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Als je moderne rangen gebruikt, weet dan ook dat Ritmeester veranderd is in Kapitein.

Daarbij, hier was toendertijd inderdaad sprake van, maar is nooit tot stand gekomen.

Meestal zijn parate korporaals de Korporaals 1ste klasse, niet de tweede klasse zoals nu afgebeeld (dit is wel correct gedaan bij de wachtmeester 1ste klasse) ditzelfde geldt voor de Huzaar-rang.

Dit is technisch gezien ook niet helemaal juist. Verse Huzaren en korporaal zijn inderdaad Huz2 en Kpl, maar na 1 worden ze huz1 en Kpl1. Dit betekent inderdaad praktisch dat over het algemeen korporaals en Huzaren allebei 1e klasse zijn maar toch even adjustment hier.

Yes. Alleen moet ik onderkennen dat ik een fout heb gemaakt.... De correcte aanspreektitel van een Cadet-Kornet is Jonker. Al is het tegenwoordig veel gebruikelijker om Cadet te zeggen.

Over het algemeen spreken de burgers in de ondersteunende diensten op de KMA je nog wel aan als Jonker.

Oh ja. En Boreel is Regiment No.4 godverdomme.

Historical Reenactment / Re: Let's discuss: Reenacting!
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:10:10 pm »
I just saw that Milsim vid... the question "What the fuck are you doing"  popped into my head often.
Looks like nobody is afraid to die.. i suppose xD

Obviously, but you'll see that always when there's not actually someone shooting at you.

I mean, they're in the field. What the fuck is someone doing standing at parade rest? And why the fuck does he not carry his rifle with him? Both the officer and the guy weren't carrying any weapon...

Historical Reenactment / Re: Let's discuss: Reenacting!
« on: March 10, 2018, 04:17:17 pm »
I just saw that Milsim vid... the question "What the fuck are you doing"  popped into my head often.

Historical Reenactment / Re: Let's discuss: Reenacting!
« on: March 10, 2018, 01:55:02 pm »
The hilarious thing about modern milsim guys is that they try and stick to the protocols and SOPs almost completely... which is completely contradictory if you want to get as close to actual military fighting as you can. Units pretty much keep the core of their business conform SOPs and invent the rest of it themselves.

And the milsim guys usually buy actual proper stuff. Which, if you want to get the experience, is also the opposite to go. Just buy the shittiest and cheapest stuff out there, and you're actually probably much closer.

That said, if you want to get into milsim easily just do Dutch Infantry... get the woodland camo pants from a surplus store, and the rifle you need, and you can pretty much buy whatever you want from then on. Dutch soldiers buy 80% of their shit themselves.
I have heard and seen people who only had the rifle they got from the army, and the rest they all bought themselves. From their boots to their helmets.

Other Games / Re: Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Next big RPG?)
« on: February 22, 2018, 01:37:36 pm »
Pebbles  :-*

Forum & Website / Re: Forum Moderation Team Updates
« on: February 19, 2018, 11:10:13 pm »
Top kek I think Duuring was glad to get rid of me when I stopped being CR. I was already a pain in the arse before and when I did become CR I could just critique all the stuff they had in the admin board as well... yeah good times.

Historical Reenactment / Re: Let's discuss: Reenacting!
« on: February 19, 2018, 05:09:11 pm »
Well... I said what I had to say in a response to this on facebook...

Other Games / Re: Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Next big RPG?)
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:59:25 pm »
So I am two and a half hours into the game now... and the opening credits just rolled... Like literally I spent two hours playing around and getting to know it before the actual title showed up.

From what I can say it looks good. The systemrequirements are a bit on the high side though. I have about 2/3rds into the recommended setup and I am runnig fine.
The graphics are very good, the landscape is beautiful. The character control is a bit slow but it's because everything in this game is slower paced that more well-known titles like Fallout or Far Cry. It is indeed much slower. Combat as well. It is heavy and feels slow but that is fine because the opponents are very slow as well. It makes for far more realistic combat. The story seems to be extremely well written and historically well-researched... which is something that shows how highborn aristocrats treat your character, as a lowborn son of a smith. It makes for a really well-done environment.

One thing that may leave a little to be desired is the voice acting, which isn't as good as I hoped, but I am accustumed to huge titles as Mass Effect (not andromeda though), Far Cry and Watch Dogs. It isn't a gamebreaker though. The story makes up for it by a HUGE degree. Already just in and you have a good basis with already good characters and a good environment.

It is too early to tell more about the game's inner systems like economy and inventory as I am still learning myself, but so far, the help you can get in-game seems solid and can even be understoof by me gaming half-asleep, been awake for 18 hours and slept only 5 hours last night... so while far more complex than others, it is accessiable and will definitely be on par with games like Fallout and Skyrim, if not better.

So, buy? Maybe a bit too early to tell exactly but for now I am firmly in the YES camp.

Other Games / Re: Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Next big RPG?)
« on: February 13, 2018, 03:31:54 pm »
Released. Gonna play a bit tonight to see the sights and feel the feels. I'll post here.

As well as most of WWII and WWI generals from the U.S.

Toffee you misunderstand Nixon here. I mean clearly he means that Washington's actual own army or Patton's army would have obliterated the Persians and that they could have conquered india with their own army. Not suprising and hardly historically possible, but it's nice to know that Patton's tanks would have been able to defeat a pre-medieval indian army.

Yes he did create the gap, but it was Alexander who exploited said gap. You must understand that one man can not control a whole battle. There are many times when people like Napoleon relied on his Marshalls to aid him in battle. That doesn’t take away the victory from him it’s just simply impossible for one person to do it all. We don’t know what conversations were had between Parmenion and Alexander. Perhaps Alexander had ordered him to mange logistics in a certain way or had specifically deployed his army hoping that Parmenion would draw in much of the Persian army so Alexander could exploit that fact. A great general uses the resources at his disposal, including the talented men under his command.

There is a difference that is not discussed in either of your sides. Was the creating of the gap actually executed by Parmenion planned by Alexander in advance? The reason Napoleon was so succesful wasn't because he was a great tactical commander. It's a mistake a lot of people make. Napoleon controlled almost nothing as soon as the actual fighting began. That is a myth. Napoleon was successful in his campaigns because of his division system and the fact he was a master in moving divisions through a theatre. Alexander should have been focused on where his army is in contrast to the enemy and the greater movements he should be making an a battle plan on the larger scale. The actual leading of troops is done by the lower ranks of leaders and from  about the 18th century by army staff officers. The force commander only decides on the greater picture. And if they're not doing THAT, well, then they're just inflated offcicers who arent fit to be a general.

Very army green. Which is always good.

Off Topic / Re: The General Political Thread - Brexit poll (#FSEXIT)
« on: January 29, 2018, 08:11:10 am »
And remember we used to think Milliband was a joke

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