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8th South Carolina Regiment
« on: April 15, 2016, 07:08:09 pm »

North & South Regiment based on Preobrazhenskiy Leyb-Gvardii Polk

Name: 8th South Carolina infantry.

Colonel (CO)   Col   
Lieutenant Colonel (CO)   Lt-Col   
Major (CO)   Maj   
Captain (CO)   Cpt   
Lieutenant (CO)   Lt   
Sergeant Major (NCO)   Sgt-Maj   
Sergeant (NCO)   Sgt   
Corporal   Cpl   
Private   Pvt   
Recruit   Rec   


Regiment HQ
Colonel bboyka
Lieutenant Colonel NUKE
Lieutenant Sigizmund

1st Battalion HQ
Lieutenant Colonel NUKE
Major Ndreval

Company A
Captain Shaker
Lieutenant Astro
Private and NCO

Company B:
Captain Melbodge
Lieutenant Falcon
Private and NCO
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