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9th SC Pee Dee Legion

2.Mission Statement
3. Ranks
4. Rules and Events
5. Contact Info
1. History:
The 9th Battalion, South Carolina Infantry was organized in the summer of 1861. It is also known as Nesbit's Battalion South Carolina Infantry, Smith's Battalion South Carolina Volunteers, Captain Grainger's Company South Carolina Volunteers, the Hory Battalion, and the Pee Dee Legion or Pee Dee Rifles. There were 7 companies. In September 1862 the 9th Battalion Intantry was merged with the 6th (Byrd's) Battalion South Carolina Infantry to form the 26th Regiment South Carolina Infantry.

2. Misison Statement
The 9th South Carolina Pee Dee Legion’s mission is to collect and train for the entertainment of its members, and to the memory and honour of the forebears whom bore its name before our time.

3. Ranks
What follows the rank in parentheses are the tags with the rank.
Volunteer (9thSC_Vol_Name)
Private (9thSC_Pvt_Name)
Veteran Private (9thSC_VetPvt_Name)
Star Veteran Private (9thSC_StVetPvt_Name)
Guard (9thSC_Grd_Name)
Veteran Guard (9thSC_VetGrd_Name)
Star Veteran Guard (9thSC_StVetGrd_Name)
Non-Commissioned Officers
Lance Corporal (9thSC_LCpl_Name)
Corporal (9thSC_Cpl_Name)
Sergeant (9thSC_Sgt_Name)
First Sergeant (9thSC_1Sgt_Name)
Quartermaster Sergeant (9thSC_QMSgt_Name)
Sergeant Major (9thSC_SgtMaj_Name)
Commissioned Officers
Cadet Lieutenant (9thSC_CdtLt_Name)
2nd Lieutenant (9thSC_2Lt_Name)
Lieutenant (9thSC_Lt_Name)
Captain (9thSC_Cpt_Name)
Colonel (9thSC_Col_Name)

4. Rules and Events
There will be no defamation of personal character in the community. All members will act with respect to one another as people.
There will be no hacking or leaking of personal information of any member in the community or outside.
There will be no rampant disrespect of an administrator without purpose or reason.
Hacking or crashing of community servers or any other unaffilliated servers will result in a perma-ban.

7 PM GMT- Training
7PM GMT- Training

7 PM GMT- Training
9 PM GMT- 26thNC Linebattle

5. Contact Info:
Colonel Pootis:
Captain Haxor:
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Re: *(RECRUITING!)* "9th Batallion SC "Pee Dee Legion" *(RECRUITING!)*
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