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Community / Re: Player numbers on NW?
« on: May 22, 2022, 04:50:10 am »
beetween 1500-2500

Well done, damn boi

Our forum profile has been published in the community.

Awesome. We will see.

Familiar with quirks we aim for, otherwise what reason would there be to switch!


We are currently testing the 2nd version of our Reload Animation works. Additionally it will be similar to 80% NW in terms of Bayonet mechanics.

But you know that guys, Bannerlord mechanics are different.

As a NW player, I'm thinking of a more familiar system instead of a more complex bayonet system in terms of making people better and more familiar with the optimized and bayonet system, and I'm sure everyone agrees with this thought, otherwise it will be trash. :D

When you join this regiment you are auto enrolled into the Cult of John Price, you have no choices.

You god damn liar, they are my Secret Mission players, I sent them here.

Meanwhile, the weather is very hot, oracles say this year will be the hottest of all time.  8)

I don't like this regiment, because it has John-Price in this regiment. I shout out to all our nerve cells in 18e. Move your ass guys, take action against the tyranny of John Price.  >:(

Huh. Keiwam

Who is led by the 77th Regiment? A lumberjack and mopmaker, you should be ashamed Aztir.

Events: EU / Re: Union Army Sunday Linebattle 8pm BST - Open to all
« on: March 29, 2022, 10:35:53 pm »
Regiment's Name: 82nd Regiment of Foot "General Shepherd's Volunteers"
Leader's Steam:
Faction: Any
Class: (Arty/Line/Sharps/Skirms) Arty
Attendance: 4-10
Read the rules?: Yes
Regulars?: (Yes/No) Yes

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