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Braunschweigisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 92
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The Brunswicker Ducal Korp or "Herzoglich Braunschweigisches Korps" in its native german tongue were a military unit in the Napoleonic Wars.
Most units of the corps wore black uniforms, leading to the "black" nicknames of the unit. The Brunswickers wore a silvered skull badge on their hats "Totenkopf". The Brunswickers were awarded various nicknames by their contemporaries, including the Black Crows, the Black Legion and the Black Horde. However, although the uniforms of the individual units that comprised the corps were, as the names suggest, predominantly black, they varied in their details. Their title originated from Duke Frederick William of Brunswick-Lüneburg.
In 1806 the Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, Charles William Ferdinand, was fatally wounded during the Prussian defeat at the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt. Following Prussia's defeat and the collapse of the Fourth Coalition against Napoleon, his duchy remained under French control. Rather than permit the Duke's heir, Frederick William, to succeed to his father's title, Napoleon seized the duchy and, in 1807, incorporated it into his newly created model Kingdom of Westphalia ruled by his brother Jérôme. Two years later in 1809 the Fifth Coalition against Napoleon was formed between the Austrian Empire and the United Kingdom. The dispossessed Frederick William, who had been a strenuous critic of French domination in Germany, seized this opportunity to seek Austrian help to raise an armed force. To finance this venture he mortgaged his principality in Oels. In its initial incarnation (dated to 25 July 1809), the 2300-strong 'free' corps consisted of two battalions of infantry, one Jäger battalion, a company of sharpshooters, and a mixed cavalry contingent including Hussars and Uhlans.

 single infantry regiment and the hussars were maintained by the Duchy of Brunswick after the end of the Napoleonic War. In 1830, the uniform colour was changed to blue, but reverted to black in 1850. The Brunswick units were integrated into the Prussian Army in 1866 with the titles: Braunschweigisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr.92 and Braunschweigisches Husaren Regiment Nr.17 following the Prussian regimental numbering sequence. Both units kept the skull with the crossed bones on their helmets and caps and carried the battle honours "Peninsula-Sicily-Waterloo" until the end of World War I in 1918, when they were disbanded. At that time, a collection of artefacts and uniforms from the Napoleonic era were presented by the officers of the corps to the Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, where they can be seen today.

The historic black of the Brunswick Corps was retained by the Husaren Regiment Nr.17 in full dress parade uniform until the outbreak of war in August 1914. The Brunswick Infanterie-Regiment Nr.92 however adopted the dark blue tunic of the Prussian line infantry.

The regiment was in 1870 by Colonel Henry Haberland with his adjutant second lieutenant commanded by Otto. It was divided into the First and Second. Battalion (Btl.) And the Fusilier -Leib Battalion. The individual battalions consisted of four companies . The I. Btl. Was under Major von Erichsen that II. Btl. Major Rittmeyer and body Battalion Major von Munchausen. There were only twelve Brunswick officers who were used as a lieutenant, while the remaining 36 officers' positions of reserve officers or reserve NCOs were completed. [5]

On July 16, 1870 reached at 4am the mobilization order , the district headquarters in the city of Braunschweig . On July 27, was in Blankenburg a field service held before the companies of the Leib Battalion towards Halberstadt marched off. For the rest of the regiment a service in Braunschweig was held in front of the infantry barracks in the presence of Duke Wilhelm. [6]

The battalions were on 27 July with the train to Bingerbrück transported from where they Kreuznach by the Palatinate up to Sarreguemines marched. The border with France they had in August 8 Fraunberg crosses. The infantry fought on August 16 when Mars-la-Tour , two days later at Gravelotte and St. Privat and made ​​from 19 August to 27 October the encirclement and siege of Metz with. During this time, the soldiers were called gifts of love from his native Braunschweig. These donations were by rail or post up to Courcelles transported and by the Baron von Cramm forwarded to the soldiers. Through three transports from Braunschweig and from Blankenburg troops blankets and shirts, abdominal belts, socks and tobacco received. From this example, each battalion received on September 5, 1870 around 23,000 cigars. [7] At the siege battles included in Bellevue , Orléans and Le Mans on. While the bulk of the regiment was withdrawn from further fighting, came the III. Battalion still in Chauffour, Chassillé and Saint-Jean-sur-Erve used.

After the return of the troops in the Alsace-Lorraine on 20 March 1871, the regiment was part of the Association of the newly established 15th Army Corps whose General Command in Strasbourg was. The regiment was formed with the 7th Brandenburg Infantry Regiment no. 60, the 60th Infantry Brigade Saarburg the 30th Division Metz . The command of the 15th Army Corps had General of Fransecky . Commander of the 30th Division was Major General von Sandrart and commander of the 60th Infantry Brigade Brigadier of Lehmann .

Oberst [Colonel]
Oberstleutnant[Lieutenant Colonel]
Major [Major]
Oberleutnant[First Lieutenant]
Leutnant[Second Lieutenant]
Fähnrich [Ensign/Colourseargent]
Feldwebel [Sergeant]
Gefreiter[Lance Corporal]

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