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Servers / Re: Napoleonic Wars: Administrative Applications
« on: January 07, 2013, 09:14:49 pm »
Community name: ThePatriot

Steam Name: joniiiboy

Age: 16

Location/Timezone: GMT + 1

Applying for (Ts/Servers): and NW_Offical_EU_1

Regiments: 3rd East Prussian Infantry Regiment

About yourself: I am Jonas 16 years old from Germany. I like playing in a nice community and also keeping it always nice and diciplined. Its important to have fun but there are also rules which needs to be followed, thats my opinion. I like doing sports a lot and also playing Napoleonic Wars with the community. Its imporant to server for the community and help them with any problems.

Why you would be a good admin: beeing an admin is not easy.I know that becouse i have done that a lot of times mostly on teamspeak servers. You have a lot of people which complain and need your help. But thats why i am applying for it. I like serving the community and also helping people with their problems. Keeping rules and trolling of the server thats why i am applying. And i am writing this becouse i am a very friendly guy who wants to improve and help the community a lot. I have done kind of like the same things only on other games and i just have fun with this. I even stop my gameplay i first help the community and then i play becouse when the community is happy i am happy too and thats the point when i enjoy playing Napoleonic Wars or other games.

Previous Experience (if any): I was an admin on other Clan Teamspeaks and servers. I was working together with a guy which made his own mod and also helped him gettings something going in the community. I am currently looking to get a Job at CRYTEK the german game studios and get more experience with administration.

i thank you for reading my application and also hope for a respond.


Confederates / Re: 7th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
« on: November 17, 2012, 05:32:18 pm »
Drunken Enlisteee


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