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Hi, I'm Tex the Veteran 55, But also known as The Immortal Grenadier on Moddb.
I'm the creator of a complete modification of Napoleonic wars Called: Napoleonic Wars REDONE, which changes the whole DLC textures, uniforms, some animations, some sounds, fire effect, new loading screen and music, etc and  a general graphic enhancement.The mod has 3700 views and over 625 downloads already on MODDB.
I'm reposting it here in case some people didnt know of it's existence, ive seen many people asking for a skinpack/overhaul and here it is . I give my work for free, not like those regiment scumbags who do only private stuff.

Download Link:

Enjoy! ;)

Wanted to add some pictures but this site is very meh, cant seem to be able to add any pictures. so just check the link ive provided

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