Author Topic: Requesting ID's (And IPs) of Betty the Bomber  (Read 35854 times)

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Re: Requesting ID's (And IPs) of Betty the Bomber
« Reply #210 on: July 02, 2015, 04:44:25 pm »
Hello could you please remove my id from the list please it was bettylord albie when i joined betty i thought at first they hwere a real regiment this was (3 years ago). she added me on steam and told me if i whanted to join a reg. I once joined an event wiht them and they started tking . So i just left the server i didnt tk nor did anyhting wrong. After that i deleted her from my friend list and her group and she kept on addind me evry day and talking to me wiht" my love"(she called me like that ) until i finally blocked her. So please if you woudl be so nice to tkae my name of that list please as im banned from many servers i enjoyed playing on for something that happned 3 years ago in 2012.If you whant to personally talk to me or any of my superiors to demonstrate you that im no troll nor have ever been please come in to ts server thanks. You know you commit mistakes when you enter the uknown of a new game and not knowing the community nor who are the bad peopleand who are the good people. So im just asking for a second chance that was the only time i logged in to a server with those tags on I didnt tk nor troll so please if you could just remove that from the global ban list  .(sorry first language not english)
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