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[Dixieland Army] 9thTX Regiment 'Lamar' Artillery.
« on: November 23, 2014, 07:46:32 pm »
Claiming and Reserving the Name "9thTX Regiment" >.

History of the 9thTX

At home belts began to tighten. In May, 1862 Lamar County Chief Justice Francis Miles and the county commissioners authorized a tax levy of ten cents on the $100 to support some of the eventual 900 destitute families.(1) Young Burgher, who moved to Forest Hills in 1854, was in charge of taking care of that area of northwest Lamar County. James Mallory, near Atlas, was appointed there.(2) Others who helped in the various precincts were: E. Simmons, Washington Biard, William Yates, Francis Miles, Jasper Crain, John Maxwell, D. H. Davis, Simeon George, Thomas Lane and Minter Parker.

Leadership of the 9thTX
Colonel Lady Moraine
Lt Col Rex
Maj N/A



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