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Links to the profiles are updated for those of you who want to PM Nixa and myself on FSE.

I would like to ask that all admins and regiment leaders add Nixa and myself on steam for better communication. All regiments have been wiped from the waiting list. If you would like to put your regiment on the waiting list again, you will have PM me a new application. If anyone has any concerns PM me or message me on steam.


What is a Hardcore Line Battle? We have created a set of rules that confine the participating regiments within defined formations and compositions. By structuring the makeup and performance of the regiments involved, we have attempted to create a more challenging line battle, where teamwork and training are as valuable as skill and experience. Sternly enforcing the event rules, we hope that players will be rewarded more when they achieve victory, instead of stretching the rules in order to win.

Fridays at 9:00pm EDT and Tuesdays at 8:00pm EDT


Admins: Sivart and Nixa

Admin Emeritus: 5arge, Deofuta, Heinrich, JD, Cthulhu

Assistant Admins: Zach, Skilz, Thunderstormer, SilentMatt, Ego, Obsidian, Kiddee

This bi-weekly line battle is open to public players and NW regiments by invitation only. The server will be passworded, and only public players in TeamSpeak will receive the server name and password once the event has begun. Pubs should join the "Public Regiment" channel where they will be given instructions. Public players who arrive late and miss the short training period may be denied the password. Regiment leaders will receive the server name and password via TeamSpeak in the Line Battle Administration channel. One skirmisher, cavalry, engineer, and artillery unit will be allowed per faction. We will be playing best of three rounds on three different maps. Regiments who would like to request an invitation may do so by following the Guest List Application instructions below.

If your regiment is on the Guest List and you would like to apply for a special position (artillery, cavalry, skirmishers, or engineers), send Sivart a PM for Fridays or Nixa a PM for Tuesdays, in the following format:
In the subject, place "[Role] Application for [Date]" ( For example, Skirmisher Application for 4/20/12 )

Role Desired:
Number of members:
Previous Experiences:

Please familiarize yourself with the event rules. Violators may be slain with no warning.
General Expectations:

-Officers and NCOs are responsible for enforcing the event rules within their ranks. Failure to do so will result in the entire regiment being punished.

-All regiments must agree that they understand and intend to follow the event rules before they are allowed to attend.

-Violation of any written event rule will result in an automatic slay. This is your warning.

-If either side has 3 soldiers or less alive, the rules governing combat may be ignored in order to expedite an end to the round.

-Postponing defeat will result in an automatic slay.

-Team Killing will not be tolerated at any time during the event, for any reason. Accidental TKs may be punished per admin discretion.

Guidelines for Infantry and Skirmishers:

-Lines of more than 8 musket armed soldiers must fight in two ranks.

-Infantry units may only spawn with muskets (cavalry or infantry) or musketoons.  If an infantryman finds a rifle, he may use, but may not spawn with it.

-Skirmisher units may never exceed 13 armed soldiers (one officer and musician do not count toward this total unless they pickup a rifle/musket).

-Soldiers should only fire their muskets while in a properly spaced line formation (skirmishers must use a skirmish line).
               -"One space" is the width of your avatar on screen
               -Infantry should have less than 1 space between them if in two ranks, and no space between them if in one rank
               -Light Infantry (skirmisher w/ bayonet) may have 3 spaces between them
               -Riflemen may have up to 5 spaces between them
               -Anyone who fires out of formation and scores a kill may be immediately slain, and then slain again at the start of the following round
               -Persistent firing out of formation may result in a temporary or permanent ban

-Skirmishers (riflemen or light infantry) may crouch at any time, but Infantry may only crouch if they are out of combat, or in the front of a two rank line (even behind cover, earthworks, sandbags, etc.)

-If only 2 men remain in a line, they must immediately join a friendly line OR charge directly toward their enemy into melee

-If troops enter a building, only Skirmishers/Light Infantry may fire freely. Infantry must form proper formations of at least 3 men if they wish to fire a musket/rifle.

-If an Infantry regiment splits into two separate lines during battle, both lines must fight in two ranks regardless of numbers.

Guidelines for Cavalry:

-Cavalry units may never exceed 13 soldiers (one officer and one musician do not count toward this total).

-Cavalry may fire muskets from horseback, but must be in a line as with Infantry.

-Unhorsed/dismounted Cavalry are considered Light Infantry.

-Cavalry must stay together and fight as a cohesive group. Lone cavalry who are fighting far from the rest of their unit may be slain for ramboing.

Guidelines for Engineers:

-Infantry and Skirmisher regiments may have 1 Engineer in their unit.

-Musket armed Engineers are considered Light Infantry.

Guidelines for Artillery:

-Each faction is allowed 2 guns (cannon, howitzer, or mortar). They may not have 2 of the same type of gun. 2 rockets count as 1 gun.

-Each faction's artillery detachment may contain 9 total members, including the artillery crew and guard.

-Artillery Bodyguards may choose Infantry, Skirmisher, or Engineer classes.

-Artillery Bodyguards may kneel and fire as long as they are within 5 paces of an active cannon.

-If only artillery units are alive at the end of a battle, both sides must charge.

Guidelines for Mounted Officers:

-Any player in command of 40 or more other players via TeamSpeak, may play as the General class.

-The General may not fight from horseback, the horse is for avoiding combat.

-If dismounted, the General may pickup a firearm and is treated as Light Infantry.

Regiments who would like an invitation to this event, may express their desire by posting a Guest List Application here in this thread. All applicants will be considered, and temporary guest invitations may be issued to regiments who apply. If your regiment is invited on a temporary basis, it is your chance to prove to the event admins that you understand the rules and are able to enforce them within your own ranks. Regiments who perform well will be added to the Guest List.

Please use the following format when posting a Guest List Application:

Regiment name:
Regiment leader:
Tuesday, Friday, or Both:
Average attendance:
Regiment thread:

The following regiments have been formally invited and have agreed to enforce the event rules within their ranks. These regiments will receive the password each Friday:

Public Regiment
1stRddt Brigade
Fuss Arty Garde

The following regiments have been formally invited and have agreed to enforce the event rules within their ranks. These regiments will receive the password each Tuesday:

Public Regiment
1stRddt Brigade
Fuss Arty Garde

The Public Regiment is a tradition dating back to the first NA Friday Night Line Battle hosted on February 4th, 2011. In order to fill the server, because there were not many NA based regiments at that time, we allowed all public players to attend. Instead of setting them free upon the battlefield however, we subjected them to a half hour of regimental line drill training courtesy of the 1stEPI's training manual (which was based off of Hardee's manual). Ever since, we have fielded a group of public players formed up as a regiment of their own every Friday and now Tuesday night.

To qualify as a public player, you must not be in a regiment, so players wearing tags may be denied entry into the event.

Public players who have been to many battles and have shown proficiency following and giving orders have been assigned as trustworthy pubOfficers to the Public Regiment. When an admin is not available to train and lead the pubs into battle, the responsibility passes to one of the pubOfficers.

The current roster of honored and respected pubOfficers is as follows: Gooner, SilentMatthew, and DrTaco.

Servers / Re: Iron Europe Official US
« on: March 29, 2014, 10:19:17 pm »
Servers are updated to 1.2

I believe it was lifted.

Servers / Re: Banned on IE_Official_US1 and 2
« on: March 10, 2014, 05:43:41 pm »

Servers / Re: Banned on IE_Official_US1 and 2
« on: March 06, 2014, 08:51:39 pm »
There is no Preston on the ban list.

Iron Europe / Re: Banned?
« on: February 20, 2014, 12:49:49 pm »
I would just use the servers child forum for now. Make sure to specify which server and why you think you should be unbanned.

Servers / Re: Banned off of IE_Official_US1
« on: February 20, 2014, 12:45:15 pm »
The first two times you got kicked for team killing should have made you realize that you shouldn't team kill even if it is fooling around with friends.

Iron Europe / Re: Bugs & Issues - Please report here
« on: February 20, 2014, 06:26:04 am »
Pressing 'p' twice with weapons that aren't supposed to be able to be equipped with bayonets (i.e. Pistols and Truncheons) cause the weapon to be replaced with an "Invalid Object" that is an invisible dagger with blunt damage and uses the unarmed blocking animation.

Regiments / Re: The Prussian Army
« on: February 19, 2014, 08:51:02 pm »
I'll have to have my scribe (Ego) write up a better regiment description. Since Taco is the worst type of person.  :D

Servers / Re: Iron Europe Official US
« on: February 19, 2014, 08:17:26 pm »
There is. We actually have a ton more maps but the list is unupdated. We apologize, you guys must be getting tired of the same three maps.

I think the great problem is there not a big enough pool to pull as far as admins and late night game there are ZERO admins around, from me and my guys just did about 70 or so hours on the offical server WE see that ppl have chosen to put Belgian forest 2 times night and fog, I don't want to insult this map maker but I would change the brigde part as a whole. I'd hate to see ppl be slow to make good use of the 20 maps when the offical servers use 3. If u need help with the server file or anything of that matter let me know I'd be happy to help or PM's or email

The original problem was that a good amount of maps were badly glitched and had to be removed. At least, that's what I heard. The list should be updated pretty soon. As for the admin issue, you see there is  a thread up for applications. Although, it does take time to review these applications and obviously they can't be accepted immediately.

One big problem with most maps is that most of the time their is a pattern. For example, Belgian Forest, each side captures two points, and that's it for capturing bases. It just erupts into a bunch of fights in the forest, but no actual capping.

I feel like there needs to be a bigger punishment to dying, kinda like Battle, but still with a respawn. In the way it is now, it feels more like a constant deathmatch than it is capturing enemy points. I'd think 40 seconds or any where around that for a respawn time would help. Now there are some maps that are quite good and allow for capturing bases and each team changing capture points, but they are in the minority I believe.

I feel like 30 seconds is a good time. When the map rotation gets updated, this won't be an issue. If it even is an issue. There will be plenty of maps you can run around for a few minutes on before you die. It won't hurt to have a 'deathmatch-like' map ever so often to change things up a bit.

Servers / Re: 7NA_Groopfootin - New Thread (New Management)
« on: December 15, 2013, 01:30:52 pm »
Why does everyone and there mother want admin :/

In my case it's because I play on this server a lot and have experienced a great deal of rule breaking. It's not always easy to contact an admin. And it seems sorta rude to pull them from another game.

Also, my mother doesn't want admin.  :P

Servers / Re: 7NA_Groopfootin - New Thread (New Management)
« on: December 15, 2013, 02:30:53 am »
Your community name: Shine*BF2013/[Pirates]Rdr_Shine/-[TRR]-Pte-Shine
Your steam name:
Name of the abuser: BA_1st_RGJ_CSjt_Dan_the_Chef
Explain the situation: - - - (number of people on the server, number of admins, which regiment was primarily on, which players were on. any details are needed) 25 people were on, don't know how many admins, I had just joined. Again, don't know which regiment was primarily on. Don't know the players.
Their offense: Dan the chef came in, changed the map to ambush, locked the server, and began kicking people.
Your offense: - - - Very rarely will an admin punish you for nothing. I want you to try to tell the story from the admins point of view here.  Nothing.
Time and date (include timezone): Dec. 14th, 2013, 5:02 PM EST
Screenshot evidence: - - - *REQUIRED*
This instance was my fault I forgot(Dumbass move) to tell I was using the GroupFootin server for a tournament(Had Grim's blessing).

He's an admin? I thought I saw him tking and shooting the other day...could be wrong..
I haven't been on the server in 2 weeks...

Perhaps it was someone pretending to be you or someone with a similar name. It was rather recent.

Servers / Re: 7NA_Groopfootin - New Thread (New Management)
« on: December 14, 2013, 11:30:10 pm »
He's an admin? I thought I saw him tking and shooting the other day...could be wrong..

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