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4eGren (2 63e NCOs who didn't really contribute to the regiment in a major way in comparison to the entire NCO corp, they just wanted a company to themselves to make it their own personal club )

I mean I wouldn't exactly say that they did nothing to contribute to the regiment when there were a few times for a couple of months when they were some of the only admins on your siege server during the prime time for a long period of time. I actually remember times when I would be slightly annoyed that they didn't come play some games with us because they were the only ones to watch the siege server.

Not trying to start shit but just trying to make a point.

Oh! It's Pooba!  :-*

Regiments / Re: 71st Highland Regiment of Foot
« on: July 25, 2016, 03:02:26 am »
Please don't rape us in melee as arty anymore :'( It made us sad

Karth is a grease tank
Actually William is the greasy one since he is the greasy Italian of the regiment.

Servers / Re: 63ème Régiment d'Infanterie Public Siege Server
« on: July 09, 2016, 02:39:50 pm »
Name under which you were banned: Wam
Have you checked if it was a Temp Ban?: I do not know how to check
Explain what happened: a bunch of guys were talking about politics and stuff, so i said "these guys are fags", i am sorry and hope that i can be unbanned
Time and date: 10-11 pm    July 8th 2016
Timezone: PDT- Pacific Daylight Time
User Identification Number: 1235059840

While you wait for a head admin to take a look at your unban request, to check if the ban was temporary just try to rejoin the server. If it was a temp ban then you should be able to get back on after an hour of the ban. Otherwise it was a permanent ban.

To be completely fair though... normally if someone claimed to own an item they would have to provide proof that they had created said item...

Hold on, can this newly reformed 1er jump fences now :O We always had trouble with that in the old days  :P
No Day... the 1er will never be able to jump fences :'(

Literally no point in reforming this reg. If you are going to reform the NA side then do something different. You NA's were never part of its long history in Mount and Musket.

Un Contre Dix 1er Gren.

84e_Inf_Chriseh - 84e_Cpl
Meh, Bart was apart of the 1er Grenadiers before it went inactive. So he was a part of it. In case you don't remember it the 1er Grenadiers had an NA side for a bit of its lifetime. Anyways it really is just a game so it doesn't matter if they use the same name as someone else or not.

don't worry, i'll still be here
I think that alone is reason enough to worry after that last video with you... ::)

in more relevant news...

Yeah guys, in more relevant news...

Jakester keeping up the A company tradition!

Melee level doesn't matter when you're all shit at meming.  :P ::) ;D ;D

The arty was VERY biased for you guys. That could be fixed with a simple change.

Change our sign up to 25-35 please as we gave Immath the boot.

Yeah, I'd have to agree that the arty UK had on that map needs to be moved, since you literally get a shot at the middle flag buildings and that seemed about it (maybe a small bit of open area).

Regiments / Re: 1er Batallion de Ligne "Belge" NA/EU
« on: May 03, 2016, 04:47:13 am »
Bart, you got dis.
:O It's Day! and good luck Bart  8)

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