quickly become one of the deadliest force to contend with in this competition. For the Nr6, the ship isn't isn't sinking just yet. Sure, such a large defeat against an arguably weaker opponent comes at a rather unfortunate moment, as it was the first real test for them in the CCL. But the Nr6 has lots of resources and is definitely capable to bounce back from this counter-performance, as it was shown by them in the past.

Pretty much at the same time all these three matches were played, another clash was happening between the 4e and the 5e. This Classico had all the signals to be one hell of a battle and it surely didn't disappoint. Both regiments kept trading rounds back and forth and it was hard to see which one would come on top. Skittle's 1v4 clutch certainly was a turning point as it prevented the 5e to take the upper-hand, but quickly after, the Frenchmen answered with an instrumental 4v7. Taking the lead 5-4, the 5e had the perfect occasion to conclude that match but it was without counting on the 4e's experience when it comes to these difficult situations. As the francophone regiment seemed to run out of steam in the late stage of his match, the 4e had no problem whatsoever closing that match, securing the draw and keeping their undefeated streak against their oldest rival. The 5e can certainly share some regrets as they could almost smell the victory in this match but they missed the very final touch and against an opponent which excels in these sort of high-pressure scenarios, this 5-5 feels like a rather logical result, while also confirming the good form both these regiments have been having lately.


Scheduling: 7.02.19 | Match: 10.02.19

Match Date: 09.02.19 - Time: 20:15 CET | Referee: Napoleon
  9   1



Match Date: 10.02.2019 - Time: 20:15 CET | Referee: Wüstenkrieger
1  9 


Match Date: 10.02.2019 - Time: 20:15 CET | Referee: Goodest
5 5


When announcing your match:

[size=11pt][font=trebuchet ms][b]Match:[/b] Regiment A vs Regiment B
[b]Date & Hour:[/b] 19.01.19 - 19:00pm
[b]Referee:[/b] To be defined. [/font][/size]

Match: Regiment A vs Regiment B
Date & Hour: 27.01.19 - 20:00 CET
Referee: To be defined.

Cavalry Champions League / [CCL - S1] League Stage - Week 3
« on: January 27, 2019, 10:34:41 pm »

The week 2 has been concluded and continued to provide us with interesting results.

On Friday, the 1erRC took on the German from the Nr4 in what promised to be a thrilling series between two opponents of similar strengths. The match certainly held on to its expectations, as both regiments traded rounds and neither seemed capable to take an early advantage. After a really long and intense battle (the whole match lasted close to 3hours), the 1eRC got themselves the fifth round, leaving the Nr4 with only the draw to play with. Such a draw seemed very possible prospect for a good part of the last round, as the Nr4 managed to get back a 4v8 situation down to a 4v5, with all 1erRC members dismounted while the Nr4 could still count on three mounted players. As Sebi managed to pick-up two quick kills, turning the round into a 4v3 in favour of the Nr4, not many would have expected the 1erRC to come back. But fatigue probably played a role in the conclusion of that match and as the Nr4 rushed the last kills, they committed a few mistakes which allowed the 1erRC to clutch it against all expectations, getting the final round and making it a 6-4 victory in their favour.

1eRC coming back from that round seemed unlikely .. but so long as it's not impossible, you should never count them out!

The second match of Week 2 was held on Saturday and featured the 11e and the 5e Hussards. The 11e was given favourite in that match-up after the poor performance from the 5e against the Nr4, but this match was announced as treacherous for Lindblom's men. And as expected, it was a completely different 5e which faced the European regiment on that evening. More organized and incisive, the Frenchmen took off at full throttle and started chaining rounds, one after the other. It took 6 rounds until the 11e finally found a way to stop them but the 5e had already secured themselves the draw and could approach the end of the match in a more serene manner. The end of the match was a bit more disjointed and if it wasn't for Remao's impressive clutch, the 5e could have give-up another round, but the more important was the result, a victory against a high calibre opponent, as well as the denial of the defensive bonus. After a difficult first week, the 5e showed great composure and impressive team play which proven being stronger than the 11e's strong individualities on that particular day. On the 11e's side, this match probably showed that despite being one of the regiments with the highest potential in this competition, they still had room for improvement and a real synergy to find.  But the road is still long and both these regiments will have many more challenges to overcome before proving themselves as real contenders for the title.

Unlike again the Nr4, the 5e managed to hold on to their advantages taken early, which helped them finishing most of the rounds without too much trouble.

The last two matches on Sunday opposed a German derby between the 2Lr and Nr6 while the 4e faced the 16e. While the 2Lr and 16e didn't stand many chances, they managed to show a slight improvement compared to the previous week and picked-up one round each. Against way stronger opponents, every round is good to take and while it probably doesn't consist in a satisfying result for these two, it certainly gave them something to work on for their future encounters. The 16e/KGl alliance actually showed some strong signs in their encounter against the 4e. If Erik's men had the whole match under the control, a lot of the early rounds saw both regiments trading players equally and if the 4e's experience allowed them to close every round without too many troubles, the 16e and KGL proved that on a large scale match, they were not to be underestimated.

Scheduling: 31.01.19 | Match: 3.02.19



Match Date: 03.02.19 - Time: 20:20 CET | Referee: Wüstenkrieger
8 2


Match Date: 03.02.19 - Time: 19:55 CET | Referee: Swissy
1 9


Match Date: 03.02.19 - Time: 20:30 CET | Referee: Erik / Tardet 
5 5


When announcing your match:

[size=11pt][font=trebuchet ms][b]Match:[/b] Regiment A vs Regiment B
[b]Date & Hour:[/b] 19.01.19 - 19:00pm
[b]Referee:[/b] To be defined. [/font][/size]

Match: Regiment A vs Regiment B
Date & Hour: 27.01.19 - 20:00 CET
Referee: To be defined.

This third week will present the particularity to have all four matches played at the same time and regiments won't be able to see how good their rivals are doing before playing their owns.

After their match against the 4e where they showed some strong and positive signs, the 16e will be looking at repeating similar performance against the 11e, another really strong regiment. If once again the 16e is far from being favourite, last week showed that when given the necessary room, the 16e and their KGL acolytes have what it takes to steal a few rounds away. Netherless, after their debacle against the 5e, the 11e are probably going to approach this match as seriously as possible and its unlikely to see them underestimating the 16e in that match-up, regardless of their clear status of favourite.

The situation is a bit similar in the match opposing the 1eRC to the 2Lr. After a close defeat against the 11e in their opening match and a victory on the edge against the Nr4, the 1eRC will certainly feel a bit more confident against the 2Lr, but with the same concern of not underestimating an opponent which has the resources to upset a few rounds. On the German side, Adelon's men had a tough first two weeks but as we explained it earlier in our weekly preview/review, these results don't really reflect the true potential of the 2Lr. Going against the 1erRC, they will still be facing a tough challenge but certainly not as difficult as the 4e or the Nr6.

The Nr4 doesn't seem to be catching a break in the early weeks of the competition as they will take on their fellow countrymen from the Nr6 in what promises to be an exciting and tense match. The Nr6 is yet to be truly tested and if they appear as the favourite of this match-up, the Nr4 proved that they have more than what it takes to challenge Fidje and his players. It will be undoubtedly a difficult match for Felix's men but if they wish to continue being a constant threat for the other title's contenders, taking as many rounds against the Nr6 is a must and would be a good morale boost after the unfortunate ending against the 1eRC last week.

Last but not least, the 5e - which also is having the toughest start of this CCL with the Nr4 - will continue facing a strong opponent as they have been matched against the 4e this week, in what looks like the old CNWL classic. Many could have argued that the 5e wasn't anywhere near their former strength but this was before last week and the stomp they inflicted to the 11e. Going against the 4e, the Frenchmen will have to set their hearts on keeping their ego as low as possible as the 4e is a completely different beast. What plays in the favour of both regiments in that match-up is how well they know each other. After their strong showing against the 11e, its unlikely to see the 5e being underestimated by the 4e but Exofrance's men perfectly know that the european powerhouse is capable of both strong individualities and perfect synergy and that they will have to match them in both aspects if they intend to play for the victory.

Forum & Website / URL for videos not working
« on: January 20, 2019, 06:59:04 pm »
Can't seem to make a video fit in an URL without showing up.


The code I have:


what I get:

Cavalry Champions League / [CCL - S1] Medias
« on: January 20, 2019, 06:25:38 pm »

This thread is dedicated to the different medias about the Cavalry Champions League.

Cavalry Champions League / [CCL - S1] Discussion Thread
« on: January 19, 2019, 11:13:41 pm »

This thread is dedicated to all non-serious discussion about the CCL. Banter is allowed as long as it is in a friendly and a light-hearted way. The day I have to start moderating people on this very thread means it has lost its purpose. Remember that for discussions about specific matches, the weekly fixtures thread can work very well too.

Cavalry Champions League / [CCL - S1] Betting Corner
« on: January 18, 2019, 09:57:03 am »

Welcome to the official betting corner of the Cavalry Champions League. In order to spice things up and compare our knowledge of the cavalry community or in a simpler way, gamble together about the upcoming matches of this competition, I have decided to open a dedicated thread for this activity. Will you decide to burn all your cash in one evening of crazy bettings or will you prefer going for the long-term and more tactical approach in order to get the number one spot in the rankings? The choice is yours!

Basic concept:

- Anyone is welcome to participate in this betting corner, wherever or not you'd find yourself playing in the CCL.
- Every participant will be given a starting sum of 40 coins.
- These coins will be called 'Napoléon', in reference to the currency used during the First French Empire.
- This currency doesn't carry any particular value, real or virtual, except it helps to rank each participant. If you have 10 Napoléons, and someone else has 12, this person shall appear above you in the rankings.
- The betting corner is a weekly feature. You can bet on one, two, three or all four matches of the CCL.
- The minimum amount to bet on a match is 1 Napoléon. There is no maximum.
- A public excel tabler will be used to display the current results of each weekly bettings, current rankings and participants.
- You cannot give your Napoléons to a friend.
- The bettings for a match close 5 minutes prior to its starting time.
- If you wish to change one of your bets, always re-post a message including which one you'd like to modify. If you post a bet and edit your message later on without saying anything, your bet may be deemed as null and void.

Odds Mechanism:

Because not all matches have the same stakes due to the strength of each participant, each of them will have their own odds. These odds effectively represent the multiplicator impacting every single bet.

Example A


In this example, this encounter opposes two regiments of arguably similar strengths. Because they are in theory of the same level, the odds are gonna be rather similar. With that being said, the 7e Hussards still has a small edge compared to the 15th and this edge shall be represented in the odds.

The '1.40' represents the multiplicator applied on the bets which give the 7e victorious. Effectively, it means that if you did bet 10 Napoléons on the 7e, you will receive 14 in case of a victory on their side.

Example B

In this example, this encounter opposes two regiments of very different strengths. To reflect this skill-gap, the odds are very different. You gain pretty much nothing if you bet on the Nr3 because they are pretty much certain of taking the victory against the Pontoniers. If you decided to take a risk and bet on the Pontoniers, you reward in the case of a victory will reflect the risk taken as it will be multiplicated by 6 in case of an upset.

Off Topic / From novels to films.
« on: December 06, 2018, 11:49:29 am »
I don't think such a thread exists but if it does, just lock this one.

This is mostly a place to discuss novels/books you'd like to see adapted to a series or a movie but if you wish to discuss existing series or a movie taken from a book you like, I don't see an issue with it.

With the upcoming Witcher series (not sure wherever or not it will follow the story from the books or invent a new one), I realized this was pretty much a dream coming true as the books are probably my all-time favourites when it comes to the fantasy genre.

However, I recently found myself enjoying reading a series of books I got when I was way younger, from David Gemmell. I was rather surprised to see that something I read at the age of 15-16 still managed to give me the same feelings at 22. For instance, at the same age, I enjoyed reading the novels part of the Inheritance cycle from Christopher Paolini, following Eragon's story. But that's something I wouldn't go back to. Gemmell's Drenai tales are for me the second best fantasy saga I've got the chances to put my hands, by far.

A part of me regrets that it was never adapted to a movie or a series however the universe he created is so amazing that if it ends-up because something mediocre, I suppose its better that it remains books only.

Community / Native Nations Cup - Crossed Event
« on: September 04, 2018, 11:36:13 pm »
Hello everyone. Just a small message informing you that the Nations Cup 2018 will officially start soon on Native. I know not many people will care about it but something which may interest some of you is the big event/battle (on native) we'll be hosting a bit prior to the NC start, crossing with different warband community. The idea is to promote the Nations Cup to other communities obviously but also - and more importantly - to make people acknowledge that due to the particular format of this edition of the NC, this is the best chance you have (as a non-native player) to give it a try and play in the actual event as multiple teams from the same country will be allowed and many teams/nations will be looking for players to fill their roster.

Every information is to be found on this particular thread and if you have any extra questions, I will be more than glad to help you out.

I know that many active and competitive players often personally asked me if there were big event such as NW Linebattles on Native, unfortunately, this is no longer a common practice so even if the Nations Cup doesn't interest you, it still is a chance to meet and play with people from your country in a huge scale battle event.

To keep up with the number of people interested in this event, I'd just ask you to fill-in this small template. The event will be taking place around two weeks before the Nations Cup starts.

[b]Did you read the above post and understand what it is about?[/b]

Community / It's been a pleasure.
« on: January 15, 2018, 05:57:20 am »
I doubt it will come as a surprise to most of you after the recent events (me backing up from the 7v7 Tournament, leaving the 85e etc ..) but I'm going to stop Napoleonic Wars actively (and all other warband modules for that matter). Now I know that people saying they were 'leaving' has been a thing pretty much since the birth of the community and making a post to 'announce' it, can be seen as highly pathetic by a few. But I've always been one from cringe topics and it actually kind of bothered me to go without saying a lil' good bye.

I have been playing warband for nearly 7 years now and never really completed stopped it, only gave more focus to certain communities like native when I was a bit tired with NW in 2016 for instance. In every communities I've played in, warband wise, I've always felt the need to involve me as the best of my communities because I don't know any other way to do it, simple as. But despite me thinking at some point that Native was going to have the upper-hand on NW, forced to admit that it wasn't the case. Napoleonic Wars will always be my first and best community despite the amazing experiences and encounters I've made on Native too (also part of the reasons why I don't post a message on Taleworlds for example). I've also always told myself that the day I wouldn't feel the vibe, even not a little, I would stop. And this day has come. There is only very few stuff left to clear such as who is going to replace me as moderator of the French forum and its something Carabino and I have already been looking into but for the rest, my posts on the forums and my in game activity have already been decreasing by a large margin those last few days/weeks and it won't become better as the time goes.

I know many people are going to expect a 'Tardet's novel' or something along that line, with me thanking all the people who mattered in those seven years. Well you're going to get a novel one way or another because I can't summarize things for shit even if my whole life depended on it however, true is that to give to those people the recognition they actually deserve, it would take me approximatively the same time needed to write an actual novel, like a book one.

However, a question which often came back when I was discussing with people throughout the years was to explain what were the reason(s) which kept me interested and motived to involve myself in different aspect of the M&B communities and especially on Napoleonic Wars. Among all the answers I could have think of, from the weird-but-unique gameplay which has always fascinated me, to the high competition which never cease to existed, and the diversity of the events that are organised, there is one which always stood out more than any others.

Mount and Blade Warband effectively represents 7500h of my life, the time spent on Napoleonic War being approximatively 50% of it if not more. 7500h. 325 days. 450000 minutes. 2700000 seconds. Nearly a whole year playing that game. And if I don't regret a single second of it, this is mainly because I was given this unique chance to encounter thousands of exceptional people which all impacted my gaming experience in one way or another. I've never been part of the greatest players, never the most talented leader, certainly not the best event organizer. And despite what people may think, I do strongly believe there are hundreds of people who contributes daily into making this community a better, more enjoyable and more interesting place; way better than I will ever do, but who get eventually unnoticed. However, if there is one thing I've always been good at, it’s always seeing the best in most people. Or at least trying to.

My last message is dedicated this to all the wonderful members of this community I had the chance to meet. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Words will never do enough justice to your greatness.

I had a blast.

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