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Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / [WBMM] North American Season Stats
« on: April 23, 2021, 04:05:49 pm »
North American Season Stats
After each season we want to publish some stats about the best players. The idea is adapted to Yami's tournament statistics. She also helps out with ideas and design. We want to expand the ladders over the next weeks. If you have any ideas on how to improve or expand this, feel free to contact me.

Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking for NA?
« on: June 30, 2020, 11:37:47 am »

As most of you probably seen already, we have successfully launched a Matchmaking System for Napoleonic Wars. It's groupfighting in a 3vs3 and 6v6 gamemode. For anyone who missed it here is the link to the subboard. Of course this is only playable in Europe at the moment because that is where our main region will be set but we would be happy to expend it into other regions as well such as NA. Unfortunately, however I'm rather new to the EU scene already so I have absolutely not clue about the NA scene and I don't even know if you guys would be enough or even would be up for playing it. Please vote in this poll so I can see how many from the NA scene would be interested in playing it.

However, if we ever going to release NWMM for NA I would need some help from you guys.
• First, I would need someone to host servers for NWMM. We won’t be able to host servers for NA ourselves because we are having quite a lot of expenses with EU already.
• Second I would need someone who would be up for taking the responsibility as a Head admin for NA and help me for that just add me on Steam.
• And at last I would need more people who would be up for helping out as admins. For that just add me on Steam as well.

Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / [WBMM] Unban Appeals
« on: June 24, 2020, 06:23:57 pm »

Unban Appeals

If you were banned and you feel like you did not deserve the punishment or the punishment was too harsh, you are allowed to ask for your case to be reviewed here. Same applies to people that are seasonly or permanently banned. If enough remorse and understanding of the rules is shown, your ban may be shortened or removed. Use the code below to make it easier for us.

Unban Appeal
[b]Your nickname:[/b]
[b]Server & Time (if possible):[/b]
[b]A short description of the situation:[/b]
[b]For how long were you banned?:[/b]
[b]Who banned you?:[/b]
[b]What rules did you break?:[/b]
[b]Why should we unban you?:[/b]

Please note that it takes time to get each case reviewed, therefore it is very appreciated if you also invest time in your appeal. Only the admin that is reviewing the case and the player are allowed to post here.

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Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / [WBMM] Videos & Screenshots
« on: June 24, 2020, 06:23:25 pm »

Videos & Screenshots

Feel free to share your WBMM experience by sending us some of your highlights or screenshots.

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Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions
« on: June 24, 2020, 06:22:53 pm »

Discussion & Suggestions

Have a question? Thought of an interesting feature that may be worth implementing? Or just wanna share your feelings about WBMM? Feel free to do it in this thread.

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Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / [WBMM] Changelogs
« on: June 24, 2020, 06:21:38 pm »


All the previous updates will be stored here.

Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / [WBMM] Announcements
« on: June 24, 2020, 06:19:44 pm »


All the important news will be posted here.

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Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / [WBMM] Map Information & Map Discussion
« on: June 24, 2020, 06:18:57 pm »

Map Information

NWMM I by Python

Artwork & Design by Shadey


NWMM II by Python


NWMM III by Python


NWMM IV by Python


NWMM V by Python


NWMM VI by Python


Map Discussion

The maps shown above are the maps played in WBMM battles. If you have any map suggestions, think the map should be removed or reworked, feel free to post here.

Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / [WBMM] Staff
« on: June 24, 2020, 06:12:44 pm »


Server Host & Project Leader

Bullez | Steam FSE

Project Manager & Community Manager

LaPache | Steam FSE

Community Representative

DarkTemplar | Steam FSE


Module Developer

Harman | Steam FSE

NW Module Developer

Wüstenkrieger | Steam FSE

Website Designer

Prince | Steam FSE


EU Staff

MarxeiL | Steam FSE

Python | Steam FSE

Shadey | Steam FSE

Steinmann | Steam FSE

Elsse | Steam FSE

Crusher | Steam FSE

Cookie | Steam FSE

Scottish Unicorn | Steam FSE

Phoen!x | Steam FSE

Kobzik | Steam FSE

Twister | Steam FSE

EpicPizza | Steam FSE

Jerome | Steam FSE

Snikkel | Steam FSE

SA/NA Staff

Wolf (Community representative) | Steam FSE

Jolly (Community representative) | Steam FSE

Anthony | Steam FSE

Fartknocker | Steam FSE

Risk | ]Steam FSE

Fireboy | Steam FSE

Yoshie | Steam FSE

Theodin | Steam FSE

Sleek | Steam FSE

LimaTheCatman | Steam FSE

Guderian | Steam FSE

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Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / [WBMM] Code of Conduct
« on: June 24, 2020, 06:09:08 pm »



Common Rules
§ 1 General Behavior Rules
§ 2 Dodging
§ 3 In-Game Rules

Unique Rules
§ 4 Cheating
§ 5 Smurfing
§ 6 Reporting
§ 7 Ban Evasion
§ 8 Admins

§ 9 Guidelines


§ 1 General Behavior Rules

(1) Players should respect both the letter and the spirit of the rules. Common sense should always be applied, regardless of the situation.
(2) Provoking other players and admins is not acceptable. This includes, but is not limited to saying things like “this admin is so useless”, “this guy shouldn’t have admin”. If you are found provoking other players or admins, you will be given warnings until you are eventually banned.
(3) Impersonation of other players is strictly prohibited.

§ 2 Dodging

(1) After you have accepted a match you must join the server within good time to avoid warnings for forfeiting, if you are found to be consistently dodging matches you will be banned. If you can provide proof that you timed out of your game or that you crashed, you will be unbanned providing it isn't a common occurrence.
(2) Leaving a match before it has ended is strictly forbidden. If you are leaving an active match you will be banned. However, as also stated in rule 2.1, if you can prove that you timed out or crashed, you will be unbanned.
(3) You are not allowed to go AFK during the match. If you go AFK for a long time you will be warned and if you go AFK repeatedly you will be banned.

§ 3 In-Game Rules

(1) Attacking your teammates on purpose is not allowed. If you are found teamhitting on purpose you will be warned and if you continue you will be banned.
(2) Delaying a round because an opponent player is your friend is not allowed. If you are found specifically not attacking someone (letting two people duel instead of joining the fight) you will be warned and if you continue banned.
(3) Trolling which ruins other players experience is prohibited and will result in a warnings and a ban for repeat offenders.
(4) Purposely throwing matches so that your team loses is punishable with permanent bans.
(5) Glitching of any kind be it used to gain an unfair advantage over others is prohibited, this includes abusing glitches on the website.


§ 4 Cheating

(1) It is strictly prohibited to gain an advantage by modifying texture files (if you are unsure if your modification would be allowed you should ask an admin) or using game modifications such as autochamber or autoblock. Every player that is found to have modified texture files or used game modifications to gain an advantage will be banned from NWMM. Admins can request players to either record or stream their footage of all matches where they take part. Refusing or not fulfilling such a request will result in a permanent ban. Admins can request players to take a screenshot of their game while holding any kind of weapon that is requested. This screenshot should contain the admin message, the scoreboard and buildings or players. Failing to comply with any part of this rule may result in a penalty for that player.

§ 5 Smurfing

(1) You are not allowed to have more than one account. If you are found using 2 accounts the latest one will be banned (If you forgot your login data, contact an admin instead)

§ 6 Reporting

(1) Your report must always have any sort of evidence (logs aren’t enough) otherwise it will be rejected automatically.

§ 7 Ban Evasion

(1) Ban evading is strictly forbidden and will result in a 30-day ban on multiple occasions of a permanent ban.

§ 8 Admins

(1) Admins are not allowed to abuse their power in any way. Every admin must follow the rules like every other player has to. If you feel that an admin is overstepping their boundaries please report them to LaPache or Bullez on steam.


§ 9 Guidelines

(1) Punishments stack up with the number of rule breaks. If you get caught breaking multiple rules you will be warned/banned for longer than someone who only broke one rule.

(*) First offense - Warning
(*) Second offense - 24 hour ban
(*) Third offense - Warning
(*) Fourth offense - 48 hour ban
(*) Fifth offense - Warning
(*) Sixth offense - 72 hour ban
(*) Seventh offense - 1 week ban
(*) Eighth offense - Warning
(*) Ninth offense - 2 week ban
(*) Tenth offense - 1 season ban
(*) Eleventh offense - Permnant

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Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / [WBMM] Privacy Policy
« on: June 24, 2020, 06:07:19 pm »


Privacy Policy
§ 1 General Info
§ 2 Processed Data from website
§ 3 Processed Data from servers

Privacy Policy

§ 1 General Info

To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used on the WarbandMatchamking website. This website does not store any information that would, on its own, allow us to identify individual users of this service without their permission.

§ 2 Processed Data from website

Data that we process when you use Warband Matchmaking
(1) When you set up a Warband Matchmaking account, we store information you give us including your username, hashed password and your unique game ID which is based on your serial number.
(2) When you use Warband Matchmaking your IP address is logged by our server, which is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer.

§ 3 Processed data from servers

When playing on our servers, we process and store information including:

(1) General game statistics such as kills, deaths, wins and losses.
(2) Timestamps of account creation and participation in matches.
(3)We process this data in order for us to provide you with full functionality of this website.

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Napoleonic Wars Matchmaking / [WBMM] Introduction
« on: June 24, 2020, 06:05:17 pm »

What is Warband Matchmaking (WBMM)?

Warband matchmaking is a system developed which allows a style of practice that resembles the format which players experience in tournament matches. It is very easy for new players to pick up and only requires basic understanding of the game Mount&Blade: Warband before jumping into a realm of the competitive side of the game.
Warband matchmaking allows users to track basic statistical information such as Kills, Deaths, Wins, Losses and MMR which is a value that determines the skill level of each player. Currently in order to practice for tournaments, players usually resort to public battle servers which does not in any way resemble an actual competitive match.
Now players that are willing to sharpen their skills in preparation for big tournaments or just gain experience on the battlefield can do so at any time using Warband Matchmaking rather than being restricted to arrange a private scrim or play on a public battle server.
Warband Matchmaking previously required a client which had over 2000 matches played, the client had to be downloaded onto the user's system for it to be functional. However, this time, we took it a step further and turned it into a web based application with the addition of many new features. The web based version allows easy and fast access for public users and is more convient for new users. Furthermore, the web based version makes life easier for the devs by allowing easy amendments of current features and less hassle in deploying new features to the users.

WebsiteSteam GroupTeamspeak ip:

Current Features:Planned Features:
• A matchmaking system involving the gamemodes: Battle (6vs6), Groupfighting (3vs3)
• A ranking system involving MMR which is determined by a combination of Wins/Losses/Kills/Deaths/Teamkills
• Statistical preview after the match ends
• Badges reflecting on your MMR -  the higher your MMR, the greater your rank/status
• A chatting system which allows you to be able to chat to everyone.
• Leaderboards showing the top 25 players based on MMR, KILLS, DEATHS and WINS
• MMR punishment for players abandoning a match
• Friends system, you can now add friends and invite them
• Profile page where you can see your statistics for each gamemode
• Reporting players for various reasons (teamhit, troll, racist, toxic, etc.....)
• Donation system
• Community stats


[OSP] Whitelist System by Domipoppe
Also, we shouldn't forget to mention Grimsight who started this idea in the first place.

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