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4th East Prussian Infantry

4. Ostpreussisches Infanterie
1. Musketier Battalion Kompanie A

This Regiment fights for the The Prussian Army

"Where some states have an army, the Prussian Army has a state." -Voltaire

About Us
The 4thEPI was formed from members of the 126th. Like other regiments in the Prussian Army,  we were created purpose of accurately representing historic military structure and tactics of the Napoleonic Era, thus creating a solid,strict, and elite Regiment of hardly-trained, proffesional and strong warriors. Like other Regiments in the Prussian Army, we are quite unique than any other regiments. We place great emphasis on practicing accurate military structure and tactics of the Napoleonic Era. Furthermore, we are committed to developing and practicing tactics of the period (with regard to the limits set by the engine of M&B:NW), to an extent rarely found in any other Regiment. For these purposes, we are looking for intelligent, humble, and mature recruits willing and able to listen, learn, and contribute.

Why You Should Join Us
We are a professional EU regiment and our aim is to create a diverse atmosphere, where we accept people of all nationalities and backgrounds, regardless of previous experience or skill. We work hard to make sure this community is a fun environment with room for joking around once in a while, but still pertaining a serious outlook on training and functionality. We are also a community outside of Mount & Blade, while not fighting for King and Fatherland, the 4thEPI is playing other games together, Napoleon Total War, CS:GO are just some of the many games we play together.


---No Rank Insignia---
Recently recruited; Rekruts will be promoted once they have shown their officer that they are both willing to be committed to the regiment and have proven that they have knowledge of the basic skills needed to play NW.
Lowest ranking NCO's, Korporals are meant to be veteran soldiers and at the same time, have a sense of how to lead, Should an Unteroffizier fall, Korporals are expected to take their place, of course, after considering the current situation.
These are the lowest ranking Officers in the regiment and act as platoon leaders. It is their job to run their respective platoon and oversee its performance in battle. Each Leutnant is entrusted with distributing information, taking accountability, and coordinating with their Unteroffiziere to ensure that their platoon is combat effective. During battle, Leutnants will take command of their respective platoons and follow the overall orders of the Kapitan.
Musketiers are regulars who have a working knowledge of how the regiment functions and show up to training often, and form the bulk of the regiment in line battles.
The most important Non-Commissioned Officers. Unteroffiziers hold the regiment together in battles. Extremely experienced and have the ability to analyze the regiment and correct their positions. Expected to be very active; NCO's are meant to set up the regiment and get recruits often.
Kapitäns are in command of the company, second only to their colonel, the Oberst. Kapitäns are the leaders in line battles and apply their knowledge of tactics from the Handbook to their current situation. Kapitäns command their line to go in to specific formations and to march to specific directions.
Experienced Veterans, professionals at what they do. Gefreiters have not only proven their capability as soldiers, but have gone above and beyond and proven to be crucial at winning battles.
Usually reserved for one soldier, Feldwebels are file closing sergeants, marching just beside the line and guiding them, Feldwebels are practically officers yet they can not lead, unless the officer falls in battle.
Reserved for colonel of the regiment. Marches alongside the Kapitäns in battle while occasionally not giving orders, the Oberst is the commander of the regiment and his word is final, They will occasionally tell the Kapitäns to stop giving commands so that they may lead instead

How to Join
Leave an application down below and fill out the following information:

Why you want to join:
Do you have TS3:

Or simply add 4thEPI Ameen on steam
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