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Servers / Re: Napoleonic Wars: Administrative Applications
« on: January 09, 2015, 12:48:40 am »
Community name: Corvin_Bane

Steam Name: [HoB] Corvin Bane

Age: 18

Location/Timezone: GMT +01:00

Applying for (Ts/Servers): Flying Squirrel Entertainment Teamspeak

1er Grenadiers (For Waterloo Event)
84e (After Waterloo event till Wavre Event)
14te/III (After Wavre event on and off till July 2014)
House of Bane (Since July 2014)

About yourself:
I was born in the USA but have been living in Germany since May 2010. I am currently finishing highschool and plan to study at a university here in Germany. As a pastime, I have been playing Mount&Blade Warband and mods such as Mount&Musket and Napoleonic Wars. Since the Waterloo Event, I have been leading regiments such as the 84e, the 3rd East Prussian Infantry Regiment (IIIte), and now the House of Bane.

Why you would be a good admin:
I recently received a message from the Oldenburgische Grenadiere, that they planned to leave the Teamspeak 3 Server and take with them the last active Server Admin. I felt it my honorable duty to apply as the new Server Admin for the greater good of the teamspeak and its small but faithful population of people!

And, on a more serious note, I have been using this teamspeak server for almost 5 years, as the official communication server for my regiment and for events. During this time, I also have been leading regiments and successfully managed the internal problems of my group. My regiment includes members from all over the world and, in real life, I have moved from the USA to Germany; this has helped me to understand the cultural differences between people in this world. If issues of racism, nation wars and cultural bashings take place, I will be able to resolve them with more insight than someone without these experiences.

Previous experience (if any):
Management of regiments has become a daily part of my life. I have also been a Server Admin on teamspeak servers before and require no training to use the program correctly.

I am ready to take on the task of Server Admin and look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,
Corvin Bane

Alright got two 1v1s coming up over the weekend!

1v1 vs 65th at 20:00 CEST Saturday, Warmup 19:30 CEST
1v1 vs 45th at 20:00 CEST Sunday, Warmup 19:30 CEST

Steam has also been updated with the info.

Nicely done guys that's 3 in a row, and todays line battle was 8-2 victory! Keep it up guys!

Alright 1v1 Line battle on Sunday people! Get ready! :)
Time: 19:30
Warmup: 19:00

Look forward to seeing you guys there!

Newspaper style is best style.  8)

Of course it's the best style!  ;)

Nice 1v1 and training guys, we are improving a lot! Keep showing up!  ;D

Well to bad about yesterday, was a pretty shitty line battle for us. We needed more of our good fighters to really make it work. But thanks for showing up anyway. In the future we wont suffer that sort of defeat.  ;)

Anyway today we have another 1v1 same time with the warmup and line battle. So make sure to show up! See you guys there.  :D

How much attendance do you guys usually get?

Hm, about 12-15 people normally.

Are there two 1stFG? I am in the 1stFG lead by John Oxford and I haven't heard of a 1v1 :P

Yes, my 3rd in command scheduled the 1v1 with Oxford.

1v1 tomorrow at 20:00 CEST against the 1st Foot Guards! Warm up is 30 minutes before hand and is mandatory, so make sure to show up for it!  :x
See you there!

Good luck even tough it seems you don't need it :P and I love the thread.

Good luck from the 40th!

Thanks for the good luck!  :D

Events: EU / Re: 59th Sunday Linebattle [EU]
« on: April 18, 2014, 01:45:27 pm »
We will not be attending in this event for now. III East Prussian Regiment, it just didn't meet up with out schedule. Sorry for the inconvenience.  :-\

1v1 Line battle people! Against the 3e Chasseurs. We are expected to bring more than 6 (:P) people and it will be at 7:00 CEST. So show up 15-30 minutes early for warm up. (Also those unable to attend any type of warm up before the line battle will not be allowed in.)

Steam group has been updated with the info as well.

M&M ranges>NW ranges  :P

I 2nd that comment!

Thanks for the 1v1 tonight on such short notice! Was really nice to play a regiment that was at about the same skill level as us. It was really rather even and came down to luck of the volleys most of the time!  ;D

Still unfortunate that we couldn't pull off a tie. We need to train a little harder.  ;)

Thanks for the 1v1 tonight! Really enjoyable, you're a great regiment.

Yes, really enjoyable Linebattle!
Also for our guys, we got a lot better with our shooting and melee, we are still a little rusty.  ::)

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