Author Topic: Unofficial Community Banner Pack; for N&S!  (Read 2811 times)

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Unofficial Community Banner Pack; for N&S!
« on: November 12, 2012, 12:51:32 am »
That's right!
The UNOFFICIAL Community Banner Pack is here; for N&S!
Each new version should come out every week, up to two weeks maximum.
This pack works just the same way as it did for NW, only it will be updated this time!  :lol:

Note that we are all still waiting to see if the devs are going to be updating the game version to 1.006 (NW), so for the time being it does not matter whether or not you flip your picture. I do require everyone to tell me if they flip theirs or not, otherwise your banner will remain flipped (or unflipped). Also note that a mirror will be added later in.

There are some glitchy looking banners in this release, but they aren't very screwed up in-game. Most of the problems at the moment involve the original banners, which shouldn't be a problem for the people who actually use this pack for a reason. I'll be sure to start the pack from scratch for the next release, now that I got all of the complicated stuff out of the way.

(Show up normal in-game)

1a - available
1b - available
1c - available
1d - available
1e - available
1f - available
1g - available
2a - available
2b - available
2c- available
2d - available
2e - available
2f - available
2g - available
3a - 4th Vermont "Applebuckers"
3b - 5th Texas Cavalry
3c - 2nd California Cavalry
3d - available
3e - available
3f - 00th Intergalactic Space Regiment
3g - available
4a - available
4b - available
4c - available
4d - available
4e - 1st New Jersey Artillery
4f - available
4g - available
5a - available
5b - available
5c - available
5d - available
5e - available
5f - 6th Wisconsin Infantry
5g - available
6a - available
6b - available
6c - available
6d - 73rd New York "2nd Fire Zouaves"
6e - available
6f - 3rd United States Infantry
6g - 69th New York Infantry
7a - available
7c - available
7e - available
7g - available
8a - available
8b - available
8c - available
8d - available
8e - available
8f - available
8g - available
9a - available
9b - available
9c - available
9d - available
9e -  available
9f - available
9g - available
10a - available
10b - available
10c - available
10d - available
10e - available
10f - available
10g - available
11a - 13th Massachusetts Infantry
11b - available
11c - available
11d - available
11e - available
11f - 11th New York Infantry "1st Fire Zouaves" "Ellsworth's Zouaves"

Installation Instructions:
1. Back-up your and files into another folder. These files will be found in the location shown below, unless you have Steam installed in something other than C:, or if you did not install from Steam. If you did not install from Steam, it should be in wherever you installed Warband.
  C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\mountblade warband\Modules\North and South v0.3\Textures

2. Extract the .rar into the file shown above.
3. Test it out and enjoy!

Read this if you're interested in having your banner here:
Obviously, regiments that have their banner ready to be imported will be put in to whatever grid point they desire, as long as it is not already taken. Regiments that do not have their banner made can ask for me to do it for them, if they want to hear a big fat NO. I repeat, I will not be doing the work for regiments that are ill-prepared. Keep in mind, banners should be 147x147 pixels.
I am also fine with reserving in-game, regiment-specific flags for regiments on request, but they must be active in at least 1 event per week.

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Re: Unofficial Community Banner Pack; for N&S!
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2012, 03:45:14 pm »
Something is wrong with the banner pack (or with my installation, don´t know). I reserved the original position for my regiment but as I downloaded the banner pack but the positions are changed. For example my banner is replaced by another one etc..

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Re: Unofficial Community Banner Pack; for N&S!
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2012, 10:22:09 pm »
 Yes, I know. I made documentation of this on Taleworlds. This is just up so I wont lose the thread when the NW board gets closed on TW. When v0.4 comes out, with the new banners, I'll be updating the pack again. Until then, I'd recommend not using it.