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How many people usually attend this event?

This unit has already been reserved

"Potomac Calls To Chesapeake"

The 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry is calling up for Volunteers to join our ranks to defend the State of Maryland.

Why YOU Should Join:
The 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry is a Neutral unit. As Maryland was a Border state with regiments on both sides of the war, we have both sides in our ranks making us both a Union and Confederate unit. Our unit is full of experienced players, going as far back as May 2014, with Secession, North and South and Napoleonic Wars, as well as War of Rights and Battle Cry of Freedom. Our unit is as relaxed as it gets with no mandatory trainings, no minimum attendance and no bureaucracy, making it the perfect unit for those who wish to play an American Civil War game without all the luggage and paper work.

What The Unit Has to Offer:
The 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry offers many things to new players as well as those who are on the fence about Battle Cry of Freedom. Rank progression, specialist roles and NCO roles so that everyone can play the game as they see fit. We play both sides of the war so you won't have to worry about only ever playing one side or the other constantly as may happen in other units. We have a laid back group so you won't be hounded down about trainings, event attendance and internal affairs as we know everyone has a life besides this game. We seek fairness and believe no matter your rank or years of service everyone has equal say in what goes on with the unit as without you there is no unit.

How Do I Join?:
To join the 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry just copy and paste the form below and fill out the information requested. Or friend DomDowg on steam and message me saying you wish to join the 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry. If you have any questions you can friend DomDowg on steam, post in the reply section on this thread or Private Message me through the forum. To whomever wishes to join I hope to see you on the battlefield and help us help this game grow and expand.

Enlistment Form:
Steam Name:
In-Game Name:
Region (NA/EU):
Faction (USA/CSA/Neutral):
Any pervious experience,(if none say n/a):
Do you own BCoF (yes/no):
If no, are you looking into buying the game:
Do you have a microphone (yes/no):
What do you wish to see with your time in the unit:

"From Hill to Hill, From Creek to Creek - Potomac Calls to Chesapeake. Maryland My, Maryland!"
"The Old Line's Bugle, Fife, and Drum. Maryland My, Maryland!"


2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry At Community Event 06/26/2022

Enlist In The 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry Today!

We are the 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry or "The Maryland Line". We are fighting for what our fore fathers fought for. Our Rights! We are fighting for the preservation of the union. President Abe has called for 75,000 volunteers let us send support. He has sent 10,000 men to guard us may we join the cause. If we should still have our property may we defend it from the rebels! We are now embroiled in a fight not only to Preserve the Great State of Maryland but in a war, in this our Civil War. In the days of the revolution Washington saw Maryland troops as the elites, "The Old Line" and know we must prove it again!Enlist Today!

We are a USA/CSA unit as Maryland was a split state and to avoid the confusion of a Union and Confederate 2nd Maryland. We welcome all who wish to join our unit and as we are made up of Native Marylanders we especially encourage Marylanders to join. We are a relaxed unit where ranks, regimental drama, and bureaucracy will not kill your experience. We wish to avoid the many things that were common grievances is the North and South and War of Rights communities.


Captain DomDowg
Lieutenant Nick_Calzone
Adjutant Rebellax
First Sergeant Jaeger_Coyote
Corporal Dwave_Maffews
Lance Corporal Shotgun_Saint_Gigglez
Private First Class Elijah
Private Forward_To_Death
Private Bryson
Private Kalona
Private Petey
Private Bobenation
Private Breckcj15
Private Wyatt_Earp
Private Nickcee89
Private Locke1740
Private ZZ
Private Casey_Silkwood
Private dmato_87
Private RonaldMcdonald
Private Alexandertheok
Private Dr.Skott
Private F4LION
Private Strobe
Private Madman14782
Private Coltr1
Private Srgt_G
Private Kirrub
Private Attopax
Private Mozgojed
Private Patty
Private Hillsand
Private Scumlord_General
Volunteer Perkyczniko

Total Manpower
Commissioned Officers - 3 -
Non-Commissioned Officers - 3 -
Enlisted Men - 28 -

Rank Structure

1st Lieutenant
First Sergeant
Color Sergeant
Lance Sergeant
Lance Corporal
Private First Class
Veteran Private

1. They must be respectful to everyone no matter the circumstance. This may be fellow members or players out with the Company. This also covers insulting someone, racism, retaliation in-game, bullying, trolling and discrimination. At all times you are representing the Company and must show the highest level of maturity.

2. They must follow orders. This is extremely vital as you must follow orders given by your Commanding Officer or Superior, and must be done so without argument or hesitation. If you don't agree with the tactics being used by your Superior there is a time and place to bring your point forward. During events is not the time and you must respect their decisions.

3. They must learn and train to become proficiently skilled soldier in tactics as well as skill. They must be able to act as line, skirms, cav, arty, and other. Must know melee and shooting skills. Learn how to charge and group fight as a team. Show No Mercy!

4. They must remain active to be a useful contributor to the Company, attend trainings and events when you can and if not please inform us so that we know. There is always room for everyone and their schedules.

4.5 Officers must be as and more disciplined than the Enlisted. They must know how to command, stay focused on the battle and not scream and yell random topics with the soldiers, and must make split second decisions while in battle.

5. Extreme behavior and discipline is to be shown at all times no matter where you are. During line battles there is to be no head banging, fidgeting in line and aiming your weapon at a teammate. Members must use the Permission to Speak (PTS) system during events if requested by the commander. This is to avoid anyone speaking over the Commanding Officer when commands are being given and PTS must not be abused. During line battles the main chat is not be used by anyone except the Commander.

6. Have Fun And Don’t Be A Scrub!

Enlistment Form:
Steam Name:
In-Game Name:
Region (NA/EU):
Faction (USA/CSA/Neutral):
Any pervious experience,(if none say n/a):
Do you own BCoF (yes/no):
If no, are you looking into buying the game:
Do you have a microphone (yes/no):
What do you wish to see with your time in the unit:

Name: DomDowg
Position: Recording on Youtube/ Caster
Steam Link:
Experience: NANWL Seasons 5,6,7 TNWL Season 2, NAPL, and some competitive group fighting matches.

Community Name : DomDowg
Steam link :
Regiment : None
Competitive Experience : I have recorded NANWL TNWL NAPL and Some Groupfighting. I just wanna record the mathces if that is ok.

AEF vs. 4e Gren

Sorry I only got the last 6 rounds

Community / Re: BCoF State Allegiance List
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Nr8 [LG] vs. USMC

LIR vs. 4th

57th vs. USMC 9-1 57th  8)

4th vs. Nr8 [LG]

32e vs Nr8 [LG] Match 6-4 Nr8 [LG]

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