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99th Regiment Of Warwickshire
« on: May 25, 2015, 12:33:35 pm »


The 99th is a new, active and english speaking regiment.  We are a line regiment only at the moment, that has a centre company. We mostly do LB's, but enjoy doing 1v1's, 2v2's and other events. We play other games and modules for mount and blade as well. 

|Application Format|

In-Game Name:
Previous Regimental Experience:
Steam Name:

Make sure  to add one of the officers on Steam!


Commissioned Officers

Colonel (Col)

Lieutenant-Colonel (Lt-Col)

Major (Maj)

Captain (Cpt)

Lieutenant (Ltn)

Ensign (Ens)
Non-Commissioned Officers

Sergeant-Major  (SgtMaj)

Colour Sergeant (CSgt)

Sergeant (Sgt)

Corporal (Cpl)

Enlisted Men

Lance Corporal (LCpl)

Grenadiers (Gren)

Regular (Rgl)

Private (Pte)

Recruit (Rct)


Napoleon Bonaparte had just began to rule over France when him and his men where going through many civil wars and then the brits began to help him, so the 99th was formed throughout Gaul, Many of the recruits where enemies of Napoleon and so wanted to overthrow him with this regiment. 
Battle Record


Steam: Cpt. Sammy

Website: WIP

If you would like to organise an event with the 99th or talk to one of its members or officers then add the steam link above.


Thanks to Herishey for format.

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Re: 99th Regiment Of Warwickshire
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Good Luck
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