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Modifications / The Fight For Canada needs an experienced texturer
« on: September 30, 2013, 03:38:18 am »
i cant make a mod all by myself if you want to help me add Colonel Ponsonby on steam

In Development / The Final Fall Of Napoleon: Waterloo 1815
« on: September 30, 2013, 01:42:19 am »
Units are in progress

Hello! My name is TheBritishLoyalist the Colonel of the Napoleonic Wars Regiment Kings Hessian Infantry. I am here to announce the revival of the 1812 mod under a new name because of the other 1812 mod which is in better progress than mine. It is based on the 1815 Hundred Days Campaign between the British, Prussians, and Dutch against the French under Napoleon. There will be 5 factions which are Great Britain, Prussia, United Provinces, The German States and the French. There will be historical commanders for all factions along with historically accurate and detailed units that fought famously in the Campaign. I am looking for any volunteers who can do bits of modding. PM on the forums if you are interested in helping for anything.

Faction Lists!!
2de Bataljon Infanterie Van Linie (Line Infantry)
2de Regiment Lichte Infantrie van Nassau (Grenadiers)
5de Bataljon Nationale Militie (Militia Infantry)
7de Bataljon Infanterie Van Linie (Line Infantry)
27ste Bataljon Jagers (Light Infantry)
Compagnie Vrijwillige Jagers (Rifles)

2de Regiment Karabiniers (Heavy Cavalry)
5de Regiment Licht Dragonders (Light Dragoons)
6de Regiment Huzaren (Hussars)
8ste Regiment Huzaren (Hussars)

Batterij van Kapitein Stievenart (Artillery)
Prince of Orange


33rd Regiment of Foot
5th Line Battalion, Kings German Legion
92nd Gordon Highlanders
2nd Foot Guards (Coldstream)
52nd Oxfordshire Light Infantry
95th Rifle Regiment


Kings German Legion Hussars
12th Prince of Wales's Light Dragoons
Scots Greys
Royal Horse Guards


Royal Foot Artillery
Rocket Troop (Unhistorical but easier than deleting a Unit, also for the rocket lovers)
Ship Crew (Sailors, Marines, Captain, Ship Artillery) Because who doesnt love Sailors!!
Duke of Wellington

BritishLoyalist: Head 1815 Developer

copy the text below to apply to join the team if you have modding skills!
Steam name:
What are you capable of doing:
How much modding experience do you have:
Are you willing to be loyal to the team:

i will upload screenshots and make update posts in bulks when I get Units & other bits and pieces completed.
if you are wondering yes this is the thread from my 1812 mod which I stopped working on for the longest time. So now ive decided to make a mod which isnt in development like the War of 1812 is.

here are my screens

(uploaded in bulks)

here are videos showing bits of the mod:
(posted when recorded)

Regiments / 9th East Norfolk Regiment of Foot *Recruiting NA Players*
« on: September 29, 2013, 11:02:35 pm »
Good Day! Welcome to the 9th Foot (East Norfolk) Thread Page. If you are a veteran to the forums to will understand what i am doing in this post, if you are new let me explain.

The 9th Foot is a regiment for Napoleonic Wars, in-game we play as the British 33rd Line unit. I am here to announce that the old 9th Regiment is back in service! We are recruiting and are looking for anyone who is mature. We also do daily events such as Line battles and trainings, it is not necessary to attend EVERY event but it is appreciated if you attend what you can, we all have lives it's not all about online play! If you wish to enlist or are just enjoying posts take a look below to see our roster, ranks, events, history and how to enlist with the 9th East Norfolk Regiment of Foot.

The 9th East Norfolk History

The 9th arrived in the Spanish Peninsula in 1808 and fought at Roli├ža and Vimiero. Following the retreat from Corunna the 9th buried Sir John Moore and were the last British regiment to leave Spanish soil.

Following the disastrous Walcheren expedition to the Low Countries the Regiment returned to the Peninsula and fought at Busaco, Salamanca, Vittoria, at the Siege of San Sebastián, and at Nive. The Regiment fought alongside Portuguese troops as part of Manley Power's brigade which was in Picton's Fighting Third at the Battle of Vittoria, where the 3rd Battalion took a key bridge under heavy fire.

The Regiment was sent to Canada with most of Wellington's veteran units to prevent the threatened invasion by the United States, and so arrived in Europe too late for Waterloo. The 1st Battalion participated in the Army of Occupation in France, whilst the 2nd Battalion was disbanded at the end of 1815.


Colonel [Col]
Lieutenant Colonel [LtCol]
Major [Maj]
Captain [Capt]
Lieutenant [Lt]
Warrant Officer [WO]
Corporal [Cpl]
Lance Corporal [LCpl]
Fifer [Fifes]
Drummer [Drums]
Guard [Grd]
Veteran [Vet]
Private [Pte]
Recruit [Rec]

Here is our Roster:
Col. GeorgeIII
LtCol. Only Jew
Cpt. Dixieman
SgtMaj. Edwardc
Cpl. Waffle

Monday =
Tuesday =
Wednesday =
Thursday =
Friday =
Saturday =
Sunday = Siege

How to enlist is easy! add [9thFoot]GeorgeIII on steam!
Thanks for visiting the thread! Long Live the King!!!

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