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Regiments / Re: 16. (3rd West Prussian) Infanterie-Regiment
« on: November 13, 2012, 06:43:25 pm »
 Linebattle tonight, gentlemen. I'd like to get everyone early, and invade the public server in hopes of stealing some recruits  ;)

Regiments / Re: 16. (3rd West Prussian) Infanterie-Regiment
« on: November 12, 2012, 10:52:42 pm »
Thanks guys  ;)

You don't want compliments? Then what do I say? Oh...

You suck Tico!

Good Luck

Regiments / Re: 16. (3rd West Prussian) Infanterie-Regiment
« on: November 12, 2012, 06:08:21 pm »
Danke McEwan

Regiments / Re: 16. (3rd West Prussian) Infanterie-Regiment
« on: November 12, 2012, 04:58:21 pm »
Thanks gentlemen. Thread updated, more to come later, but for now it will do.

Regiments / Chernarus Cuirassier Regiment - Media
« on: November 12, 2012, 04:14:40 pm »
Media and Stuff


Mount and Musket


Napoleonic Wars


December 2014

January 2015



January 2015

Regiments / Königlich Sächsische Armee
« on: November 12, 2012, 04:14:28 pm »

The Army


The Nation of Saxony throughout the Napoleonic Wars fought both with and against France. In the early stages, Saxony had went to war with Napoleon with their neighbor Prussia; however, further down the line the Saxons would side with France as part of the Confederation of the Rhine (or the Rheinbund). Following the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, Saxony rose to the title of a full Kingdon, the Königreich Sachsen. The Kingdom of Saxony was similar in size and population to the newly-formed Kingdom of Westphalia, but its military- which had been a standing organization for many years- was much more organized, experienced, and disciplined. Historian John Elting wrote of the Saxons that "Saxon Cavalry was among the the finest in Europe, and the Infantry was usually reliable." In addition the King of Saxony, Frederick Augustus, was described by Napoleon as "The most honest man to ever hold a royal sceptre." After the disastrous Russian Campaign and the Wars of Liberation (Leipzig, etc.), Saxony was treated harshly by the Allies, annexing much of its land.

in MM/NW

The Saxon Army of NW is much different than the traditional Armies of the community. As opposed to being an loose organization of regiments that come together, the Saxon Army is the latest iteration of the 16th Kampfgruppe which holds its founding all the way back to December of 2010. We have been a close community for almost five years now, and as such this Army is a representation of that, a centralized and close-knit community of gamers. Members are expected to maintain activity in the community, and add to it. We recruit members on the principle that they are joining a long-term community, and not a simple NW regiment. Recruits who do not want to add anything to the community, and would rather hop on once a week to reap the reward of a linebattle will be turned away.


1. König Infanterie-Regiment
The 1st King's Infantry Regiment is the Army's senior-most infantry formation. The regiment fight in disciplined line formations to deliver deadly volleys and charges. The Regiment's facings are Red.

Commanding Officer
Major Branok

4. Landwehr-Regiment
The 4th Landwehr (Miltiia) Regiment is the Army's "reserve" regiment. It is filled with members considered "on reserve" (excused from activity due to certain real life reasons), members considered "retired", as well as all income Rekruts, regardless of which combat branch they will be going to after being a Rekrut.

Commanding Officer
Oberstleutnant Grit

1. Leichte-Infanterie Regiment
The 1st Light Infantry Regiment is the senior-most light infantry formation. Generally, this regiment fight in line formations, dealing deadly and accurate fire; however the regiment can also fight in skirmish formations if the need arises. The regiment wears green jackets.

Commanding Officer
Major Thomas

Jäger Kompanie Nr.3
The third Jaeger Company is a formation of elite riflemen. Generally, this unit will fight in skirmish order; however, they can also be called to fight as line infantry. The company also wears green jackets.

Commanding Officer
Kapitän McCuddles


General Officers
General - Gen
Brigadegeneral - BG         
Field Officers
Oberst - Oberst
Oberstleutnant - ObLt
Major - Maj
Company Officers
Kapitän - Kpt
Premierleutnant - PLt
Secondeleutnant - SLt
Non-Commissioned Officers
Feldwebel - Fw
Unteroffizier - Uffz
Korporal - Kpl
Gefreiter - Gfr
Soldat - Sdt*
Rekrut - Rkt
* - The soldat rank can vary. Soldat is used for Light and Line Infantrymen, Jäger (Jgr) is used for Riflemen, Reiter (Rtr) is used for Cavalrymen, and Kanonier (Knr) is used for Artillerymen.


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