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[NA/EU] 9th Virginia Volunteer Cavalry [9thVVC]
« on: September 20, 2016, 03:40:25 am »
9th Virginia Volunteer Cavalry

We have the fullest intention of being a casual group in general, but will do our best to perform light cavalry tasks in line battles/other events in similar fashion to what you might expect of an actual Confederate light cav unit, if that makes sense. If you're looking to ride alongside us and put in work with that gun and sabre, by all means feel free to join! Just be prepared to work cooperatively with your fellow riders and, as always, be a lad and not a douche. Simply follow rules made by hosts, listen to any orders that may be given and give it your all when the time comes to fight. But most importantly, have the most fun you possibly can.

Current Members

9thVVC_Cpt_thatdudeinblack (me)

(Rank is not necessarily an important part of our experience, but no doubt there should at least be some kind of structure, I suppose)
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Hope you have a blessed day, Mr./Mrs. reader, and hope you come with us on the field!

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Re: [NA/EU] 9th Virginia Volunteer Cavalry [9thVVC]
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buona fortuna