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Regiments / Re: 77y Pehotniy Polk (2nd thread)
« on: July 10, 2018, 09:00:15 am »
Mal is welcome back anytime.
quick is way too lazy to do shit.
Don’t worry aztir, i will come and save you all from Quickones mistreatment’s and laziness some day. If i go silent over the next few days, quick has found me and silenced me - down with majorly lazy shit0ne!!1!!

Regiments / Re: 77y Pehotniy Polk (2nd thread)
« on: July 06, 2018, 09:37:26 pm »
77y troll reg wtf getting banned from 40eri friday siege
(I love you all pls dont beat me)

Regiment Name: 1stEB (1st Evil Brigade)
Regiment Leader's/Representatives Steam: &
Class applying for: Rifles or Line, whichever is free
Numbers attending: 10-15
Preferred Nation: Don't care
Preferred Team (1 or 2): Don't care
Would you like to join weekly?: Weekly if good
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated?: Ya
Only for arty: how many cannons can you operate with?: -

Servers / Re: ♜ Minisiege & EU_Commander
« on: June 28, 2018, 02:58:11 pm »
Minisiege public event
On Friday the 6th of July at 5pm UK Time there will be a public event hosted on Minisiege. This is our first time doing one of these, so hopefully it will all go smooth and be fun for everyone!  The outlining details of the event can be found below:

Anyone is welcome to join, it will be same as any other time you join Minisiege - no password!

The Idea

  • It is 1796 and Napoleon Bonaparte has been appointed commander in chief of the French army in Northern Italy, this comes after the resignation of general Schérer.
  • 2 years prior in 1794 the Austrian led allied forces attempted an attack on southern France, but failed due to the tactical genius of, the then artillery commander, Napoleon.
  • 2 Factions will fight over the territory of Northern Italy (To mimic the Italian campaigns of the 1st coalition), each starting with 4 "provinces".
  • If, for example, France were to decide to attack area 6 of the picture provided and win, this territory will then become a part of France. After this victory France can decide to continue the attack or defend.
  • If a side loses all of, or most of, it's territory then the campaign will end and the other side will be the victor.
  • There will be 1 round per map, the second round will be used as a voting time for the team who won the first round to attack / defend. This also gives us time to update the actual campaign map.
  • Event will last roughly 2 hours a day until the victor has been decided. Depending on the day, the event could be paused with a whole day inbetween before restarting where we left off.
  • Factions will only be able to attack territory adjacent to their own (Strawpolls will ensure this).
  • Discord voice chat will be used to provide better communication between teams if you want to join in feel free then! Strawpolls will be posted on our Steam Group and Discord so you can get involved then!

Everything in this event is optional and nothing will be forced on people - no team forcing, no lining up enforcement, ramboing is allowed as always and first come first serve to artillery as always.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or on our Discord. Everything will be available on our Discord, regular announcements and updates will be provided there too.

Thanks for reading
- Gretel

Events: EU / Re: 40eRI Friday Siege Event
« on: June 26, 2018, 07:38:41 pm »
- Regiment Name: 1stEB (1st Evil Brigade)
- Regiment Tag: 1stEB
- Class: Lights & Artillery
- Preferred Nation: UK
- Number of Active Members: 12-20
- Colonel & Representative's Steam IDs: Col: SgtMaj:
- One off or Regular sign up?: Regular
- Will you follow the current rules?: Of course.

Servers / Re: ♜ Minisiege & EU_Commander
« on: June 09, 2018, 10:28:28 am »

Is that happend before?

I've saw this the rare occasion in the past, maybe like 9-10 times in the last 4 years or so. A very great score with an equally as great K/d ratio, I'm sure those attackers were retreating upon the very sight of that approaching!

Mapping / Re: Blitz_craig 's Historical Maps [29 Total]
« on: June 05, 2018, 02:29:32 pm »
We're using some of these maps on Minisiege as rotation and out of rotation maps. The main map in question we are using is "Almaraz", for our rotation, and is under the name of Custom map 97 on our server, which we've edited it heavily to work for our Siege game mode. We've provided credit in our announcements on our Discord, Steam Group and Website.  We might use more in the future if we can edit them to fit the theme of Siege, but we will of course credit you further if this does happen. Great maps, thank you very much for sharing these and letting us edit them!

Screenshot of our edit:

Regiments / Re: 1st Evil Brigade - Line, Cavalry & Artillery!
« on: May 15, 2018, 01:27:59 pm »
Fuck knows what goes on in our cav tbh, they're mysterious people

Regiments / Re: 1st Evil Brigade - Line, Cavalry & Artillery!
« on: May 15, 2018, 01:18:24 pm »
That's just the old roster that no one even bothers updating, but quite a few people are still active in that list under different ranks. A lot of new people have come in since whenever that was updated, so a few NCOs aren't even on that list :P
There are still a decent amount attending events at least, from 14-30 depending which day it is and what companies are attending those events.

Regiments / Re: 1st Evil Brigade - Line, Cavalry & Artillery!
« on: May 15, 2018, 11:05:37 am »
This roster is a tad outdated, dead reg confirmed? ? ? ?

Servers / Re: NA Gaming Community Siege Server
« on: May 07, 2018, 01:19:48 pm »
Best of luck!

Servers / Re: ♜ Minisiege & EU_Commander
« on: March 22, 2018, 03:26:19 pm »
EU_Commander updates - 22/03/2018:
Server updates:
  • Sappers added to the arty to build earthworks in front of the cannons as a protection
  • Bots don't drop items anymore, except for shovel and ramrod (this was done in order to try reducing server lag, so your feedback on this would be most welcomed)

Admin updates:
  • Dr_Rask and Roenz have completed their trial phase and are now considered as game admins. Congratulations!
  • Separate admin whitelists added: There are now 3 different whitelists - each for Senior Admins, Game Admins and Trial Admins. Each of them gives certain permissions on the server

All the changes will be there after server is reseted!

Any and all feedback on these changes are greatly appreciated via a comment here or a suggestion through Steam to me. We're still developing changes to try and keep things "fresh" and unique on both of our servers! Thanks to Kanade who has provided, and continually for a while now, these great scripts!

Servers / Re: ♜ Minisiege & EU_Commander
« on: March 03, 2018, 12:15:54 pm »
We're back with another minor update for Minisiege!
Minisiege updates - 03/03/2018:

Custom map 5 (Lighthouse):

  • Moved one of the spawns on the boats to a more secure location in the middle of the main boat, this SHOULD fix the spawning off the side of the boat.

Siege of Toulon (Day):
  • A swivel-cannon was bugged so it couldn't turn. Fixed this, it can now turn.
  • Also moved one defender-swivel a bit back, so if captured by attackers, they can now use it more effectively against the defenders.

Fort Hohenfels (Day):
  • It was possible to walk on a wall and into defender spawn. Blocked that way with a crate of bottles for the amusement of players who can jump there.

  • Small wooden wall added next to church to better assist defenders from the east of the flag.
  • More defences around the outer wall (over turned carts and the such) to better help the defenders. This will hopefully better balance the map as before once the attackers captured this area, it was too open for defenders to defend.

Thanks to Aztir and Kruse for these updates to the maps! There is more to come! Add me on steam by clicking my name below in my signature if you have any questions.

Servers / Re: ♜ Minisiege & EU_Commander
« on: February 27, 2018, 11:42:10 am »
It's been a long time since something was posted under this topic, so I think it's about time that I correct that! Minisiege and EU_Commander are still going strong today since their creation some years ago (2014 for Minisiege and 2015 for EU_Commander respectively). I will post below the changes that have come in the last 5 or so months since the last update post here for both of our servers.

- We've founded a Discord server and have reached 200 members! Link to join here:

- Our up-to-date Steam Group for both servers has reached 800 members! Link here:

- Our website has almost reached 800 unique members too, we're sitting at 795 as of posting this!

- Admin applications for both servers are open on a permanent basis. Apply on our website ( if interested.

- New Head Admin. This spot goes to TheQuickOne of the 77y.

- New senior admin. This spot goes to Takeout of the 16th.

- New Community Manager (hi). This spot goes to me, Gretel of the 1stEB. Qubez will be missed and thanks for everything he did whilst he was on our server and 33rdNW_Siege.

- Banlist has been wiped in it's entirety (Around 640 names in all) on the 25th of December 2017. However, this doesn't include those we deem deserving of our "Special Banlist", which includes around 44 names currently.

- Restructure of admin team, new Trial period system introduced to help assist newer admins into their roles. Before it was a simple "You're in, have fun and here's the password / whitelist".

Script changes and additions done by Caesim, very much appreciated work from him and big thanks to him for all of these changes!

- All scripts updated to be compatible with the new NW update as of day 1 of the release.

- Optimisations regarding server lag.

- Server welcome message updated (Text wrapping also was fixed as it used to take up a new line for 1 word). This also adds player GUID here.

- Server automatic messages introduced to advertise our Steam group and Discord 5 minutes into every round, rotating between the messages (So first round could be Discord, 2nd Steam).

- Earthworks now disappear, if they are undug when they have no hp left. Allows undigging of glitched earthworks.

- Medics have been buffed (To replace our old toilet healing system).
     - Healing cap was removed (used to only be able to heal someone to a certain percentage of extra health, now you can infinitely heal to 100% health)
     - Health per hit with the bandage increased to 20% per hit.
     - Text colour changed from pink to red (helps admins, as it was the same colour as internal admin chat)

- Flags have been re-introduced into the server. If these are dropped, however, they do not stand upright but are dropped like a weapon (to avoid flag blocking / trolling).

- Spyglasses re-enabled, bugs regarding this have been fixed.

- Bonuses turned back on so flag bearers and musicians are not useless in a battle now.

- Cheer animation for everyone, this is attached to the B key.

- Admin skins are re-added. These skins (not admin ones, ofc) will be available for players at some stage via the leaderboard positions.

Map changes are done by the good work of our 2 map managers, Kruse and Aztir. Big thanks to them for keeping things fresh and updating maps on requests!

- Various minor tweaks to old rotation maps, all details can be found below for these:

- Zulu map (Custom map 9) - removed from rotation entirely.   

- Out of rotation map (Fort Fausbourg (Morning)) is a new cav map being tested.

- Rotation completely changed, much easier to keep track of as it goes from custom map 1, 2 , 3, 4 ,5 - In a logical order.

- Sjotofta, new rotation map to replace custom map 9 (Zulu map).

- Custom map 16, new hybrid infantry and cavalry map.

- Avignon, new map added into rotation. Full rotation list can be found below:

- Arty ammo glitch re-added (after being removed in official NW update).

- Grenzers don't have musketoons anymore.

- Regiments should spawn in Hold Fire stance.

- Added more non-rotation custom and vanilla maps.

- Full list of non-rotation maps can be found on our website here:

- Flags and musicians are in the middle of your line again.

- After 30 seconds into the map, a reset is issued (A timer informs the Players) (also for big maps the timer is longer).

- Austrian Grenzer, Prussian Freikorps and Russian Militia are counted as lights. They are limited and spreading them is allowed.

- Russian Militia spawn with guns only.

- All Lancers have Lances now.

- When in 1 Row, Light infantry and Skirmishers can spread only 1 time, instead of 2 (does not apply to cav).

- Dragoon horses won't go wild.

- Horses that are dismounted on purpose can't be killed by teammembers.

- Arty is teleported 10 meters at spawn.

- Draws will give both teams 1 Point

- Admin message at roundstart is back.

- Anti-Rambo script will be enabled all the time

Apologies for the long post and list of changes, but as you may understand it's been quite some time since anything has been posted here so I've tried to keep it brief. I will attempt to keep things updated here from now on as I would on our Discord and Steam group. Thank you for reading!

Napoleonic Wars Public Community Manager

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