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Confederates / Re: 31st Louisiana Zouaves Needs You!
« on: August 18, 2016, 06:26:55 pm »

Confederates / 31st Louisiana Zouaves Needs You!
« on: August 17, 2016, 09:27:08 pm »

    hello there, the 31stLA is a newly formed regiment under the command of Colonel Wusten and many Experienced officers.
    We are part of the DA and are recognized by them as an official regiment. And as such we attend the Events hosted by the DA on the specified days, on some days however we may attend the LCA events. We strive to achieve an event every day apart from Monday. We use Mondays for normal training and Officer training to ensure our officers command to the best of their abilities.

    Below is a Wikipedia link on our regiment, if you're interested in the history of the regiment then please look at it, however do feel free to skip it :)

    Obviously you must have guessed that we need recruits to join us, we are a small regiment, because we were only created and established 3 days ago. but in that time we have managed to gain 15 members from many nationalities and walks life.
    This is a Full roster for the regiment. You do not have to view but this gives some information on who is there with us.

    Officers :

    Colonel Wusten
    LT.Colonel Nigel Thornbury
    Major Knight
    LT. Slothgod.
    Quartermaster Lord Byron
    Enlisted :

    Pfc. Lain
    Pvt. CrazyHorse
    Pvt. Rebelius
    Pvt. Moscow
    Pvt. Haedoo
    Pvt Courtland
    Pvt. Knalex
    Pvt Luebert

    The regiment currently has 15 members, but we always need more!
    as mentioned we have people from various countries, we have some Germans, a Slovenian, and Irishman and me! im a British guy!
    We all work from the EST Times however since we are all from experienced regiments who used that time we found it best to follow that.

    Also it is worth noting that its required that you have a good ability to speak/type English for the regiment, it is NOT an issue if you dont have a microphone, we still welcome those who do not have the ability to talk.

    Things the Regiment has:
    • We have a Teamspeak that we use for events and anything outside events!
    • We also have a server we use for training on (This is only on Mondays however)
    • We also have a steam group that we use to keep members of the regiment up to date on event times and other important things!

    If our regiment interests you then please, dont hesitate to either Add me on steam, or leave your own link to your steam (Has to be a link, using names can be very hard)

    My Steamlink is here for everyone who is interested

    Remember that if you need me to add you, then make sure its the link to your profile and not just the name, just like i have!
    We hope to see you soon!

    - QSgt Lord Byron :)[/list]

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