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Roll to Dodge II: Zombie Survival Convoy [-]
« on: September 18, 2016, 02:05:51 am »
What is this?
A continuation to my creative forum games, in hopes to turn out even better than the last. Roll to Dodge is a genre of forum games where players say what action they would like carried out and then the GM (me), rolls a dice. We will be using a 6-sided die so this is how the rolls would carry out if you, say, tried to jump over a fence.

1: You run into the fence and break your leg.
2: You get a running jump on the fence, but your leg catches on it and you fall, breaking your nose.
3: You jump over the fence, but land on your knees on the other side.
4: You jump over the fence, and land on your feet.
5: You do a front flip over the fence, landing flawlessly.
6: You jump so high that you go twenty yards forward and crash into the side of a barn.

The United States have been in an uproar since a new pathogen was introduced to the populace under unknown circumstances, even the government are left in the dark on just what the cause is. Not much is certain on the topic, however those infected become extremely hostile. That much is noticeable and not only that, but the pathogen has effected the United States in such a way, everything is out-of-order. There's no government, no military that's bound to service, and hostiles on every corner. Not just those infected, but those whom are scrambling to survive now under the circumstances or groups of people taking up a "different" sense of morals.

It has been nearly a year, and your convoy was one of the few military personal that stayed around. Leaving Fort Meyer every so often upon request. It only gets harder to leave the base, as conflict comes more often now be it zombies or lack of supplies. However, your convoy managed to slip out and make your way to the White House after a call for aid. But little did you know, this choice would change your lives to a great extent. Beginning the tell of a single convoy, the world around you is falling apart, but your a close-knit group who dependent on each other. Presented with the question, "just how will you proceed in these troubling times to come?"

Need To Know:

Convoy Personal Roster
Convoy Leader: Adam NĂ© Gan[Volk]
Team Leader: Kaedon "Casper" Larson[BabyJesus]
Team Leader:
Team Leader: 
Passenger: John Trent[CaptianJake]
Passenger: John "Doc" Walker[Furrnox]
Passenger: James Bondage[Commander Bondage]

Convoy Personal Specs
Standard - Alpha
Alpha 1-1 [Medium Armor]
Precision: 55
Alpha 1-2 [Medium Armor]
Precision: 55
Alpha 1-3 [Medium Armor]
Precision: 55
Alpha 1-4 [Medium Armor]
Precision: 55

Recon - Recon
Recon 1-1 [Light Armor]
Precision: 65
Recon 1-2 [Light Armor]
Precision: 85
Recon 1-3 [Light Armor]
Precision: 65
Recon 1-4 [Light Armor]
Precision: 65

Passenger 1
John Trent [No Armor]
Precision: 45

Passenger 2
John Walker [No Armor]
Precision: 10

Passenger 3
James Bondage [No Armor]
Precision: 10

Fire Modes
Fire modes are very important, in-order to conserve ammo, increase accuracy or even the amount of targets to hit. All weapons will need clips to reload, except pistols. They will have unlimited ammo, however suffer a greater chance to break or lower in Grade.

Mk23 Mod 0

Burst-Fire, Semi-Auto
Full-Auto, Burst-Fire

Machine Guns

RDS: +5 Precision
ACOG: +10 Precision
Railscope: +30 Precision

Flash Suppressor: Nullifies flash
Suppressor: Reduces noise, Lowers bullet damage, +5 Precision
Extended Barrel: Lowers bullet damage, +15 Precision

Laser: Increases accuracy
Grip: Increases Urban Combat ability
Bipod: Nullifies recoil

Weapon vs Armor
Weapon Value
Due to Overshots and continuous usage guns have the chance to lower from Grade I to Grade III. Which causes the "damage" or pierce value to decrease. To fix this, the gun simply needs to be cleaned.

Regular Bullet [R]: 5 - Incendiary Bullet : 8 - AP Bullet [A]: 10
Grade III: ~ - 3 - 5
Grade II: 3 - 6 - 8
Grade I: 5 - 8 - 10

Regular Bullet [R]: 10 - Incendiary Bullet : 16 - AP Bullet [A]: 20
Grade III: ~ - 6 - 10
Grade II: 6 - 12 - 16
Grade I: 10 - 16 - 20

Machine Guns
Regular Bullet [R]: 12 AP Bullet [A]: 24
Grade III: ~ - 12
Grade II: 8 - 20
Grade I: 12 - 24

Regular Bullet [R]: 18 Incendiary Bullet : 12
Grade III: 4 - ~
Grade II: 12 - 6
Grade I: 18 - 12
Armor Value
Armor is able to stop or dampen the impact of certain bullets depending on the coverage:pierce ratio.

0 Protection

5 Protection

10 Protection

15 Protection

25 Protection

Combat System
Below are the hit-box values of certain body parts, you need at least that amount in-terms of precision in-order to score a hit.

Head: 80 Precision
Torso: 40 Precision
Arm: 60 Precision
Hand: 70 Precision
Leg: 55 Precision
Foot: 50 Precision

1: -20 Precision
2: -10 Precision
3: +5 Precision
4: +10 Precision
5: +20 Precision
6: +30 [1], -30 [2] Precision
[6] success roll is only available when using Burst-Fire or Semi-Auto.
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