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Thank you all for the wishes, we cant wait to see you guys in game!

Still active and ready

Still heavily active. 3-4 events per week. Attendance is 20-30.

Confederates / Re: 1ST TX CO I
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:34:16 pm »
WE do NOT approve the use of this name. I have SOLE ownership of the name. Please lock this thread.

Events / Re: Dixieland Army Whigs & Tories Wednesday Event - **NA**
« on: August 24, 2016, 02:36:12 am »
Regiment name: 1st Texas (1st Maryland/47th Regiment of Foot)
Class: Line Infantry
Attendance: 20-30
Leaders steam: You know me!
Have you read the rules and do you agree with them?: Yes

Whigs & Tories / Re: Active event
« on: August 22, 2016, 06:01:11 am »
1st Texas from the N&S is ready to do events, we will bring 20-30 to events.

J-Man is no longer with the 1st Texas.

Events / Re: 1stTX Tuesday Event
« on: May 14, 2016, 01:54:24 am »
This is NOT a 1st Texas event. J-Man is no longer with the regiment.

Confederates / Re: Confederate Regiment List
« on: May 04, 2016, 02:53:59 pm »
Regiment Name: 1st Texas Volunteer Infantry
Regiment Tag: 1stTX
Class: Infantry
Based: NA/EU
Thread Link: or

Regiments / Re: Post here if looking for a Regiment or Members.
« on: April 27, 2016, 08:19:00 am »
1st Texas Volunteer Infantry is recruiting! We average 15-25 per event. We do 3 events on the weekend with a training on wednesday. We are a laid back regiment with a come as you wish attitude.
Add either Philip Work
Or me
And we will get you squared away!

PS. Here are some screens from our recent event

North & South: First Manassas / Training map.
« on: April 14, 2016, 04:40:27 am »
Does anyone have any training maps? Preferably with a working shooting range.


Muster Roll
Captain Casterline
First Lieutenant

Regimental Sergeant Major
Sergeant Lavin
Corporal Hypoxia
Corporal Shlomo

Cooking Staff

Chef Aase

First Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant
Sergeant Major
First Sergeant


Contact Info


Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph
Dispatches from the front

“They always take the Texans to the hottest part of the field.”
H. Watters Berryman of Co I, 1st Tex in a letter to his mother*

The fierce reputation of the 1st Texas Infantry, is judgement passed by actions upon the field and familiar to the reader.  I aim to provide multifold illumination of this ragged assembly of warriors.  Hailing from East Texas, these men survive on the edge of civilization.  Good on horse, familiar with the gun and relatively malevolent.  Beyond their homesteads the Comanche and other india tribes still roam free, warlike tribes who live by raiding and existing no concept of mercy for man woman or child, whether fighting each other or the white man.  It is altogether the environment one expects to create the fearless, rugged, men of the 1st Texas.  Used as spies, scouts and commonly sharpshooters, these Texans do things their way, and in recent ation "operated beyond and independently of the regular pickets, and soon became a terror to the enemy." (Rev. Davis, discussing actions before Seven Pines)**

“I never saw such pretty country or an old one in my life,…splendid crops have been raised in this part of Maryland and everything good to eat.”  H. Watters Berryman of Co I 1st Texas describes Maryland*

A ragged, underfed, poorly supplied bunch, they are habitually cited for lack of shoes during formal reviews by commanding officers.  Along with it's fellow Texas Brigade regiments, it suffers noteriety for it's discipline off the battlefield.  This lack of discipline vex the generals and blunders them into trouble, but even then they often came out ahead, such as the rout of Union occupiers in the "Roasting Ears Fight" of August 23, 1862, during the lead up to 2nd Manassas.  All starting when "a number of the brigade entered the cornfield (against Lee's explicit order against foraging) to secure breakfast. Unknown to the Texans, a large Federal scouting party from Gen. Franz Sigel's Federal Division had camped on the northern edge of the same cornfield. The inevitable encounter between the opposing forces in the middle of the cornfield resulted in fist fighting, wrestling, and volleys of roasting ears. Outnumbered, the Federals soon withdrew, leaving the Texans in sole possession of the field. To appease the hunger of his troops in a manner suitable to Gen. Lee, Texas Brigade Quartermaster J. H. Littlefield purchased the entire 100-acre cornfield. Foraging thus became an authorized activity, and the each of Hood's men found himself well satisfied with the spoils"**.

At Culpeper Virgina on June 8, 1863 Jeb Stuart put on a show for the army in the form of a giant review of his cavlary. General Lee was present by invention and so was General Sam Hood. Not only was Hood present but he brought his famous Texas Brigade with him, thereby precipitating a mild crisis. Fitzhugh Lee invited Hood. To "come and see the review, and bring any of his people." Obviously "any of his people" was meant to cover his staff, but on the second day of the review the gray masses of Hood’s men emerged with glittering bayonets from the woods in the direction of the Rapidan.

"You invited me and my people. " Hood said as he shook hands with Fitz lee, "and you see I have brought them." This was indeed a crisis. If any of the members of the Texas Brigade should holler out "Here’s your mule!" at the cavalry the grand review would certainly turn into a free for all of fisticuffs. Don’t let them yell "Here’s your mule!", Fitz Lee warned. "If they do, we’ll charge you." Wade Hampton laughed. But Hood took it more seriously and bade his men not to.

Most of the members of the Texas Brigade behaved themselves that day but one of the men could not restrain himself. Turning to a comrade he said loud enough for others to hear: "Wouldn’t we clean them out, if old Hood would only let us loose on them".**

Even on well deserved furlough these Texans are prone to stirring the pot, such as the conflict at Paddy`s Hollow on September 10, 1863 in Wilmington, when "the brigade made its presence known in the unsavory waterfront section known as 'Paddy's Hollow.' Having had several rounds of John Barleycorn, the men became boisterous and obnoxious. When a local police force was summoned to expel the revellers, the men mistook the officers in their blue uniforms for Yankees, formed a battle line, and staggered to a charge. One constable in his late fifties was badly beaten about the face, another was knocked down by a shillelagh blow to the ear, and a third officer suffered two knife wounds in his side. The policemen withdrew, leaving the waterfront to the mercy of the rowdy men"**.  The regiment you wish is out of sight, hopefully not out foraging in cornfields causing ruckus, but perhaps bivouaced in an unseen gully,  when the politicians from Richmond want to be impressed by a kept, orderly show of arms.  Nevertheless, when the generals plan assault upon the enemy, these 1st Texans are a most welcome sight to eyes, and thus their rambuctious natures are suffered.

In my next correspondence the reader is treated with witness accounts of the ragged 1st Texas Infantry in recent field actions.

"What would your Texans have done, sir, if I had ordered them to charge and drive back the enemy?" Uncle Joe asked after Eltham's Landing, and Hood replied, "I suppose, General, they would have driven them into the river, and tried to swim out and capture the gunboats."***

* “First Texas in the Cornfield.” by George E. Otott
*** Sears, Stephen W. "To the Gates of Richmond: The Peninsula Campaign"

We have been fighting in the Civil War mods since 2011! Since secession days, we are the original 1st Texas Infantry

Regiment Name: 1st Texas Infantry
Regiment Tags: 1stTX
Preferred Role: Skirmisher (Infantry is fine)
Expected Number: 4-10
Leader's Steam Name: Grey
Do you plan to show up every week: Yes

Confederates / Re: 1st Texas Infantry "Ragged Old First"
« on: April 03, 2016, 08:08:05 pm »
We are returning after an extended leave. Anyone wanting to join the original 1st Texas Infantry go here or PM me, or add me on steam
We will be playing in War of Rights!

Confederates / Re: 1st Texas Infantry "Ragged Old First"
« on: August 03, 2015, 06:05:23 am »
Good battle tonight lads.

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