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Under the command of the prestigious and wealthy patriot, WADE HAMPTON, The EDGEFIELD HUSSAR CAVALRY REGIMENT Has been raised! We offer glory, fame, and money to those who are willing to volunteer for our unit! We need strong, able bodies to aid in our fight!

Unit History:
The Edgefield Hussars were raised as a part of Hampton’s Legion, a brigade with multiple branches of arms. They were raised from Edgefield County, South Carolina. It had roots in militia raised in South Carolina in 1833, by Andrew Pickens Butler. It was formed into Edgefield Squadron in 1851, and it fought beside the Hampton Legion in multiple battles across the East Coast Theater. It was commanded by Captain Matthew Calbraith Butler through the war.

*Tags are in brackets

Trainee [Tne]

The Trainee is a cavalryman who has recieved training in how to ride the horse, and now rides into battle to experience battle, and to earn glory, and promotions.


The Trooper is the basic rank. He is the basic backbone of the Cavalry Unit. He rides in the ranks along with the others. Unlike the Trainee, this rider must distinguish himself.

Prime Trooper[PTpr]

The Prime Trooper is a trooper who has shown his strength. He is a trooper who has done the best he can to show he deserves to move up. Is beginning to be noted by the command with greater respect.


This is a trooper who has shown extreme prowess in combat. From here he chooses one of two branches: Dragoons or Hussars.

Specialized Branches


Light Hussar[LHus]

The first rank of being inducted into the Hussars, the special riders of the cavalry, the fastest and deadliest melee riders, who skid by the enemy, picking them off one by one.

Medium Hussar[MHus]

The more daring of the Hussars, Light Hussars who have proven their capabilities, and are trusted with occasional leadership of the Hussars. Experienced troopers.

Heavy Hussar[HHus]

The most experienced riders, masters at destroying infantry formations, and deadly weapons innate of themselves. Often trusted as Third-In-Command, and in serious consideration for NCO training.


Light Dragoon[LDgn]

A new inductee into the Dragoons. Beginning to be trained in the ways of the long-range skirmishers who strike and ride off before the enemy can reply effectively.

Medium Dragoon[MDgn]

A rather experienced dragoon who has learned a few of the ins and outs of skirmishing with the enemy. He has a little more trust than the inductees.

Heavy Dragoon[HDgn]

The most experienced skirmisher in the dragoons. He can shoot well, whether riding or still. They are trusted as 3rd in command and are in serious consideration for NCO training.

NCO: Non Commissioned Officers.

Lance Corporals[LCpl]

 NCO’s in training. They are recieving the ins-and-outs on how to lead the cavalrymen. Usually selected from Heavy Hussars or Heavy Dragoons.


Full NCO’s. They have light duties, such as helping keep discipline, trainings, and leading recruitment.


Medium NCO’s. They have the full duties of an NCO, and full responsibility. At this point, the soldier is evaluated to see if they are fit for leading a branch.

Staff Sergeants[SSgt]

The last NCO rank. At this point, they are 2nd in command of a branch, either Hussars or Dragoons. They are also heavily responsible for keeping order in the ranks.

CO’s: Commanding Officers

The first CO rank. A CO in training, being groomed for command of a branch as a Lieutenant.


The last rank that commands a branch directly. They are first in command of either Hussars or Dragoons.

2nd in command of the regiment. He carries out full CO duties, such as writing reports, helping to organize regimental events, and ensuring the morale of the regiment is not broken.


Fully in command of all aspects of the regiment. He and the Captain personally command the Troopers and the Trainees, while the dragoons and hussars act as seperate units. Fully in charge of organizing and ensuring morale does not break.

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