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42nd Highland Regiment Of Foot "The Black Watch"
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About us:
Hi guest! We are an international regiment, which is based on the fashion of Blood and Iron,our regiment called the 42nd Regiment Of Foot "The Black Watch" .Our regiment was created on the theme of Scots who fought in Africa,colonized Africa for the benefit of Queen Victoria! In our regiment you can feel the drive,the friendliness.Our regiment is international,so any new person from another country in our regiment,we meet friendly :) Hope to see you in our regiment and see How you are fighting shoulder to shoulder with us!For the Queen!For Scotland!Yay!

King's and Regimental Colours of the Black Watch

The 42nd Regiment of Foot, the Black Watch fought from Egypt to Spain and through to Waterloo. In Egypt the 42nd captured an Imperial Eagle; in Spain the 1st Battalion's stalwart defense saved the lives of other Regiments and that of the military theorist and Scottish general John Moore. In Belgium the 42nd gained huge fame and love from Wellington himself at the Battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo. The 42nd was at the chaotic Battle of Quatre Bras on 16 June 1815 and was one of four battalions mentioned in dispatches by Wellington. Two days later at the Battle of Waterloo, the 42nd and also the 2nd/73rd Highlanders, which was to become the 2nd Battalion, Black Watch, were both in some of the most intense fighting in the battle and lost 289 men. It is said that without Quatre Bras there would never have been a Battle of Waterloo.


Once you apply, a commissioned officer will try to contact you as soon as possible.
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Re: 42nd Highland Regiment Of Foot "The Black Watch"
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Good luck!

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