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[2ndGaSS] 2nd Georgia Sharpshooters Battalion [EU/NA]
« on: October 21, 2015, 09:28:48 pm »
2nd Georgia Sharpshooters Battalion
Thread W.I.P.

Brief History:

The 2nd Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters was formed in the summer of 1862.  They were later assigned to General J.K. Jackson's Brigade and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.

Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated players which are all experienced within Mount & Blade and in North and South. We base our regiment upon a few simple values, these consist of a friendly environment for all players, respect and helpfulness within the regiment. We do accept new players to the regiment.



Colonel Irvin McDowell (Hebi Kotei)
2nd Lieutenant Cortes


Sergeant Wartortle


Private First Class TaNGoDK
Private First Class Darius
Private Colinmulder
Private Thunderbolt
Private HipsterNerd
Private Webbefet
Private Tuny
Private Ajax
Want to join add Irvin McDowell on steam!!!
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Re: [2ndGaSS] 2nd Georgia Sharpshooters Battalion [EU/NA]
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Good Luck!