Author Topic: High Water Mark American Civil War Mod (Suprise on page 46)  (Read 105040 times)

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Re: High Water Mark American Civil War Mod (Suprise on page 46)
« Reply #705 on: May 02, 2016, 06:07:28 am »
This is not an excuse but rather an explanation of what went wrong. .....technically we have not been working on it the full four years, we have had stoppages from work, Military service, college, Peoples real life forcing them to leave the dev for replacements, learning new skills that none of us had at the start. AND YOU KNOW WHAT.....yes it should be better for our time, we worked on it maybe a night a week on some parts and on others it was night after night working until 4 am after work to try and sort it out. We started this project July of 2012 as per the Taleworld OP, we started this without skills because, at the time, Hinkel had stopped dev on NaS and gave us well wishes to continue. This was meant to be a poor man's supplement to a Civil War Mod, then it became something we all agreed that even if we were the only ones to play it, we should finish it. There was drama along the way yes but instead of shitbagging it maybe congratulate a bunch of folks for trying hard and doing something they never thought they could...Very few of you could even make it this far in a Development before you grew tired and pulled the plug. I Challenge any of you to try and not go insane after working/ serving/ studying for so long then dabbling is the hell that is Modding. We have come to appreciate and respect the Modders of this community as we have realized what it takes to do the job.


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Re: High Water Mark American Civil War Mod (Suprise on page 46)
« Reply #706 on: May 08, 2016, 06:12:25 pm »
Working download link?
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