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The Citadel - The South Carolina Corps of Cadets [EU] [NEW]
« on: August 14, 2016, 01:13:15 am »

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The Citadel traces its origins to a series of arsenals constructed by the state of South Carolina in the 1820s; founded by an act of the state legislature in 1842 as the South Carolina Military Academy it originally consisted of the Citadel Academy in Charleston and the Arsenal Academy in Columbia. The Arsenal was burned by General Sherman's forces during the American Civil War and never reopened.

The Citadel Academy was occupied by Union troops in 1865 and reopened as an educational institution in 1882. During the Civil War, the SCMA Corps of Cadets was organized into a military unit known as the Battalion of State Cadets which took part in nine engagements. In January 1861, Citadel Academy cadets manning a battery on Morris Island fired the first shots of the conflict when they shelled the Union steamship Star of the West which was attempting to resupply Fort Sumter. In December 1864, the cadet battalion made up more than a third of a Confederate force that defended a strategic rail line during the Battle of Tulifinny.

The South Carolina Corps of Cadets
We offer a active regiment, you don't have to be a good player to join we have regular melee, shooting, orders and formation practice to ensure everyone is playing at their best. English is used for orders during events, we are very friendly but in return for our friendliness we ask for respect and discipline. Inactive players (without the permission of absence) are kicked out within a month.

The regiment is currently recruiting, and if you are interested in joining a mature, well disciplined, elite regiment you've entered the right place!

We only expect a few things of you when you apply.
  • Be able to attend our trainings.
  • Be mature, and disciplined. Focus when needed.
  • A form of common sense is required.
  • Be willing to learn. Dont think you are better than anyone else.
  • Never, ever surrender!

Clan Tagg: CSCC_Cadet-rank_name
Faction: Confederate
Unit: Charleston Citadel Cadets

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