Author Topic: North and South Event Today(August 28th) - Battle of 2nd Manassas  (Read 524 times)

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Hello folks! First post on this sub-thread in 6 months, damn.

This comes a bit late(we mostly announce on discord, that's why), but the mod events community will be hosting a historical event on the North and South mod to commemorate the 160 years from the first day of the Battle of 2nd Manassas fought on August 28th 1862.

-The event will happen today, Sunday, August 28th 2022, and will start at 8pm BST/9pm CEST(thus in about 2 hours and 10 minutes from now) and will last 60-90 minutes.

-The event will be open to the public and thus there will be no password. The server name will be Second_Manassas.

-If you have a reg/clan and would like to sign up as such for the event so as to pick a specific unit then you can do so in our discord which is posted at the end of this message, but anyone can join in without being in a reg/clan.

-Our event will feature custom made maps for the battle and will be fought in three phases:

Part 1: 3 rounds of regular battle for the first days skirmish at Groverton. Thus, 1 life, no respawns.

Part 2: 2 rounds of Siege for the second day's battle around Stony Ridge. Defenders will be the Confederates and attackers the Unionists and both sides will have infinite lives.

Part 3: 1 round in conquest mode with both sides having to claim various points around Henry House Hill. This is to depict the fighting on the third day during the end of Longstreet's flanking attack.

Based on the results from each part, the other parts will be influenced in favor of the winning side and based on the results of the last day, the overall outcome of the battle will be announced in the end.

For more information on the historical event or other mod events, join our discord via the following invite:
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